Award Winning “Rigonauts” Coming Soon To Android – Renews My Faith In Mobile Gaming


If you consider yourself an Android gamer and find yourself looking for another smash hit of “Sprinkle-like” proportions, let me point you to an award winning title called Rigonauts. Developed by indie developer Engient, the game is looking to make a splash onto Android devices (also, iOS and PC) next month. Rigonauts lets players plan out, design, and unleash their gargantuan creations, in a physics-based battle royale. Picture medieval Battlebots and you’ll be on the right track. At one point in development, it was even titled “Goblin War Machine,” which could give you a better idea of what to expect. The official story as per the developer goes a little something like this:

The story follows a band of small, hapless yet determined engineering Hobs (as in hobgoblins) as they steal the valiant ship, the Rigo in an attempt to flee the clutches of slavery and their former masters, the Komandants. Just as freedom is within sight, a violent and unexpected storm runs the poor Hobs and Rigo aground. Now stranded in a hostile world with their evil masters upon them, the only thing standing between the tiny crew of Rigonauts and certain obliteration is the limits of your engineering imagination.

Features include:

  • Wacky Weaponry – Command your Crewlin to man an arsenal of machine guns, cannons, flamers and much more as you cripple enemy vessels in your fight to freedom.
  • Armors, Shocks & Balloons – Outfit your vessel with armor, shocks and balloons to take on any enemy artillery and terrain imaginable.
  • Over 30 Levels – Test the limits of your imagination as you build and battle through over 30 levels of fantastical foes and kooky Komandants.
  • Rigonauts Crew – The Caplin commands the Crewlin, the gunners and Saplins who board enemy Komandant ships.

It’s games like this that renew my faith in mobile gaming. If you’ve ever wanted a little more war and destruction from titles like Apparatus, you may find that Rigonauts fits that bill. I haven’t been this excited for an Android game since I previewed Sprinkle at E3 last year. Let’s hope this release stays on track for its scheduled May release. No word on pricing, but you can definitely expect a full review from us as soon as it drops into the Google Play Store. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

[Engient | Via DroidGamers]

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  1. hmm nice but not for me sorry :D

  2. Looks pretty cool its like building Legos and then destroying them it’s like being a kid all over again

  3. Building stuff and smashing stuff….. win!

  4. Think I’ll actually try and make it this year. Hangin’ with Android peeps is always fun :D

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