T-Mobile G2X receives minor (in every sense of the word) Update


T-Mobile G2X owners may be looking for Ice Cream Sandwich, but the latest update sadly won’t provide that. LG has pushed a quick bug fixer to the device that is said to improve battery life and steps the device up to Android 2.3.4. Other than that, it’s not immediately clear what is different. Hang in there, G2X owners. Look on the bright side: at least they haven’t necessarily denied Android 4.0. [LG via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I gave up on my G2X a couple months ago mainly because battery life…

    1. i get good battery life, but nothing smoooth about my LG experience….I am glad I bought a nexus S too, so that I could get updates as soon as they are out, again more lies, a year latter we get a watered down 4.0

  2. Might wanna check your T-MO NEWS link, PHANDROID.

    1.  Nice youtube link….

    2. if you want a horrid autocorrect funtion that will creat complex words from the most simple spellings, unless you add them to your dictionary…also I would try to type and R and an A would show up, had to reboot…
      have a nexus S, they screwed the pooch on that one also…We buy these phone thiking we are not being lied to, Time has told us all< the Cell industry is nothing but a bunch of marketing BS artist behind walled gardens, in return who answers for all of the industries lies and untruths

  3. Maybe I’m one of the few people who didn’t get a defective phone. This phone for me has been running smooth since day one (i have had this phone for about a year) and I’m happy with this phone but i wish they would tell us when or if we’re getting ics

    1. The phone for me has been pretty nice, but I got mine used with a custom ROM on mine.  The support from the developer community on XDA has been pretty awesome.

      1. is it fully functional? 

    2. Mine keeps restarting or freezing. It’s been like that since day one for the past year. 

    3. The only issue i had was the typing(with vibration feedback) woud lag, and then play catch up. They fixed that bug, Now it randomly converts to forign texts, and in addiotion, my swype update, or whatever they use to spell check, was created by an ESL student, my phone is worse now

  4. My wife had that device. it was a total pos. This update took way to long for LG to release. Seriously LG the last update was July 2011??? This is why I wont buy any LG Devices.

    1. agree same here won’t bother 

  5. I have used custom roms on my G2x since launch and it is a great device. Smooth no bugs in the UI great benchmark scores, and my iPhone buddies are jealous of my battery life.  Some devices have great hardware and not software, know what you are buying and use the hardware XDA is your friend….come on guys Android is supposed to be the one for the more tech savy.

  6. Again,Quentyn,might wanna check the TMO-NEWS link in the PHANDROID APP.

  7. I too must’ve been lucky because my g2x has been great to me, granted I’ve rooted in within a month of purchase last year , I also own a sgs2 and I slightly prefer my rom’d g2x over my sgs 2, but this update wonr do me no good anyways I’m on hfs 1.6 and loving lcs, thank god for all the awesome g2x devs out there

  8. mine works well when it wants to but i get the freezing and rebooting too. i noticed if i keep the cache clean and clean other memory i don’t need that helps the freezing for a bit but still get the [stuck on blank screen] until it finally reboots at least twice a week. oh and fyi there is no update that news must be wrong. tried to update and then spoke with a lg rep and they said i had the most recent update which is 2.3.3.

    i cant wait to get a new phone so i can record myself totally destroying this pos for a phone.

    1. it is 2.3.4 to tmobile, but its crap

  9. This piece of shit actually gets update? Lol

  10. LG probably thinks that sending minor updates will win the hearts of their disappointed customers back… Android fans are into updates ( like how other users of another OS brag about it no matter how minor they are) , but we want major updates since the devices are few updates behind… are we fools?


  11. And of course the stupid app doesn’t even show the update! Sigh… 

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