Apr 16th, 2012

It appears we may be very close to getting Google Drive. New details have emerged courtesy of TheNextWeb and who they believe to be a reliable source. According to them, Google Drive is set to launch sometime next week, stating that Tuesday would be the most likely date. Past leaks have suggested we’re close to an unveiling so it’s not too far-fetched to believe that we’re a week away.

We’ve also gotten a few new details. Alongside the already-established rumor that Google would be offering users 5GB of storage for free, there is a bit more insight into how it’ll all work. The service will apparently work in folders on Windows and Mac OS X desktops. While a clear description couldn’t be offered, it sounds like it’ll be similar to Dropbox’s desktop folder feature.

Earlier rumors have suggested that Google will allow users to purchase more storage space if they need it, but it wasn’t clear if they’d be offering free upgrade incentives like their main competitor. There are a lot of questions yet to be answered, but if the rumor of its arrival next week turns out to be true it won’t be long until we’re all head-first into Google’s next big thing. [