Android Overload: Verizon Galaxy Nexus Only $50 On Amazon, Sony Lends Developers Xperia S’s and More


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  • Verizon Galaxy Nexus only $50 on Amazon Wireless ($150 for upgrades). [Amazon Wireless]
  • Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE announced for Bell in Canada. [Press Release]
  • Verizon creating their own private 700Mhz band for their LTE network. [GigaOM]
  • HTC Sensation 4G wont see Android 4.0 anytime until after April. [T-Mobile Support Forums]
  • Qualcomm’s 2012 numbers are up but may face slight chip shortages. [Electronista / WSJ]
  • Your smartphone will soon be able to see through walls with X-ray-like vision. [Mashable]
  • Sony is lending Android developers Xperia smartphones to test their apps for free. [SonyDeveloperWorld]
  • Nikon WU-1A dongle adds Android remote capabilities to your DLSR. [TheVerge]
  • More water resistant technology to protect your smartphone from water spills. [Engadget]
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  1. So, I just bought my girl a nexus from Verizon a little over two weeks ago for $300. If we send it back and reactivate her old phone, can we still use that upgrade to buy this off of Amazon? We do have a second upgrade waiting if this deal is time sensitive, but I just don’t want to lose that upgrade…

    1. I think it would have to be off a new line for the $50, but if you send it back and keep the line, you should be able to get it for the $150 upgrade price (still an awesome deal).

      I think Verizon has a 14 day return policy so you’d better hurry!

      1.  they do, att is still 30 and sprint is 14 as well but they are all going to change shortly.

  2. I don’t like these deals. Everyone should have to pay over $300 for their Nexus like I did. No exceptions. 

  3. As a developer of a very hardware dependent app, I’ve been asking the big OEMs about lending programs or remote access: Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG.

    Samsung pretends to have such a program, but for small devs like me the answer is no. HTC was nice enough to send me a phone to keep, but it was the obscure HTC Status. One of them had a program where I could use a phone on their premises in Silicon Valley, 3000+ miles from me.

    I noticed about a week ago that Sony had a program. You need a credit card and if the phone disappears your card is charged full price. PLUS 10% more.

    But Sony sells so few phones,  I don’t have much motivation. And in my particular case, it appears 3rd party FM apps are just about impossible on stock, un-rooted Sony devices, unlike the other OEMS, so forget about it.

    But I see they are covering the shipping fee (one way ?) so I’m a bit tempted to give it a shot. Yet there are many much more popular devices that are worth it for me to buy on my own, before I consider a free Sony loaner.

    It seems to me that the more desperate an OEM is for sales, the more friendly they become to developers. Eg: RIM, HTC, Sony. MS is even writing cheques to large development houses to port known apps to Windows Phone.

    1. Windows is hitting on all fronts, I have been working with them in the app market as well, They are getting extremely aggressive in competing with androids app market~
      If you want a free test phone mention lumia and it will be on your doorstep in a week, (I have 2 now)
      also windows 8 is going to be similar to the windows os so if you are scared of spending time on windows don’t fret the os isn’t going to vanish and once windows 8 is streamlined the appmarket will extend to every pc running the new os (which means devices would double overnight.)

  4. This is exactly why I refuse to pay recently launched prices of $300!!! When I know damn well the price is gonna go down. By the time I’m due to upgrade in 10-12 months the Verizon Version of the GSIII should be down to $99-$150.

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