GSM Galaxy Nexus receives minor update to fix signal issues


Users of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ GSM variant have had a pretty rough time so far: firstly, updates haven’t come through as quickly as we’ve come to expect from a Nexus device. And when they did come through, as is the case with the 4.0.4 update, they seemed to cause more problems than solve.

Thankfully, Google’s finally addressed the signal issue that the 4.0.4 update caused. The update doesn’t seem to do much else, and the Android version doesn’t change. But it does let the smartphone be what it should, most importantly, be: a phone.

[via Android Central]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Google is really dropping the ball with there nexus devices. I was in the market for one but there just not getting updated like they should be

  2. My Nexus from Verizon only has 4.0.2, what’s up?

    1. That’s because Verizon has to approve the updates. The next official update for the Verizon GNex will prob be 4.0.5. If you’re rooted you can get 4.0.4 which improves the device a lot.

      1. Thanks for the responce. Ill look forward to that update.

  3. Bill: what’s up is that it is on Verizon. We can expect 4.0.4 in about 6 months lol

  4. I’m have a Verizon Gnex and have had 4.04 for 21 days now. What’s wrong with your phone?

  5. I love my nexus but Verizon is really pissing me off. Customer service is horrible. There is no reason we should be stuck this long with no updates

  6. Google made a deal with the devil to get the GNex on Verizon. It’s a real shame to see a Nexus device that needs carrier approval for updates. The GSM version is doing better, but the software variant issue is frustrating.

    1.  It isn’t just verizon. Look how long it took sprint nexus s to get ics. It is cdma carriers that get the shaft

      1. Good point.

  7. The answer is simple, stop being a pussy and root your phone.

    Why own something you’re not educated about?

    1. your second sentence doesn’t really apply to life to the extent you are using it.  

      That’s like saying, “why own a car if you’re not a mechanic” or “why own a computer if you aren’t an IT guy”

      1.  agreed, why would I buy a car that has horrible gas mileage and no power… Just because I am a mechanic? I would rather buy a turbo car that gets great gas mileage and leave the hood shut….

        1.  Don’t you guys know?  The entire reason to root is so you can be a pompous jerk and put down people who don’t. 

      2. Great and probably thee best analogy I have seen to counter folks that say stop complaining and root the phone.

        Thank you…I will be using this…..dont sue me…lol.

      3. The sad thing is that I got the gnex hoping I wouldn’t have to root. I used to own a galaxy s, moto atrix, and droid incredible. I rooted all of them. I was hoping that the gnex would get updates out fast enough that I wouldn’t have to consider rooting it, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

  8. Google indeed made the deal with the devil, Verizon.

  9. Hopefully I will get 4.0.4 soon now

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