Sprint users seem to be clamoring for Galaxy Nexus as pre-sale inventory sells out


It looks like Sprint users were really eager to guarantee themselves a Galaxy Nexus at launch. Trying to head to Sprint’s pre-order page will only bring up a message informing users that Sprint has sold out of their pre-sale inventory, a proud message to display, I’m sure. The device, due April 22nd, has only been available for pre-order for three days.

Those wondering if they’ll be out of luck on the 22nd shouldn’t put their heads down in disappointment just yet. Many third-party retailers will have stock available, and Sprint corporate stores’ inventory may not be counted in online inventory for pre-sale. There may also be online stock reserved for those who didn’t pre-order.If you’re not feeling confident, give a few stores, Sprint or otherwise, a ring and see what’s going on.

So I guess the point of the story is that the Galaxy Nexus looks poised to do well on the Now Network, and its performance (and that of its predecessor) should guarantee continued support of this line by Sprint.This milestone is especially important for Sprint as the Galaxy Nexus will be the pioneer device for their upcoming 4G LTE network.

Of course, there’s the possibility that Sprint didn’t order as many devices as, say, an EVO launch would call for, though considering that this will be Sprint’s first LTE phone I highly doubt they treated it lightly. Were you able to get in on this opportunity before it evaporated?

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Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’d consider eating an ETF from Verizon and switching over if I thought LTE would be coming to Chicago in reasonably short order. But I’ve seen no indication to that effect.

    1. There is definitely good reason to believe that is the case, wink wink.

      Check out s4gru.com

    2. I heard Sprint and VZW working a deal together, so Sprint be able to roam on VZW LTE until their LTE goes live, but I`ll wait to see how truth this is.

      1. That is false. Sprint’s and Verizon’s (and at&t’s) LTE are incompatible. It is impossible.

    3. Chicago is one of the places Sprint has LTE towers up and running right this second… more added every day.


  2. Hmmm, could have but I’m waiting for something with more than a 5mp camera, but I will check it out at my local Sprint. I want something thats going to still look relevant 2 years from now.

    1. The gnex doesn’t have a great cam, but a phone with an 8 megapixel cam won’t necessarily be better.

      1. yea but any phone with an 8MP shooter that comes to Sprint this year will likely take better pics than the GNex, eg: Evo 4G LTE, SGSIII (or whatever they plan to call it)

  3. my gnex should be here tomorrow unless UPS effs up

  4. Waiting for the LTEVO!

  5. Asus transformer technique? Low inventory to suggest popularity/high demand? I hope that it sells well, yet there are little guys in my head telling me to be skeptical.

  6. Waiting for the E4GLTE

  7. This is dumb. You would think illegal to sell LTE enabled phones when there is no LTE. What is FCC doing?

    1. I’m pretty sure these are still 3g and voice enabled.

      1. nope, how  else do you think they are testing LTE in certain cities?

    2. You’d probably be surprised with how many LTE towers Sprint has up and running around the country right this second… and more are added every day.

      1. Ok i am in Dallas…So your saying that the LTE towers are up and running right now? We were one of the first, so that would make sense according to what your saying. So i should be able to get LTE tommorow when the phone arrives?

        1. I was able to get a 4G connection on wimax here in new york weeks before it was announced officially.

        2. well, Sprint has somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 towers in the Dallas-Ft. Worth market, so it will depend on where you are.  But yes, Sprint certainly some LTE towers live at this moment in the DFW area… and they are adding more daily.  So in some parts of Dallas, you will likely be able to get LTE service when the phone arrives. s4gru has all the details. 

          1. Well then we shall see tomorrow. I live 10 minutes from downtown Dallas and downtown ft. worth. So I should receive signal right in the middle….If not i will do some driving tomorrow and report back.

          2. right on… good luck. 

          3. Congrats! Welcome to the club : )

    3. Why would it be illegal?  That’s like saying it should be illegal to sell a burger if it doesn’t come with fries.  

  8. still waiting for my tracking number……was hoping to have it by saturday.

  9. I have my tracking number. It hasn’t shipped yet, but says I should receive it tomorrow. Can’t wait to try it out.

    1. Congrats! Welcome to the club : )

  10. it’s $50 cheaper with Wirefly

  11. unlimited data with no throttling rules!  Proof is in the pudding, sold out.  Even with no 4G network.  I hit my measily 2 GB data limit on Verizon on my Nexus in 2 days using the wifi Tether and watching netflix.  Never had that issue on Sprint.  There is hope for Sprint after all!!!

