Samsung Galaxy Note headed towards T-Mobile?


A few documents unearthed by TMoNews seems to point towards a possible variant of Samsung’s Galaxy Note phablet on the Magenta network. What makes them think so?

  • The model (SGH-T879) was initially claimed to be a variant of the SGH-i717, the AT&T Galaxy Note, in the Bluetooth SIG and WiFi Alliance documents. This has however been removed.
  • Although the SGH-T8x9 is normally reserved for tablets, the Bluetooth documents call the device a phone. It’s a grey area, but explicitly detailing it as a phone makes me lean towards the Note, too.
  • The user agent is similar to that from the AT&T Galaxy Note.
  • The model number SGH-Txx9 are used by T-Mobile’s Samsung devices.

As is written in TMoNews’ post, there’s no guarantee that this is the Galaxy Note and not a tablet, but the mention of “smartphone” in the official documents, coupled with the 800X1280 resolution, points towards the Note more than anything else.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Exynos chip?

    1. I don’t think the Exynos supports Tmo higher HSPA+ Networks, so probably not.

  2. This will be my next phone!

  3. Doubt it… theyl probly go with the same chip as the hercules or maybe the suipt up s4

  4. I hope that this is the case.  I already have a feeling that TMo will blow this by changing the chip or something.  I have two hopes though.  1. that they some how talk Sammy into putting pure android on it, and two that they leave that Exynos chip.

    1. Sheesh, why not just hope for World Peace.  Seems more likely to happen.


  5. Shaking my fist at you Sprint!

    1. Go eff yourself

      1. Watch the language, this a PUBLIC forum.  Thank you.

  6. I need this phone (aka: Samsung Galaxy Journal) to go to Verizon. Does anyone have any scoop on this information?

  7. Verizon. Please get off your pile of cash , slink you slimy selves over and snag a variant

  8. God damnit Verizon, where are you?

  9. If it does come to tmobile it will rock a snapdragon chip they wont drop a phone without lte and the s3 is ready to rock to bad sammys chip would really have made the difference

  10. If it has the S4 chip I’d consider jumping over to T-Mobile from sprint. Sprints 3G in my area leaves much to be desired

  11. I predict that it will come LTE ready.

  12. Gotta have it!!!!!

  13. Damn !!!! They need to announce it quick. Hopefully in time for the Mothers Day Promo weekend.

  14. Yes son. Lol

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