Samsung begins countdown to Galaxy S3, anagram a start to an online treasure hunt?


Samsung sure is putting in a ton of marketing effort for the latest sequel to their flagship Galaxy S line. After a series of leaks, they finally announced an invite to their event on the 3rd of May.

They began with their teasing yesterday, posting this image above which quite clearly shows the outlines of a cellphone. Today, they posted a rather simple anagram on their Twitter account that simply read Destination: tgeltaayehxnx.

Solution? The Next Galaxy. They’ve also registered a domain, tgeltaayehxnx.com, where they’ve posted a countdown to the next clue. I also fiddled around a little and visited thenextgalaxy.com, which is currently password protected. Checking the whois database led me to a Singapore-based marketing company, The Upper Storey. Who owns tgeltaayehxnx.com? The same agency.

Looks like we’re in for an online treasure hunt, people. Excited?

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. The new iPad
    The next Galaxy

    Please dear God let them call it the Galaxy S3

    1. As many have said before, Samsung marketed the Galaxy Note as “the next big thing” longe before “the new iPad”. Anyhoo, I don’t think they’d simply call it the Galaxy S.

    2. Let keep our focus on the product.  Names, as much as i’d like it to stay away form “Next Galaxy,” is not an issue.  This phone will rock!

    3. To make matters worse, the edges are rounded, like an iPhone :D.

      1. uh oh.  Everyone knows Apple created rounded edges before anyone else.  Looks like we have another lawsuit coming…

    4. Personally i’m hoping they call it anything other than the S3

      It should help the S2 maintain a little more value so I can sell it and get the new one.
      Sequel numbers are terrible for resale value =P

    5. Well after judging the outline under the blue cloth and this render I can strongly confirm that its a fake.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised, if they would introduce two devices on the 2nd of may.

    A telecommunication device, and an internet access device.

    I would not be surprised if these devices were one like the padphone from asus

    Edit: I would call it…. the Galaxy U(niverse)

    1. Genius

    2.  If this turns out to be the case, I will be the happiest boy in Springfield.

  3. Samsung Galaxy Accel?

    1. Reason? I’m kinda leaning towards maybe “Andromeda”, since it’s the closest galaxy to the Milky Way.

      1. No reason, just guesstimating at this point. I was thinking that or the Samsung Galaxy Prime, but I understand why you think it could be Andromeda.

  4. Are we even sure at this point it’s the phone? Maybe they’ll reveal a tablet, and save the May 3rd date for the S3..

    1. I think a tablet will be announced (probably in addition to a phone) based on the careful use of words in these marketing ‘riddles’…for example, BIG thing. Wishful thinking anyways.

  5. nothing surprises me with the innovative minds of Samsung! if only rotten fruit could do the same!

    1. “innovative minds of Samsung” lmao fanboysm at its best, what exactly have they innovated??

  6. bought GN… bound with it for the next 2 yrs…. 

    1. Buy it off contract.

      1. He can’t, he just said he bought it on-contract.

        1. Lolz what? He means buy the s3 off contract, sell the gnex

          1. it also depending on Verizon getting S3 or not. 

  7. Two things:
    1.) Assuming that’s actually the phone, I don’t see the outline of a physical home button.
    2.) Eyeballing it, I think the edges make it look like the screen is slightly curved.

    1.  I was not thinking so much that it could be a tablet but that it could just be a render or a shopped pic that resembles the phone.

      Even if they’re announcing multiple products, they’d be pissing off way too many people if they didn’t make this primarily about the S3.

  8. Let’s see if the SGS3 is awesome enough to get me to cancel my One X preorder.

  9. The corners are much more rounded than the leak the other day, adding credit to the possibility that the leaked phone was in a non-final case (or a complete fake).

  10. “The Next Galaxy” and if you go to thenextgalaxy.com you get a login prompt.

  11. How does any of that mean a treasure hunt?

  12. it looks like samsung might be unveiling a tablet or a retina display… i found this over on an australian android site –

  13. Someone brute and spider this stat

  14. They should call it Arc and give it a solid voice command app…

    1. Xperia arc? Yeah, the name is taken. 

  15. yes…samsung galaxy s3 will be better…


  16. I dug through the root folder (apparently it was nonsecured) and found a few more clues:

    “Following technology blindly often gets you nowhere. Click on the letters in the correct order to reveal your real destination.” 

    Then there’s three sets of assets: images that look like tiles with letters on them. The first set is called “default” which are blue colored tiles; the second is under the folder named “success” which has green tiles; and the folder “failure” has tiles that are red. All three folders contain tiles with these letters: a, e, g, G, h, l, n, N, t, T, x, y which makes up “The Next Galaxy”.


    LOL got tired of typing it up, so i just put it all up in an image. 

    1. Well done! After that puzzle is solved, your real destination will be http://thenextgalaxy.com/ But that site asks an user name and a password right now. 

      1.  User name and password are likely part of the puzzle, IMO.

  17. If only you were just able to upgrade any phones CPU/ram like a computer .

    1. Along with the hard disk.

  18. This is quite a story Samsung is making. Keep us updated please!


  19. May be Samsung will introduce 2 devices and a cloud service, just thinking back to the invite with 2 blue blobs (2 devices) and the white blob (cloud service) – just a guess based on all the things I’ve read so far. Also, going back to the event invite. Looking at the two blue blobs, one is bigger that the other, this could signify a tablet and a phone?

  20. and it’s gone blank…….

    1. it has a teaser vid and a signup for a notification but its not responding right now

  21. Totally stoked for.this phone. I can’t remember being so excited about a damn phone!

  22. A new trick by Samsung…. hope it will work. All the best to Samsung!

  23. Anyone consider that Destination
    tgeltaayehxnx may be a typing error from someone with palsy?

  24. I hope the device they launch is better than the website.   3.2.1…. time out error  :(

    Has anyone managed to successfully load the page?

  25. The phone looks like it’s upside down also?

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