Google Cloud Print Now Supports Android 4.0 Devices and All FedEx Locations


I kind of stumbled upon this the other day when attempting to print out a Shakey’s coupon on my printer but didn’t think much of it. Looks like Google has updated Google Cloud Print for Chrome with the ability to send printable docs, not only nearby printers, but now, to Android 4.0 devices running Chrome Beta browser app (as a PDF document). Simply click “print” from Chrome’s menu and you can choose whether to send the doc to your Chrome Beta running Android device, nearby printers or even FedEx from the destination list.

The FedEx option is also new, allowing users to print docs at any FedEx location across the US, using a simple retrieval code. Pretty snazzy stuff for those on-the-go and looking to make life a little easier — and really, who wouldn’t want that? Thanks, Google.

[Google Chrome Blog | Via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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