Samsung teases us with a bit of Samsung Galaxy S III goodness


Most of us are biting our nails, eagerly waiting for the release of the next Samsung Galaxy S device. Whether it is called the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II Plus or Galaxy S Awesome, it will more than likely rock. Samsung knows how much we love the leaks, rumors and teases, so they have decided to give us one of their own.

Samsung Denmark’s Facebook has recently posted the above image. Which has what we believe to be the Galaxy S III under a veil. Only the external shape is noticeable, so the device’s design is still a mystery. We have seen leaked images and videos, but those devices do not sport the device’s final design. Samsung has really been keeping this one well hidden.

Something we did find weird is the image’s date and time. We know that this device should be unveiled at Samsung’s May 3rd London event. But the timing on this teaser seems to be a bit off. It says it will be at hour 20:00 (8 pm), but the invitation states that the even starts at hour 19:00. Maybe that will be when the event ends, and it is all announced (maybe along with a new tablet). It could also just be the time difference, especially since this Facebook page is location-specific.

Regardless, this is not really great news, but it is a good tease (as mentioned in the title). If you would like to take a peek under the covers, you could also check out the images and video that have been leaked out. Those will provide a much deeper look into what is to come.

Source: Facebook Via: Talk Android]

Edgar Cervantes

Samsung could also be unveiling a new tablet during its May 3rd London event

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  1. It’s pretty obvious. Denmark is one hour ahead of England.

  2. I’m gonna hold out here and laugh when the SGSIII is A9 and beats Tegra 3, but takes the back seat to an A15 dual core S4. Mwahahaha. :3

    1. Well, I don’t think there would be much to laugh about honestly. Even still, the S4 only slightly beats out the Tegra 3. That’s not even counting GPU. S4 is going to be great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s crazy to think that Exynos won’t be on par or better than Tegra 3.

    2. ~removed cuz I’m dumb~

      1.  Not quite, that is right. But it is similar and according to anandtech it should be roughly on par with it.

      2. The architecture on an S4, like Micha said, is on par with the A15 architecture. That’s why we see such an improvement on an S4 compared to a Tegra 3, and just maybe a quad-core Exynos. ;)

    3. Outside those of you who are going to use a tablet to bruteforce crack encryption, transcode videos, and compute pi to World Record +1 digits, does 10 to 50% greater processing power make any noticeable difference? Will it make much difference several years from now at the end of the life of the device?

      I can easily see that battery consumption is going to be noticeable. If the processor/GPU combo along with the other essentials can be made 50 better, then I’ll notice the difference (as long as my screen if fairly efficient…) Ditto for pixel density. Once you begin approach apple’s retinal display, no one can see individual pixels in normal usage patterns.

  3. An hour ahead of Britain 

  4. I really wish I hadn’t seen all those leaks, there was one with tapered and angled corners which looked really nice; if the real phone is indeed under that sheet, this curved look isn’t going to be much different from the Nexus. :(

    1. your really going to complain about the radius of the corners?

      i don’t get, there is just no pleasing people these days

      1. No, I think what he meant is that leaks showed a sexier looking phone, and he will be surely disappointed when it turns out to be looking just like the Galaxy Nexus. He based that assumption on the radius of the corners (which is eerily similar to the Nexus).

        I thought the same when I first saw the picture above. The screen looks curved, as well.

        1. Some of us like the look of the Galaxy Nexus though. I think it’s pretty sexy!  ;)

  5. From what’s leaked so far, I would still rather have an “old” 5.4″ Galaxy Note with SGS2 guts, instead of a slightly faster 4.6″ SGS3. The almost extra inch of display size trumps the rumored sgs3 spec bumps… but we’ll see… maybe they have something to WOW everything with.

  6. Oh snap! It’s gonna be rectangular shaped! Cue the Apple lawsuit machine!

    1. A rectangular tablet with rounded corners and two broad planes one of which is also a display. Who other than Apple had ever thought of such a device ;-)

  7. Samsung is trying to say something with the ‘+’ sign. It is an enhancement to S2 and not S3 !!!

    1. Good catch.  Now you got me wondering. lol

      1.  lecrae fan! high five!

        1. Yeah! Lecrae is awesome! Just picked up Trip Lee’s cd “the good life” and its awesome too.

    2. But if that’s the case, why the hype?

      1. What, it’s not like Apple didn’t hype the upgrade from 4 to 4S, why should samsung do the same from SII to SII+?

    3. Or it could be for the “super amoled+ HD ” screen! Lol I guess we’ll find out soon enough .

  8. “Samsung Galaxy S II Plus”

    Good God, I said that as a joke in a recent article. I hope its not an “S II+” as it will more than likely be about as big of a jump between the iPhone 4 and the 4S.

  9. Denmark is one hour ahead of England, so the event starts at 8 pm there…

  10. They should leave one in a bar by accident for marketing purposes and make a big fuss over getting it back…..oh wait…NM……crapple might sue them for that idea!!

