Verizon Galaxy Nexus drops to $200 on-contract


Last week, rumors suggested Verizon would be dropping the on-contract MSRP for its Galaxy Nexus. The phone, once a $300 exclusive in America, can now be had for $200 after rebates and other applicable discounts.

It’s a pretty sensible move on Verizon’s part. Not only has the device been out for more than four months, but Sprint’s version of the device, which costs $200 and launched yesterday, likely pushed Verizon to make the change.

In any case, $100 is a nice price difference. If you were holding out for a more attractive price (even though third-party retailers have frequent sales for it), there’s no better time than now to get it straight from Big Read. [Verizon via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. $300 for ANY phone is a rip off… sprint is bringing the LTEVO for $200 and verizon brings a MID RANGE, bogged down ONE S version named incredible 4g for $300…. wtf are they smoking?!?!?!!! 


    1. I dunno about Sprint FTW but decisions like that made by VZW pushes me closer to Sprint everyday…

      1. dont do it to yourself… if you can afford it, stay with verizon

        1. got any reasoning for that? sprint is actually better for some people? i would get worse coverage and lower speeds with verizon for MORE money… why would anyone do that if sprint is better for them? i’ll admit in a LOT of locations around the US, verizon is probably better than sprint for a lot of people.

          BUT there is no denying that sprint is in turn the better option for a lot of people as well. they wouldn’t be a major carrier if they weren’t. with better pricing, cheaper phones, and better coverage for certain people why is sprint such a bad option? or do you just like pretending to justify why you have to pay $20 more a month than i do?

          1. nice trying to downplay my comment into a trollish one, but i’m actually on sprint in NYC and i was just lending you a kind warning about the internet speeds. I got .2 mbps download the other day and I got about 1.6 on so called “4g.” My friends verizon 3g has been as fast as my 4g over the past 6 months or so. i honestly never even reached over 1gb of data since they killed my wimax speeds almost a year ago.

          2. not trying to turn you into a troll, my whole point was carrier preference is LOCATION based. if sprint sucks in NY dont use it… doesn’t mean it sucks everywhere. 

            as i said, much of the south sprint is VERY strong and i get great coverage and speed.

            i’m sorry you only get .2 mbps down, that sucks, and in all honesty i wouldn’t have sprint if my speeds were that bad, but i get speeds 10 times better than that here and better than verizon in many cases…  

            carriers are all about location

          3. of course i understand that. but the original poster didnt designate his area, and verizon seems to have better coverage through most of the US. So its a safe assumption that Sprint isnt as good where he is (from a numbers stand point). Especially with so many complaints about sprint through forums from people all over. Their online site even advertises .4-.7mbps on 3g. There are going to be good places or individuals with good signals, but a general consensus is sprint’s speeds suck. If this network vision thing lets me down then im going to have to opt out of my contract early. I’d rather pay for a 2gb of data and get to use it than to pay for unlimited and get throttled to only using .5 gb.

    2. VZW’s network dominates Sprint… So.. yeah. I would as would many, pay more for a better network

      1. in some areas yea they sure do… everywhere i go, dallas to oklahoma city, nope, sprint is as good and actually BETTER here in norman oklahoma. 

        sooooo cheaper prices, cheaper phones, equal or better coverage, sprint FTW

        don’t be jellious now

        1. I didn’t realize they had LTE out there….and they have never had better 3G coverage

          1. dallas area is wave one which will be live when LTEVO releases, OKC is inbetween phases 1 and 2… i currently have WiMax for my EVO 4g so i still don’t get how you think verizon has “better” coverage… 

            my 3g speeds are better than verizon’s 3g speeds around here too

          2. heh sprint failboy.

        2. They have never had as good of 3G coverage as VZW

          1. why do i care about nationwide coverage when i don’t visit the entire nation, those of us in texas/ok/kansas have great 3g coverage, infact my 3g connection is better than verizon 3g… i get ~2mb up and .75 down and unthrottled/unlimited… 

            soooo, for ME and alot of people in the southern states, Sprint ftw

          2. we get it.. you copy and paste the same crap in each part of this thread.  Spam much?

          3. I’m in DETROIT MI area, which is a 4G lte for VZW, I had them for few Weeks , them service the same 3G Sprint has in my area, I did dropped them and I want back with Sprint.
            Theier commercial is to big, so one like you can’t see the truth.

          4.  is this english?

        3. Also.. why do you think Sprint has Unlimited Data being offered??? oh yeah… no coverage or enough customers to need tiered data!!

          1. for me, equal or better coverage, don’t care about the rest of the states i never visit, for us here in texas/ok/kansas area sprint is a damn good option, sorry they aren’t for you :D

          2. so maybe you should just troll on texas/ok/kansas area message boards?

      2. In northern ca. I switched from sprint to vz for GN.
        I had expected great coverage but its been the complete opposite. From launch of GN to Jan there were 3 national outage of data. My 4g has been spotty at its best never finding a neighborhood where 4g data can be sustained for more than 30 min. Data have had frequent 3g drops for a few brief second. Was on sprint for 12 years and data loss was rare. So a better network is in the eyes of the beholder. Surprised that it sucked so much in a large city.

    3. yeah except they decided to hike insurance deductibles to $200 per incident… ridiculous.  It was at $50 3 years ago and the phones still cost about the same.

      1. insurance through best buy, all around better.

  2. A bit of topic, buy does anyone have any idea when the sprint galaxy nexus will be on Amazon and/or Walmart?

  3. Cheaper at Amazon.

  4. I got a $100 off LTE 4G phone from VZW last week, I guess my wife gets this for $99

  5. this article was already posted over the weekend. do phandroid’s own authors read their own site?

  6. Now that there are two U.S. carriers with LTE Nexus phones, maybe we’ll get some updates???????   Maybe????

  7. yay.  It was a real pain in the ass convincing customers to get this over this iPhone.

  8. I bought VZW Nexus for $199 on the launch day. It just took some phone calls to convince reps to give me that regional discount.

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