Samsung Will Go With Quad-Core Exynos In The Galaxy S III – Vanity URL Pops Up On Official Site


Okay, this will be the last of the Galaxy S III rumors for the night, I promise. If you were wondering if Samsung would opt for a new, more advanced dual-core Exynos processor in the global version Galaxy S III, or go with a quad-core variant, apparently, folks at The Verge got the answer today from their sources. Looks like Samsung will, in fact, go with the quad-core Exynos for the next iteration of the Galaxy S series letting the world know that more is better (or at least playing into that stigma). According to the source we can expect, “superlaxative benchmarks” or something to that degree. Keep in mind, it’s still very possible that Samsung could opt for different processors based on regional carrier compatibility, similar to what HTC did with the One X to get it working properly on AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

And, while there’s been some talk that the Samsung “Galaxy S III” title hasn’t been officially set it stone, one of our readers did a little sleuthing around and found an interesting late night tidbit on Samsung’s official site. Seems if you jump to http://www.samsung.com/galaxysIII the URL will be formatted and forwarded to a new address, in which the URL will eventually take you to the typical “Page Not Found” message. What’s interesting is that if you try something a little more crazy and totally off the wall, like http://www.samsung.com/galaxysyomomma you’ll notice that a new page is present but different from the previous one. No formatting. No forwarding. Nothing.

We’ve seen this little technique of vanity URL’s used in the past when trying to figure out if a device has been officially confirmed. Yes, I know this isn’t much to go on — if really anything at all — but at the very least we know Samsung is clearly considering going with the Galaxy S III title, and even has a URL already set up for it. Still, it’s very possible they could go with “the next Galaxy” or even “Galaxy III,” all will be revealed come May 3rd. In the meantime, sweet GSIII dreams, my friends.

Thanks, Scott!

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  1. Just call it iGalaxy just to anger apple more :)

  2. Thanks for the article. But link embedded in http://www.samsung.com/galaxysyomomma is incorrect

  3. second link not working. 

  4. WHAT! HTC has a 4g LTE network!!!!! WOWZA (JK)

    interesting, i bet we will see dual core in the states though unless it works well with LTE

    1. I had no idea what you were talking about until I read it a few times. Hahaha.. Forgot the AT&T part ;D

      1. :P

    2.  Rumor has it the exynos quad has LTE  on the same die as the CPU, thus…working.  :)

      …so there’s hope.

  5. interestingly /galaxys3 also rewrites as /glaxy-s-iii

    1. Interesting indeeeeed… *scratches chin*

      1. SGS III… With Quad-Core… And it`ll never shows up in USA… May be next year with this year software and hardware.. Oh, and the update it`ll be in 2014….LOL.

        1. LOL, so funny and so sad at the same time

  6. I dont think it uses exynos 4412, because meizi officially anounced that meizi mx quad will be the first smartphone to use exynos 4412, and its releasing it on june. If S3 also uses same processor how come samsung allow meizi to anounce such a statement and we are already hearing that phone is available with all cariers so it wont be wait till june also. sooo guys it will be definetly exynos 5250 only

    1. It makes sense.

    2. They will use the same 4412 but it will be clocked higher. That seems to be the pattern in todays technology. Plus Meizu is not a competitor to Samsung and their phones aren’t sold anywhere but that one country.

      1. Okay, but not the USA handset. It’s overseas one has the quad core.

    3. Check their wording, probably a tricky one like they have the first phone ‘announced to use 4412’, not the first phone shipping with it. No way it’s 5250 out tha gate

    4. 5250 is dual-core. It’s the 5450 that’s quad-core.

  7. You can keep on adding iiiiii to the end and still get to the same page. e.g. galaxy-s-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    1. Not true. Just tried it. Yields the same result as my second example.. 

  8. “Superlaxative benchmarks,” you say? So the phone is so fast it’ll make me crap my pants? I think I’ll stick with my Galaxy Nexus, thank you very much.

    1. Fine, keep you clean undies. I’ll be changing mines every few minutes with the Galaxy S III… O_o

      1. Which is a wise move since you’ll be eating them in a glorious 1080p video…

    2. “Super”laxative, means it’s more potent than regular laxatives. Be ready to crap your pants at 60FPS, meaning 60 farts per second. 

    1. I am because I wrote it :-). The point is that others should be too…

      1. but indeed, nevermind

        1. Hey, Arthur. The tip came to us from a reader who very well might have read it from your site.

          I don’t keep up much with foreign sites but I’ll go ahead and throw a source link to ya only because you explained it pretty well. =)

  9. No shit, it’s been confirmed for months already, what else are you going to try to pass off as news?

    1. Obvious troll is obvious

    2. Thanks for the comment, Thomas. It was just something one of our readers noticed and I don’t remember ever calling it “news.” Just a fun little tidbit for those interested.

  10. So, this should be interesting, Exynos v. Nvidia, both based on arm 9, both quad core. Nvidia graphics v Mali.

    1. Overall, Nvidia will lose

      1. i don’t play games on my phone, so the only thing i need to pick from is sense vs touchwiz, source code status (as in not broken like Samsung’s), appearance, camera, screen, and dev support. 

        1. You have a point about about Samsung’s source being broken, but Nvidia is no better because they force devs to use property shaders etc to make games and they call it “Tegra Zone”

          I have spoken to some devs and they agree that Nvidia is not “better performing” than any of their competitors and they are actually stalling overall development with their proprietary tech, not to mention that Tegra 2 was a nightmare (from a devs perspective)

  11. doesn’t work on the UK Samsung site or any other site in Europe I’ve tried 

  12. Actually, the “yomamma” link redirects to a mispelled url on their site… http://www.samsung.com/us/glaxy-s-iii

    1.  That’s cause yo! mamma’s not home!

  13. Why the speculation about different chips for different regions?  Samsung announced that their quad core 4212 Exynos would be LTE compatible.  So, LTE for everyone!

    1. Yeah, I’m hoping it wont be. All the newer chips should have all that frequency bands stuff worked out. Pretty sure Samsung learned their lesson last time around with the old Exynos (hope). 

  14. You come in first in being an [moderated]. Stop being a judgmental [moderated].

  15. Samsung dominates again!

  16.  Im going to kick you in the nuts!

  17. Ummm.. cool story, bro. But that’s EXACTLY the word I meant to use (notice how it was never edited and spell check would have caught it). T’was a joke. Relax. 

    Oh — and if for nothing else, you’ve been banned simply for your ridiculous email address (which has a racial slur). Not exactly the kinda people who are welcomed ’round these parts. Thaaaaanks..

  18. Super Laxative as it blows shit away at super speeds!

  19. i want to listen to music on my phone and after trying the S II, HTC has already won with me. mine will be here next week. i will be turning Beats off and enjoying better sound than Samsung phones have, and saving $250 for something other than a new Cowon player.

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