Apr 21st, 2012

We’ve been hearing that Google’s file syncing service, Drive, will be released “next week” for some time now. And although there have been a few proofs shared around regarding it’s existence, such as the robots.txt file and a screenshot of the Mac app, nothing was quite as conclusive as what was spotted yesterday.

As many of you on Google+ might know, every Friday the Android Developer Relations team holds a hangout session to review some apps and games. And during the review of one of the apps, Reto Meier demonstrated its sharing capabilities. What he didn’t realize, though, was that he had just shown the existence of Drive’s Android app. The YouTube video for the Hangout was taken down for a while after The Verge broke the news, but its back up now, without any changes to it. It’s unlisted, so you can’t find it by searching.

I’ve embedded the video below. Skip to about 32:30 to get right to it. Coincidentally, I was part of the Hangout as my own app was one of those that was reviewed (I’m the one with the white headphones). If you’d like to see them review my app, it begins at about a minute mark.