NVIDIA Tegra to reach Xbox 360-Like performance by 2014


While many vendors have promised console-quality graphics for the future, none of them have yet to actually hit that milestone. (Unless, of course, you are thinking about the PS1 or PS2.) A new graph shows how Tegra might eventually  be powerful enough to produce graphics better than the Xbox 360 by 2014’s end. Sure, the Xbox 360 did come out in 2005 but even some of its launch titles look a lot better than what you normally see on the Google Play Store today.

It would be a remarkable achievement in the mobile realm, and it would be exciting to see what developers do with such power. Tegra 3 likely has the ability to get close to that quality, but the sad truth is that most games are developed for the common folk, and most of them don’t have hugely-power GPUs inside their phones. It’s just like getting a multi-platform game on console: the PS3 might be able to handle more than the Xbox 360 can (given the right developer).

But no third-party, multi-platform developer would dare miss out on sales for an Xbox 360 version, and, as such, they wouldn’t dare spend their budget and time toward making a version fully optimized just for the PlayStation 3. I digress, however: the mobile world is different and developers definitely are willing to make versions of their games optimized just for Tegra. Hopefully, if the SoC line does eventually get to that point, we’ll be seeing some great games taking advantage of all that console-like juice. [via Anandtech]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Not bad but in 2013 we will get the NextBox, then what Nvidia :)

    1. Microsoft should come out with a line of phones and add features like Xbox Live to them.  That would really take off!  Oh, wait.

    2. Did you look at the chart? :)

      The performance curve shows that by about 2014, consoles and mobile devices will be about the same.

      Besides, the nextBox, XBox 361, UberLiver, or whatever it’s called, could be using a GPU from NVidia.

      And NVidia makes PC GPUs, which unless you’ve been living under a couch, have been trouncing the consoles from pretty much day one. ;)

  2. I just need for Google and all these manufacturers and devs to hurry up and put out games and controllers for our phones so I can hook it up to the TV with no lag.  

    If my phone is almost as powerful as a 360 then I want to be able to play it like my 360 without all the modding and hackery.

    There’s a HUGE market for mobile to take over console gaming.  Especially with casual gaming on the rise.

  3. Haven’t actually seen that kind of graph before, Neato!  Someone should make an infographic about cpu/gpu performance in relation to gaming systems including mobile phones!

  4. This chart once again shows that ARM chip technology has been moving a lot faster than x86 and Moore’s Law. The speed is about twice as fast.

  5. Mobile chips will be 64 bit capable in 2014 as well as directx 11, same time as next gen consoles. The problem is consoles renewal cycle is every 8 years, and mobile platform get more powerful by the quarter!

    1. It will be quite humorous to see the console manufacturers clamoring to overcome this. The fact that tablets and phones are capable of connecting to televisions and having controllers connected to them doesn’t help with that either.

      1. The console manufacturers make the phones, Nintendo is the only console manufacturer not in the phone biz. That being said, it’ll be interesting to see Nintendos next move.

  6. what kind of pc is represented in the graph? Mobile can never beat or even come close to pc GPU unless you are comparing top of the line mobile to crappiest computer on the market… it makes no sense… apparently console beat pc for a few months? In what reality did that happen?

    1.  look at the scale… it goes from 10 to 100…  pretty deceiving. this is how Nvidia makes charts…

  7. Lol in 2010 my pc was already off the chart
    i7 980 xe @ 4.3 GHz 12 threads sata 6 SSD, 2 gtx 480 sc in sli. By next gen consoles we will have haswell/brodwell cpu by Intel, and maxwell Gpu by Nvidia.

    For the mobile end the successor to arm 15 will be around the corner to!

  8. Yup bring on 2014 so we can plug our mobile devices in a wall socket and play games!

    Battery Technology is what I want to know by the year 2014! Not the damn obvious which nVidia blurps out all the time. nVidia = fail (all talk)

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