Samsung Galaxy S III sign-up form now available


Samsung released a word scramble puzzle on this countdown site earlier, and while the video uncovered from that site is exciting, even more exciting is the sign-up form at the site you’re directed to upon completing the puzzle.

TheNextGalaxy.com features that same video, and it also features a nice form where you an sign-up for more information on what we believe to be the Galaxy S III. Logging in with Twitter or Facebook will also ensure you’re queued up to receive more information about the device.

Yes, we know that these things often send you the information you seek hours after it hits the news wire, but perhaps it’ll be different this time — I know I always say that to myself when deciding whether or not I should spend the quick few seconds to submit my information. Head here to get started.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. missing the source link

    1. yeah, same problem. Whats the website?

  2. Form doesn’t accept valid email addresses with a ‘+’ in ’em (used for knowing who sold your address to spammers)

    1. Hate when that happens….does it work with dots?

      as in [email protected] still receives emails send to [email protected]

  3. Do we know what carriers in the US will be getting this phone yet?

    1. Nothing known, but I expect everyone to jump on this (even VZW)

      1. I remember a while ago (don’t remember if it was rumor or Samsung  official word) it was said that Samsung was going to try to have all carriers release their SGS IIIs on the same date (or as close as possible.) I think they were also going to be releasing it very shortly after the announcement. I think if you are on the major carriers you should be able to get it. I don’t know about the smaller and local carriers though… they tend to get things a little late sometimes.

    2. ATT probably will because they had the first 2 (?), but since the One X is coming in May, they will want to put some time between it. people have said there might be a global release date for every carrier and unlocked/unbranded, but i don’t think that will happen. 

  4. Exciting phone if even most of the rumors are true. I don’t believe the German Amazon page that says 12 mp though.

  5. Is it possible to file a law suit against these advertisers?  if it is, i’d definitely look it to it.  I seriously think there are some legal ramification in these spams ads.

    1. commentorial harrasment?
      Virtual eye-gouging?
      False/Misleading advertisement (what advertisement isn’t)
      Public disorder on public online territory?

      Surely he must violate some of these, I say, you should look into it :P

  6. This Phone and the rumored specs are whats holding me back from getting Sprints Galaxy Nexus. That Bezel Less screen has got to be one of the most fantastical rumors and (according to the mock up of 1) is extremely good looking on the GSIII.

    1. Bezel less form
    2. extremely thin
    3. Quad Core Exynos with LTE. 
    4. NFC
    5. ICS
    6. 12MP camera, HD recording
    7. 1080p or 720p screen that blows the shit out of the retina display.
    8. Good Materials used to build it.

    9…finally a good dose of “In your Dreams” to keep me on a reality check, in case it has none of what im looking for.

    1. Hopefully it won’t release too far behind the Sprint Nexus. I’m waiting to ditch my Evo 3D to get the new SGS.

    2. does it blow the s out of the One X display? i didn’t like the blotches on my GS II screen or the worry that things would burn in if it was on too long. they even set the display to turn off after 2 secs, or something ridiculous, by default.

  7. awesome video

    stand out from…

    everyone else meehhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    rofl I actually thought it was fan-made what a pi55 take

  8. I have noticed AP regularly leaves out source links.  This is a good site, but some editorial guidance is in order here.

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