    4G LTE is fast and nice, but sure drains the battery.  I hardly do anything on the internet that requires 4g.  

    1. try hitting 2gbs in 2 years with sprints 35 kb/s 3g. 

      1. Their 3G is getting upgraded nationwide as part of the Network Vision build out.

      2. I do 6gb every month on 200kbps. (Pandora FTW)

    2. lol good luck getting to 2gb on sprints 3g.  I havent hit .5gb in a single month since last summer.

      1. I don’t about you guys, but here in Jersey/New York I hit around 2.5 GB every month.

        1. I’m in NY, i get between .2 mbps and .8 mbps download on 3g. With those speeds i cant do any kind of youtube or video streaming, web searching is a pain in the ass. I honestly dont even use the internet to do anything if i dont have an app for the site to speed it up.

          your speeds are probably different, a buddy of mine gets good speeds, my mother gets horrible speeds like i do.

  12. I can not wait to preorder my HTC Evo 4G LTE and get that in the mail. G nexus is already outdated in my opinion. Still will be a great phone for Samsung lovers.

  13. im planning on getting  one at the store on sunday.Last time  i pre ordered a phone it showed up late

    1. Welcome to the club!

  14. It’s only because Sprint hasn’t offered any good phones in quite a while! Sprint is really screwing up. People have run out their contracts, and are ready to jump ship unless Sprint offers some great new phones(e.g. Samsung Galaxy Note)!

    1. you mean like the EVO 4G LTE??

      1. You’ve really stayed loyal to the Evo brand Patrick. I remember all your comments since the first. You defended the 3D phone like a mad man.
        I don’t blame you. I’ve stuck with the Evo brand too and will continue too.

    2. They’ve definitely been caught in an “in-between” period.  WiMax rollouts ended a long time ago, so if you’re not in an area that has it, there’s little point in upgrading until the LTE phones start coming out.  Even then, you’re not guaranteed to have LTE service during your two year contract period.

  15. will the sprint gnex use the verizon gnex roms or will it have to have it’s own custom roms?

    1. Will have to have its own, due to the drivers. But, it will be quick and easy. AOKP is the best.

  16. got my tracking number. should have it tomorrow.

    1. Congrats! Welcome to the club : )

      1. If either of you live in Texas of Atlanta, Ga you will probably have LTE.  Please do a Speed test and post a vid of it.

        1. I have the Verizon GN.

  17. I am looking forward to this phone and I can’t wait to get away from HTC’s Sense garbage which slows the EVO 4G down big time, they could have had a nicely performing phone without Sense. Not sure why I am seeing so many people saying that they will go for the EVO LTE, in my opinion that is a great way to end up with a phone that is bloated, doesn’t receive updates quickly and may likely stop receiving updates at some point late next year.

    If we go with a Galaxy Nexus we will get the fastest updates and not have to worry about modding our phones all the time. I for one am tired of swapping between roms on my EVO 4G, I can’t wait just to buy it and enjoy the experience. 

    On the other hand, I will say that I loved the EVO’s kickstand and used it all the time, this I will surely miss. I also missed the nice little trackball that came with my HTC Hero, I miss that greatly. And I also miss the pushbutton flip form factor in the Motorola IC902.

    I can’t wait to try out the Google Wallet too, which Sprint will not be crippling on their version of the Galaxy Nexus, looks like Sprint is really going to hit it hard with G Wallet devices this year. 

    I would encourage everyone to think twice about purchasing another EVO. The Nexus will be much better and longer supported. Don’t trade some paper specs for that.

    1. I agree with you for the most part, but from the many reviews I’ve read, Sense 4.0 is anything but sluggish/bloated. Even the guys that typically prefer the Pure Google experience seem to praise Sense 4.0, found on the new EVO.

      1. The reviews only said it was less intrusive and they like some of the features. They did not say it doesn’t slow down the phone.

  18. That strange all the Sprint forums I belong to seem to indicate that Sprint customers are clamoring for the Samsung Note, not a phone Verizon has had for a year!

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