Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) Benchmarks Compared to HTC One X, S and iPhone 4S


While we at Phandroid know that benchmarks definitely aren’t everything when judging the end-user experience in our Android devices — they can be damn fun to look at. If you were curious to see how the prototype Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) and its quad-core Exynos processor stacked up against some of the competition like Qualcomm’s S4 in the HTC One S, Nvidia’s Tegra 3 in the HTC One X, and even the iPhone 4S and its A5, you’ve come to the right place. Before they were removed, the Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) results popped up on the GLBenchmark site, and the boys at PhoneArena posted those screen caps for all to see.

While it’s not officially set in stone just yet, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S III could be running one of Samsung’s quad-core Exynos 4412 with an ARM Mali-400 GPU clocked at 400MHz, which is about 50% faster than the same GPU found in the international GS2.


One X

One S

iPhone 4S

As you can see from the results, the GT-I9300 didn’t just hold it’s own, it was actually able to beat some of the best from Qualcomm, Nvidia and even Apple. Add to the fact that the GT-I9300 is pushing more pixels than most of these devices (1280×720), and we have one powerful little processor on our hands. It will be interesting to see how well it performs under more CPU specific benchmarks. What did you guys think? Are these results surprising to any of you? Reaffirm any Galaxy S III purchases out there?

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  1. “Add to the fact that the GT-I9300 is pushing more pixels than most of these devices (1280×720)” The offscreen test are all 720p (thats the whole point of those benches). Comparing those numbers shows how fast a GPU is…If a GPU is faster but the pixels onscreen is much more it will run games less smooth then de slower GPU.

    Per pixel the iPhone 4s would be still the fastest! But i don’t think this are the final results of sammy’s super-soc ;)

    1. 1280×720 has a third more pixels than 640×960. I don’t see how  the iPhone 4s is faster than what “seems” to be the SGS III benchmark.

      1. Faster is end result.  Whatever you put in a phone to slow it down is your business.  but you cant say one phone isnt faster because its lighter.

      2. did you not see the off screen 720p results? The Iphone performed very well beating both the tegra 3 and the Krait. And the off screen test has nothing to do with how many pixels are on the screen because its a 720p test done OFF SCREEN.

        Personally I could give two shits about GPU performance. Today’s GPUs in phones are more than adequate. If that was important I’d buy a new PSP. What I want to see are CPU specific benchmarks

        1. Raw CPU Specs can be misleading especially when paired to the OS. Android is still choppy with latest hardware and that can be disappointing. Optimization is more important than raw CPU cycles.

  2. Its not a bad result , but frankly I would like to see more, after all, all of these phones are currently available the s3 is not.  So just being able to keep up with / marginally surpass the current crop of phones does not bode well for longevity.  

    I guess we’ll see soon

    1. My Epic Touch is already fast enough (SGII).  I want better battery life and better signal.  The Qualcomm chip plays better on CDMA (Sprint/VZW) so will probably go for Krait.  And Qualcomm will be producing lower power LTE Krait chips this year.

      The GPU and # of cores race doesn’t mean much after a certain point.  The chip makers need to focus on power consumption more than performance.  My phone is already fast enough but does not last long enough.

  3. Awww, no A15 :(

  4. It’s surprising to see just how well the iPhone 4S was able to keep up.  It easily bested HTC’s efforts!

    1. its not really that surprising.  Despite what these irrational fanboys say.  The iPhone is a very good phone, which is why its the preferred device to many 3rd party groups and businesses.   I just prefer the UI of android.  It’s silly to call it “icrap” when it does perform well.

      1. You’re a very wise individual and I agree with you 100% I use both iOS and android and to each it’s own, the iPhone is in no way crappy or cheap as many fanboys depict it to be.

        1. @malcmilli:disqus @IronHorse01:disqus I’ll 3rd that. 
          While I don’t care for iOS as a smartphone platform, the iPhone/iPad are both pretty damn good portable gaming devices thanks to that beefy PowerVR GPU they’re running. 

          Not to mention the selection of games they have available. Can’t beat that with a stick. 

          1.  Lets not forget how much fun it is to play games on that little bitty screen. 3.5 is just awesome for guys like me with big thumbs.

      2. It could be so much better is the problem. The company holds back on their phone releases just so they can release a new one in 6-12months with features they could have put in the current phone so people will buy the phone again. It is the company that is “icrap”.

        Example: 4G. Could have been released with the iPhone 4 or 4S.

        1. Yeah but you know some people here yak about its “outdated specs” and yada yada. i was refering to those guys, not the morally anti-apple ones.

          1. Well, they have released phones with outdated specs. 

          2. Lol see what a mean? Don’t they still have the best gpu? And you should think of it like horsepower, just because one car has more horespower doesn’t mean its faster. A ford 150 can have 300 hp but it wouldn’t be able to keep up with a porche with the same.

            Don’t judge specs just judge performance. Iphone is up there with the GS2 and One X. I just wanna see how the GS3 handles the iphone 5.

    2. These were GPU benchmarks which is where the iphone excells. If it were a cpu test it would have been destroyed. Oh plus the iphone has a lot less resolution then the other devices

      1. I’m not surprised neither. Less resolution is an easy reason why the iPhone is so speedy, among other things. Still, I’m liking the idea of an HTC Evo 4G LTE Vs. Samsung’s next offerings.

        1. Same. The LTEVO is going to be my next phone unless samsung really impresses me 

      2. The iPhone packs 326 pixels per inch. I don’t think any of these devices packs as many. Their screens are just larger. The iPhone is pushing more pixels.

        1. I think the HD displays on the HTC one packs more, but I could be wrong.

  5. Nvidia has a lot of explaining to do as being in last place must be embarrassing.

    This is suppose to be the GPU king, and they have just got beaten by Qualcomm.

    Tegra 3+ better come out soon, and it better be amazing if they don’t want rip bee the laughing stock.

    1. yeah but then where does that leave HTC One series adopters. Its really unfair…they’ll already be surpassed in less than 6 months time when Tegra3 is out…

    2. Nvidia doesn’t make Android, only the CPU/GPU. i think some updates to Android will fix some issues with quad core.

  6. I never been impressed with NVidia. They like to come to the market first and hype up their product. Tegra 2 wasn’t impressive and so is Tegra 3.

    1. agree hate nVidias phone products. All talk. Just talk

    2. i’m impressed by my PC video card and 3D Vision. i never play games on a phone, so i have nothing to complain about. i wanted to try HTC this year. it has nothing to do with Nvidia for me.

  7. Very nice.  As i’ve been saying, if history means anything this phone will rock and it does.  (yes im talking to you, you know who;) 

  8. This means nothing unless it.  1) Has excellent battery life.  2) Has integrated LTE.

  9. Okay, we saw the GPU test, now I want to see how the CPU tests come out.

  10. The results of S3 aren’t real… the on-screen results are capped at 60 FPS and they are all at 59 FPS which is MAX except Egypt 2.1 HIGH. None of the other phones even have results, except the iPhone that has about the same Egypt 2.1 HIGH result.

    It looks to me as the GPU is just slightly better than iPhone 4S with these results, other phones are way behind SGS3.

  11. wow wow wo.. wait…. i saw in many other blog posts and some websites that the i9300 is not the samsung galaxy S III. I’m totally confused.. here take a look at this 


  12. samsung will try to solve problems from S2 and new challenge from Nokia lumia  series


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