Larry Page: Android wasn’t critical to Google in 2010; Saw it as a tool to get Google services into more hands


Some interesting words have come from Google CEO Larry Page during today’s court trial between his company and Oracle over Java copyright issues. According to those present at the trial, Larry Page reportedly said Android wasn’t “critical” for Google, specifically around 2010 when the operating system had been just a couple of years old in the consumer market.

He did mention that it was important for them, though. The statement doesn’t look too pretty on paper, but Page clarified by saying that, at the time, it was a tool that would allow them to get their services into others’ hand as they were “frustrated getting our technology out to people.”

And that it did: Google enjoys a nice business model of mobile ads and searches which, according to former-CEO and current adviser Eric Schmidt, is very lucrative. None of that is bad — Google creates great services for the purpose of making money, and users benefit from that by getting a world-class smartphone operating system that can handle anything.

It wasn’t critical because, before Android’s arrival, Google had already commanded respect from competing operating systems as evidenced by the sheer amount of non-Google products which use Google Search as their default search engines and use other, unrivaled Google services, like YouTube, to provide a better experience for their user base.

Google would have still made a killing from the mobile industry, and Android’s prominence is a very big cherry on the top of a delicious cake. I think we can assume that Google will never think of Android as a fun side project. It’s still a very big part of their business and we have nothing to worry about as far as its future. [The Verge]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  2. I suppose this is why it took them so long to get a UI that looks good without a skin on it, and why they’re still lagging behind in intuitiveness.

    1. Lags behind what in intuitiveness. Its the easiest mobile OS out there.

      1. lol no its not.

        when you ahve to hide things in menus, that makes it more difficult to use

        1. Which mobile OS does not have menus?

        2. IOS has plenty of menu’s, they have a settings app, just like Android has settings, the only difference is it’s fluidly built into every launcher in Android, not just a app. The iOS menus contain virtually the same things as then Android OS menu’s

          IOS apps may have fewer options than Android apps, but that is NOT a good thing lol.

          Android is just as easy to use as IOS for any moderately computer literate person, with the bonus of a lot more functionality. IOS dumbs itself down the the absolute lowest common denominator.

          An it’s not me a computer programmer saying it’s just as easy, it’s my barely computer literate friends who have androids and use them without an help, I’m who they would have asked, though I do offer suggestions on which models to look at.

          1. Dude Android is not as easy to use as the iOS. You can tell Google has progressed in UI with ICS. In Gingerbread, If I’m sending a text message to someone, and I want to switch back to the list of messages, I have to go Menu, More, All threads. That’s 3 clicks to move one step back. Just pressing the back button doesn’t necessarily take me back to the all threads option. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on where I was before I came into the text message thread. That’s terrible design. On the iPHone, I press one button to go back. Now ICS has done that. Why do you think they eliminated hardware buttons? Because GOogle realized they’re terrible for navigating and iOS did a WAY better job of it

        3. You know, I have to ask.. Where else do you put options except in the menu? O.o 

          1.  He’s probably referring to that “swipe-here-and-then-press-there” UI approach iOS apps have. But this is not intuitive to the iOS users themselves, this is just what Apple told you is good for you. Check out how they talk about the apps, always something like: “Whoa, I didn’t know you have to swipe/swirl/knock on screen to make it do that”.

          2. Hell that single button is not intuitive at all. How are you supposed to know by looking at a square in a circle that you can press to do one thing, long press to do another, and double press to do another. That’s like saying Mortal Kombat combos were intuitive enough for you to walk right up and execute any one of them.

        4.  I take it you hate adjusting the settings on your TV, or dvd player, or game console, or PC or [insert device here]

          Even on an iPhone…like it was mentioned…it has menus…

          This post alone shows its a waste to even respond to this guy.

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    3. I agree on the teeth whitening though.

    4. There are millions of ways to tell you how stupid it is of you to take an informative piece and instead of making a judgement about the piece and commenting on that you go as far as to judge the picture that isn’t relevant to the article and actually comment in the comment section on that judgement. I hope every time your picture is anywhere even if it’s the cover of a best selling book you write that people only comment and find fault in that and ignore the book altogether… That’s how you would do it isn’t it?

      1. Wow… I was just making a joke.  Calm down.  It sounds like you’re upset at someone who once told you “beauty is on the inside”.

        Take a look at Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, etc… they all have white teeth and appear to be in the sun every once in a while.

        I like Larry Page.  But his days of being a basement dweller should be long gone.

        Note:  Richard Branson also has coffee teeth, but he’s got the tan formulated.

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          Now, go downstairs and eat the PBandJ and animal crackers your mom fixed for you.

          1. Jesus… I think you should re-read everything with a different perspective.  I never said anything bad about anyone above.  Have you ever teased one of your buddies “hey nice haircut, assface”?

            This ends now.

    5. He did but pressed the wrong button. Ended up tanning his teeth and whitening his skin.

  4. I think it’s obvious Google is just trying to downplay the value of Android so Oracle doesn’t get to charge them a lot of money (if they win).

    1. I agree. I seem to remember them doing a similar tactic when they bought motorola

    2. They make more money off Apple than they do Android. It isn’t that necessary. It is definitely nice, but they would still be the #1 search and ads company in the world regardless. They have been for a long time now.

  5. The only people that didn’t know this were iFans. That’s why they keep trying to bring up the profit argument. Google just wanted to keep the playing field honest so that their services were available in the mobile market. Its just s testament to their software engineering abilities that something that they didn’t even try on come to dominate the market as a superior OS.

  6. Android is only “OPEN” so that they can dominate mobile devices and force consumers to use Google search. That is ALL that google cares about. They don’t care about fragmentation. They don’t care about updating phones. They don’t care about customer service. They don’t care about malware. They don’t care about any other problem you guys are too fucked up in the head to admit. 

