Download This: Fast Facebook takes the bloat out of social networking, looks good doing it


Though Facebook for Android has seen a series of improvements over the past year or so, added features and a revamped user interface have taken their toll on the app’s performance. For those looking to make a break from the social network’s official Android client a new alternative might just be the best. Fast Facebook takes nearly all the features users found in Facebook for Android and rolls them into a tidy Ice Cream Sandwich-inspired package. Don’t take the app’s name lightly, either. It’s fast, alright (though in fairness, anything is fast compared to the current official build).

Fast Facebook currently sits in beta and is available as a free download. It’s lacking in a few features such as event invites and push notifications, but you will have no problem updating a status, browsing a friends profile, or responding to messages. Furthermore, you can make adjustments such as default image resolution to further cut back on load times. Head over to Google Play to give it a whirl.

Google Play Link: Fast Facebook

[via Lifehacker]

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  1. Can you check in with this app?? Seismic has been pretty bad with check-ins, even uploading photos with it is a pain.

    1. Yes you can.

  2. Anyone know if you can set your profile pic from the app by just looking at the pic through the app?

  3. OMG…..I am soo gonna check this out!
    The load times on the facebook app are horrible…..luckily I hardly use it, but still…HORRIBLE! I can’t believe how fast G+ is and then when I open the Fb app…it takes ages…..hopefully soon I won;t have to use this app and Fb can die (or just stay host to the crappy teens I don’t want to see on G+)

  4. It “appears” you can do most everything, just downloaded it and yeah…a TON faster… Nice find!

  5. Been using it for a while and will say it really fast.

  6. Anyone checked out Friendcaster.  It’s way fast too, the only killer for me is that it refuses to load some friends status updates, pics, pretty much anything they post, which is a killer.

    Wow, just tried this Fast Facebook app. I realize it’s in Beta, but they have some serious work to do. The main news view is super ugly. What’s with the grey color scheme and weirdo colored lines. It looks pretty awful.

    1. FriendCaster is what I use.  Their widget is awesome.

      1. Friendcaster is AWESOME except for that one fatal flaw I mentioned. It’s kind of like buying a really nice car, and then finding out that it dies when you get only 90% to your destination. It doesn’t matter how awesome it is if it fails at the most important thing it’s supposed to do.

        1. If you spent more than two seconds using it, you’d see you can change the color scheme. 

        2. I’ve had a kinda-sorta similar problem with it in that apps I’ve hidden from my main feed and in some cases, people, still showed up.  But as of the last update earlier in the week, that problem seems to be cured.  Maybe try clearing the app data or uninstall/reinstall?

  7. Tried it and set it to load lower quality photos to be faster, but its way slower than the official facebook app for me.  HTC Inspire 4g running android 4.0.4

  8. I’d rather have an update to Tweetdeck to take care of the bugs.  That is the best social networking app out there.  (Bugs I encounter are my facebook feed gets split sometimes because it reads some entries as PM instead of AM, so they don’t show up in my feed, unless I scroll back 12 hours to check what I missed.  This happens to about 50% of my facebook feed with no rhyme or reason..  Also, “favoriting” a tweet may take several tries before the star stays lit.

    1. Try Tweakdeck Same App But It Gets Updated :D

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