    1. Might as well since they’ve copied apple in pretty much everything else ;) cheers

      1. I still don’t get isheep….don’t they know Samsung manufactures their displays and processors………….no reply…thought so

        1. In all fairness manufacturing is different from designing, Mercedes Benz, designs and makes the engine for Mc Laren, but no one is claiming Mc Laren is copying Mercedes Benz, TMSC manufacutures, chips for T.I. And Qualcomm, but no one in their right mind thinks their the same.

          1. Mercedes Benz while working with McLaren owned 40%, presently only 11%.  Similar to companies like Lexus/Toyota, Acura/Honda.   You make a good point in that Mercedes Benz works harmoniously with McLaren.  Similarly with other companies you mentioned fostering innovation.   Crapple on the other hand stagnates innovation with frivolous lawsuits.  Crapple thinks they are something like a McLaren when in reality if you look at the specs they wouldn’t come close.   Unlike Crapple, McLaren is a brand that can prove what it claims instead of twisting words making people believe they have 4G, the fastest processors…….iSheep when will you open your eyes….when Crapple tells you to jump off a bridge?  That won’t happen since they need isheep to produce more isheep….

          2. Crapple craple isheep bla bla .. Tldr. The reason why Samsung has had so much more success than any other crapdroid oem is the fact that Samsung designs and tactics in general are really close to apples and their devices look curiously similar to iPhones, specs don’t mean shit, I have both gs2 and iPhone and guess what, the gs2 when it comes to intuitiveness, responsiveness, overall quality can’t even touch the iPhone. No reply???……. Didn’t think so ;)

      2.  http://phandroid.com/2012/04/22/psa-trying-to-persuade-someone-to-choose-android-over-ios-this-video-might-just-be-what-you-need/

        Great timing =)

        No reply……Thank YOU!!!

        Damn Crapple elitists!!

        Oh not to mention the Iphone user who switched from the iphone to the Samsung Note back to the Iphone then back to the Note =)

    2. Yea, then they can send out the sPolice to raid the house of whomever finds it with a warrant signed by an sJudge.

  11. Doesn’t seem to have physical buttons in the front, not sure about curved front glass, could be a 16:9 or 16:10 display aspect ratio.
    I like the long radius of rounded corners.
    The brightness of the display is too low, or it’s turned off.The blue silk seems to be hiding most details for now



  14. That is when it will laugh simultaneously across the globe after the announcement

  15. They are in different time zones… for Denmark it is 20:00.

  16. Oh Snap!  Going to lose sleep tonight over this HUGE news! Will the galaxy s 3 come with a blue blanket? NEWS!

  17. http://www.phonearena.com/news/Quad-core-Samsung-Exynos-4412-demoed-might-be-whats-inside-the-Galaxy-S-III_id27221
    2nd paragraph. Everyone’s fears have now been realized. It’s pretty much certain that the SGSIII will be shipping with a quad-core A9 processor since the Exynos is still in the 4000 series.

    1. “On another note, the 5-series Exynos… but we never know what greatness is Samsung waking up to every day, so phones might be in the cards as well.” (from http://www.phonearena.com/news/Quad-core-Samsung-Exynos-4412-demoed-might-be-whats-inside-the-Galaxy-S-III_id27221, para 6)

      Never give up hope.

      Also, the slide they linked in the article (http://www.phonearena.com/news/Samsung-Galaxy-S-III-image-allegedly-appears-on-leaked-slide_id22862 was proven to be a fake, if I recall correctly. And lastly, the article you linked is old and slightly incorrect. The 4412 has a Mali-400, not a Mali-604.

      There is only one truth: Samsung is the only one that knows what’s up with their devices, and we’ll find out on the 3rd of May. Until then, everything is an assumption.

      (edit: formatting)

  18. December 5th, 2003?  LOL  Yeah, I know that’s the European way of writing dates, crazy Euro’s :D

    1. European? I think you’ll find that the majority of the world writes dates like that.

      1. True, I was just joking around, so I wasn’t trying to be 100% correct :)  Here in the US though, that would be December 5th, 2003 ;)

  19. Samsung used western European time in this announcement where London is GMT and western European time is one hour shifted so 20:00 in continental Europe is 19:00 in London.

    1. yes

  20. here my little collage, one can see how especially the leak from Gizmodo fits well with the blue outline if one looks where the glass ends on that device (on the far right)

  21. Hmm, Samsung’s Swedish FB-page posted this around 3 pm the 20th (4 pm in the UK) so this took longer than usual to find it’s way over here :).

  22. hey guys check this
    maybe galaxy s3 really has ceramic body

  23. So it does men that early Vietnamese video was fake and most “leaked” pictures were fake as well. So Samsung does great job to protect their device from leaking

  24. Since the UK is in daylight savings time now, BST, 8pm in Europe is the same as 7pm in London. There is no difference in time between this and the official event in London. Sorry folks!

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