Motorola DROID RAZR/MAXX OTA 6.12.181 Update Rolling Out Now


We’ve been receiving Phantips from Motorola Droid Razr/Maxx users that the 6.12.181 update we told you about last week is now being pushed out over the air by Verizon. If you haven’t received it yet, you can try checking in your phones settings to manually pull the update or as one user suggested, power off, then power on your device and you should receive the prompt. Need a refresher on exactly what to look forward to with this new update? Not exactly Ice Cream Sandwich, the 6.12.181 update brings these enhancements and bug fixes:

Battery Life

  • Optimized device performance to extend battery life


  • Added new MotoCast widget to enable easier access to MotoCast files
  • Implemented several fixes to improve MotoCast performance


  • Modified the storage settings screen to clarify total, available, and used storage space

WiFi and Network

  • Implemented IPV6 support over cellular connection and WiFi to facilitate updated interaction with the network
  • Corrected 4G coverage indicator to accurately display data connectivity
  • Improved Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity when utilizing WPS security

Visual voicemail

  • Improved visual voicemail performance with data disabled and visual voicemail notification delivery


  • Corrected loud call end and connect tones over Bluetooth®

Google Play

  • Fixed Share app functionality to directs users to the app page in Google Play

Text Messaging

  • Improved text messaging to ensure timely receiving of texts


  • Added easy access to bookmarks through a press and hold on the back key


  • Enhanced device security preventing unauthorized access of telephony database by 3rd parties

Updated Vcast app with new security enhancements

Thanks, Krs_Won!

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  1. And best of all, no new bloatware. 
    So far the hotspot seems to have less reconnect/ loss data issues.  It’s not ICS, but I can hope it gets us one step closer.  More ICS devices is a good thing for ANDROID as a whole.

  2. Why isn’t Moto getting ICS out now, like everyone else? They made all these promises last year that the Razr was “upgradable to ICS” because they were afraid of losing out sales to the Nexus – but yet again Motorola lags behind and so far hasn’t made good on that promise. What a surprise. I really have no idea why anyone trusts a word this company says, given their history.

    1. Wait, why are you blaming Moto?  Their hands are tied by Verizon.  I would bet money the reason we don’t have ICS yet is because of a Verizon hold up and not a Moto hold up.  Given their history? Do you mean the bootloader unlock promise?  Again verizon won’t allow Moto to do so.  I blame Verizon for these down falls not Moto.  You can if you like but your blame might be going to the wrong place. Just saying…..

      1. I’m blaming them and not Verizon because nowhere in the world has Motorola released ICS for the Razr.

        Blame Verizon all you like when the Euro and Asian handsets get ICS and the US ones are lagging – but as of right now the blame lands squarely on Moto’s shoulders.

        They’re trailing the pack since Samsung and HTC are getting ICS updates out to last year’s high-end devices(GS2, Sensation), despite having since superceded them with newer handsets (eg. Galaxy Note, One series). Yet Moto can’t upgrade it’s current flagship the Razr?
        That is some weak sauce right there. I don’t see why you’re defending them.

        Oh, and as for the bootloader unlock issue – Verizon don’t seem to have any problem selling other brand’s handsets with bootloaders that can be unlocked. And Moto refuses to unlock it’s bootloaders ANYWHERE in the world (unless you buy their Developer Version Razr – er, no thanks Moto!).
        So, are you still happy to blame your local carrier (Verizon) when this international company Moto is clearly to blame?

      2. LOL Verizon doesn’t write the software, dumbass.

        1. No but they have to approve the software and that is where the problem starts…

  3. DROID RAZR is so thin, The thinnest 4G LTE smartphone

    1. Good job Sherlock! Did you figure that out all by yourself?

  4. First time I’ve seen a useful changelog!!!

  5. Motorola will never get my business again after this razr. The phone is nice n all but ya know, I’m one of those guys who bought it because of the ics update promises. Older phones have gotten it. All that does is prevent those individuals to purchase new phones and us razr owners who purchased the phone ; stuck with older software than older phones. Anyone get what I’m trying to say or share my frustration? And for those who will say, buy the phone for what it is: you do that. I bought it with promises. Now I know don’t trust phone companies. Lesson learned.

  6. just got my update

  7. Well this update just killed my blue tooth phone book sync in my car. Not happy about that.

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