DEAL ALERTS: Acer Iconia Tab for $180, Motorola Xoom GSM Unlocked for $300, 32GB Micro SD for $15 and 5,000mAh Portable Battery for $25


Alright, we got a handful of great deals for you tonight via the more popular daily deals sites around the net. Don’t want to wasted much time (in case they sell out) so let’s get straight to it. 1SaleADay is offering a refurbished 7-inch Acer Iconia Tab A100 for the rock bottom price of $180. Arguably better than an Amazon Kindle Fire, this is about $20 cheaper than you’d find that pseudo-Android running tablet and with an Android 4.0 upgrade coming down the pipeline, it only adds to the value.

If you’re looking to add a little memory on top of the tab (or any device for that matter) 1SaleADay also has a 32GB class 4 micro SD card up for only $15. Not too shabby at all, and it even comes with a full sized SD adapter. More than likely this will go great in any device you have now but with SD cards seemingly going the way of the dinosaur (HTC One X, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S III) these might not be as useful in the future.

Moving on to DailySteals where they currently have a refurbished unlocked 3G version of the Motorola Xoom (32GB) for $300. Again, this is a great deal especially when considering the device plays nice with AT&T’s 3G bands but only T-Mobile’s 2G Edge network. All things considered, you could do a lot worse on a 10-inch tablet that will see an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the near future.

Finally, we have a 5,000mAh portable battery from New Trent. I’ve seen this little fella pop up from time-to-time in my searches on Amazon and almost pulled the trigger back when it $50. Reviews were generally favorable for the iFuel and anyone with an Android device will no doubt see the value in keeping your device charged up when away from an outlet. At $25, this is most certainly a steal. A steal that, just like for all the others, will only last another 22 hours or so. Anyone taking advantage of any of these offers?

Thanks, Killa357!

[1SaleADay: Acer A100 Tablet32GB MicroSD | DailySteals: Motorola Xoom Unlocked5,000mAh Portable Battery]

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  1. Just grabbed two of the 32gb cards, that’s a steal

    1. Save some for everyone else O_o

      1. Lol I couldn’t help myself at that price. Hopefully the gs3 will have a card slot

        1. Current rumors and trend are leaning more towards… probably not. =/

          1. My hope is that Sprint adds an SD slot to their version. Hope.

          2.  If the rumors are true, then the GS III is going to be a pass, and it should be for anyone on a tier data plan. It’s the one thing I hate about the GNex is being back to carrying a separate MP3 player because the 16gig internal is not enough to carry my music library and using cloud storage for it blows through my data plan fast.

          3. Well I’ll probably stick with this note running on tmo 4g then

  2. FYI: I agree that it is still an awesome deal, but the shipping and handling is $5 per SD card.

  3. Thank you phandroid!

    sadly i don’t have 180 to spend on the acer, but i snagged two of the SDs (one for my tablet, one as a gift)

    even counting S&H, so they’re $20 a card, that’s still dirt cheap!

  4. Just grabbed 2 of the monster battery chargers. At 25 bucks how could I not?

  5. Why does nobody ship to Canada?


  6. The A100 is only $20 more (+tax) @ Walmart these days for new.

  7. Also, has the Dell Streak 7” Tablet (Wi-Fi+3G/4G) for $249.99 today.

  8. Is it worth buying the zoom? I’ve never owned a tablet and it seems like a decent one. Does anyone know if ICS is/will be available for it?

    1. I have the Wifi version and the ICS is out for a few months already. It runs really smooth. There are a lot better tablets out there now, but for my use it’s perfect.  Look into the price on Ebay, you can probably get a good deal there too.

  9. Great deals today!!!!! Would grab some SD cards but I’m getting the HTC One X >”< Won't be any use to me.  If it was Class 10, I would have stick that into camera.  So getting the battery though!!!!! Have it tablet already, so that's poo :/

    1. Just grabbed two batteries!!

  10. Last Black Friday, I picked up the Acer at Best Buy new for $10.  My wife’s really enjoying it.  The only weird thing is that Acer’s Planner app (combines email, calendar, weather, etc) doesn’t have any U.S. cities to choose from.  I set it for Brazil to get the time zone right.  I’m looking forward to seeing what 4.0 offers 

  11. The site reviews are not the best and while the price would normally be enough to get me to buy it from them, the battery charger is available on Amazon for about a dollar more by using a $14-off coupon code: 14IMP500. Even better…I grabbed a dual port version for $28.95 using coupon code: 14IMP50D. Hope posting this is allowed!

    Single port version:

    Dual port version:

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