Samsung releases Galaxy S III teaser video, doesn’t give away much


If you want technology that will “fit into your life naturally,” look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S III.  That’s about all that we are given in the newly released teaser trailer for next week’s Unpacked event that will feature the unveiling of the Korean mobile maker’s next flagship device. Samsung posted the video this morning at tgeltaayehxnx.com/, a site that just hours ago was counting down to the release of the new teaser.

We don’t learn much if anything about what we will see next week but the video alludes to a device that aims to be  natural extension of our daily lives. Samsung also takes the opportunity to call out the smartphone “sheep,” and we get the feeling they are talking about iPhone users. Surprised? Check it out for yourself.

[via Engadget]

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Samsung begins countdown to Galaxy S3, anagram a start to an online treasure hunt?

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  1. LMAO!!  That was awesome!

    There’s no way Samsung is making this big of a deal over an “incremental” upgrade over the GS2.  This is gonna be huge.  Can’t wait.

    1. …or not.
      Being too optimistic is the best way to get disappointed.

      1. We’ve seen way to many amazing phones launch to disappointed consumers because the phone was “only” amazing.  That’s the worst thing about the rumor mill.  If the SGS3 doesn’t have a super mega quad core with a 1080p display and a 12mp camera that shoots better than any point and shoot, there will be disappointed people.  

    1. aww wow,Thanks for that …in the event there isome kind of carrier info on the 5th i imagine sprint wont be getting these devices or atleast announcing there getting them (if they get them lol) for atleast another few month, so the majority of the galaxy nexus buyers, lg viper, stay binded lol…im glad I waited hopefully the hardware & software are worth wild…

  2. Lol those are iphone sheep…..yeah it looks like a tablet as well as a phone will be announcedjudging by the 2 oddly placed symbols @ the end..

    1. Good point.  Big blob small blob = Quad-Core Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy S III.  That would be awesome and I think I would have to own them both.

    2. I don’t think so.  The emphazised “fit in your hand” a lot.  I think that means phone.  The two paint blobs are colors I’m assuming.  The Note was offered in blue and white.  That’s probably what the SGS3 will be offered in.

  3. LMFAO!!!! Wayyyy fuNNy making fun of IPhone people! ! ! Haha!!!

  4. I cracked up the moment I saw all the sheep.  LOL  I immediately headed over to Endgadget to see how the iCrowd was handling it.  I cracked up some more reading through the comments.

    1. Truth hurts the iSheep. BaaaAaaaaAaaaa.

  5. Samsung Galaxy Nature?

  6. “Incremental”? Just shut up and wait people!!! 10 days to go!!! Enough with the damn rumors!!! Just shut up and wait!!! Rumors are for BGR!!!

  7. Whoever approved this video for release to the public is an idiot; cheesy as hell.

    1. That was actually awesome, the ending alone was worth it.  Seriously, I can’t stop laughing. Thank you Samsung!

      Build it up.. up.. up…. then Mehhhhhh mehhhh ROFL!

    2. Hater! great video!

  8. hey there’s a benchmark of the gt-19300

    if you’re interested, check this out

  9. Lol, a teaser that effectively teases the already announced reveal date… thanks Sammy.

  10. Lol just came from endgadget, those dudes are tripping balls

  11. Its funny how the video goes from bieng serious to the isheep lol i litrally droped

  12. You would expect a company the size of Samsung to have a little more class than this with the sheep bit at the end.  However this is the same company that slavishly ripped iOS with it’s touch wiz UI.  Regardless, I’ll be waiting like the rest to see what Samsung has up their sleeve on the 3rd.  

    1. Yeap, that’s Samsung for ya classless copy cats, whose business model is imitate or burst! Actually pretty stupid marketing, cus I guarantee you those folks that have iPhones and are looking to go into android, will probably choose another android oem instad of them. Yeah offending the competition is not a very good Way to convert the competition into customers ;)

  13. So are the 40 million Samsung G2 owners sheep as well ??

    1. Lmfao good point!

    2. Of course not!  They’re only sheep if they happen to be using Apple devices. /sarcasm

    3. The difference being that most Apple products owners I know, don’t even have a choice but to buy every single iteration.  Every iPhone, and every iPad.  I have skipped TONS of Android phones since buying my Galaxy S Epic 4G in the Fall of 2010.  And my 1st gen Galaxy Tab 10.1 won’t be replaced until it doesn’t perform.  And that’s going to be quite a while.  Meanwhile all the Apple users I know take the day off and line up for HOURS and HOURS just to get their hands on the latest iteration of “i” because it’s a status thing for them, it’s literally a requirement.  Android users I know are not that way.

      1. Good for you.

        They still have a choice as to buy or not, and if they want they can buy an Android phone. They want iPhones, that’s their choice, not yours granted.

        Most Android owners I know are bitter smug arrogant tech heads hat think they are better than others because they know how to customise their phones, and they make up names of people too stupid as they say, to get a real phone. Does that balance this out. .?

  14. If someone has the means (I’m at work and can’t right now), take a screenshot of the HD version of this, and zoom in on a sheep’s eye.  Something looks odd about it, like it could, just could be a pic of the phone.

    1.  Hi Eric! At another site, engdt, they have the frame by frame capture. On the first frame, there is a very blurry shape of what the SGS III could look like. Go check it out! :D

  15. …is it just me or is that music ripped right out of Mass Effect?

    1. BioWare just got Samsunged.

  16. Awesome. Can’t wait to get it.

    IT services Orange County : http://www.stonehilltech.com/

  17. A Benchmark for Samsung GT-I9300 

    Resolution 1024×600,  Samsung Exynos 4×12 1,4GHz Dual-Core CPU,  Mali-400MP GPU


    Either there will be 2 Galaxy devices presented (GT-I9300 and GT-I9800) or this benchmark is faked. 

  18. Why does it say 3-05-2012 on the box at the end?

    1. its in the day-month-year format.

  19. It needs to have something more than a faster quad core processor and a larger better screen. Something different.

    1. The video definitely implies that there is something else that we don’t know about that is going to make this stand out from all other devices.

  20. Well they seem to be hinting at a larger screen with the “your view of the world grows ever wider” statement. And hinting at a powerful processor with the “as you gain the power” statement. Exciting times indeed! Next 10 days are going to drag by for what seems to be an eternity, lol!

  21. And this is why Kevin posted this and not Chris LOL haahaha.

  22. Seems to me Samsung wants some of that iSheep devotion lavished on their me-too devices. After all it’s just COPYTITION.

  23. Expected to see more. But not disappointed, just intrigued

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