    1. Android is mainly open because its built with open source technology to begin with. Thing is its “open” so you can use any search you want. Verizon phones used to come with Bing. They care so little about customer service that the Play store has a 24/7 support line. And they care so little about malware they went after the company that was trying to track it for them. Oh wait a minute that was Apple. 

      Look man. Whatever you favorite OS is go out and buy a device. It doesn’t matter if Google stomps the living daylights out of it as long as you can enjoy your device. So stop making yourself look like an idiot and have fun with your device of choice.



        1. 3.5″ dinky toy screen

        2. If you don’t know what open source is then the rest of this convo will be over your head. You probably dont know what source control is either so you wouldn’t know about the issue tracking system for Android where devs can complain all they want.

          1. has apple released any IOS code to allow for better, more fluidly integrated apps? nope okay just checking

          2. Are you serious????? There is no such thing?

            Technology as defined by Webster’s

            the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area 

            So that would make Linux operating system technology as it is the application of knowledge in the area of operating systems. It is open source and therefore open source technology. You couldn’t have really thought you were making a point here could you? You’ve got to be an idiot to even start to believe you were making sense.

            And here’s even more of a shocker. ICS is basically Honeycomb with the phone interface completed and the source is available. Why do you think none one is up in arms about it? By definition as long as I can go and download the source code its open source.

          3. that’s true, but it was designed for tablets so would have been shit on phones and they knew that ICS was coming out soon so it wouldn’t matter. 
            Go back from whence you came

      2. Lol you’re so dumb and confused that you actually argued “Android is  mainly open because its built with open source technology to begin with?

        And you want to call Apple fanboys iSheep?


        1. Linux isn’t open source? Java isn’t open source? Harmony isn’t open source? Dalvik isnt open source? Please point to the pieces of the OS that are not open source. Let’s see if you’re dumb enough to name off the Google apps. At least troll with some sense.

          1. it means the code is freely available and people may do with it what they like. It means people can contribute and make it better and often it means the makers of it take people’s ideas and put them in the standard version of the software.
            You see that a lot with Android actually. 
            Go home.

    2. Yeah, because you can’t use any other search engine on an Android device.


      1.  99% of all PC users use google for search. Now go back to worshiping Steve Jobs.

        1. well if your going to bring salary in to this argument i think you’d easily see that money has nothing to do with wether people choose android over IOS as they bost cost ~200 on contract, it’s a pretty standard thing ya know. i also hope you enjoy making less money in your life than i will in mine, i guarantee i will be more wealthy than you. i’ll be making $150,000 as soon as i graduate with my bachelors, thats just to start, it’ll climb upwards pretty quick after that too so enjoy your less money than me life :) dick

          and yea, most people do use google, the second largets is BING and i guarantee a good portion of that is because IE default SE is BING….

          check out this link to educate yourself, google currently holds 81% as of january of Search engine use

        2. what are you trying to prove? what’s you’re point?
          don’t go all angry and CAPITALS on me, I just want to know.

        3.  wow that cultist really needs to be deprogrammed fast!

      2. is there ANY search engine built in to iPhone? no, all of them are available on android though. people use what they WANT to use, do you really think people with android are saying “man i’m so tired of using google search, i just wish i could switch to bing” if they are, guess what, THEY CAN. it’s not a crime to provide your services by default on YOUR operating system

        on Internet explorer, Bing is the default search provider and it’s near damn impossible to switch to google. is that an issue?

    3. By the same logic the only thing Apple cares is about “forcing” consumers to buy a new iDevice (or two or three..) every year and music/movie/apps from their shop, they do not care about bringing new features (you know, like Siri) on older phones, about bugs, costumer service, etc

      “But Psykhe, wouldn’t that cause people to stop eventually buying products from them?”

      Now that I think about that, yes, you are right, such a behavior would eventually cause that.
      So I guess if you want to keep people using ones devices and software you actually need to care to some extend about your customers and fix things they complain about or you will loose them. Independently if your name is “Apple” or “Google”.

      tl’dr: Your logic is stupid. You might want to …. rethink it *ba-dam tush*

      1. No you idiot. Apple sells hardware. Google sells ads. Apple will do whatever they can do to sell hardware. Google will do whatever they can do to sell ads. That doesn’t make one more evil than the other. But if you want to know who actually considers design, UI, and how a customer actually USES their product, Apple is way ahead of Google. 

        1. pretty sure the only way google will sell ads is to provide a pleseant OS experience people will enjoy, this gives them just as much incentive to make a good OS, if not MORE since its the only aspect they are directly in charge of.

           your just jelly that android outsells IOS aren’t ya. i mean it makes sense, you finally got your notification pull down bar from android 3 years later… maybe one day you’ll have widgets and live wallpapers, but i wouldn’t expect them anytime soon. atleast you got the ability to change your wallpaper to a picture of your choice and not just a black background. that must have been a nice present.


      2. And you must be the biggest idiot in the world if you think Apple doesn’t care about customer service. They’re world renowned for it. The fact that I can walk into an apple store and get any problem fixed immediately is way better than Google SHUTTING DOWN COMPLAINT FORUMS FOR ANDROID. 

        Absolutely pathetic.

        1. apple doesn’t care what you want, you can’t argue that. they have good support for what they provide yes, but it’s what they don’t provide that is what is desired. Siri could easily work on older phones yet it doesn’t because they use it as a selling point to force people to upgrade who otherwise wouldn’t. 

          1. mmmmm you too? you only get half an upgrade on your iPhones, you never get the full feature “new” IOS and you never will. 

            at least for android there is a strong dev community and rooting is even supported by OEM’s, sure it voids warranty (so it does on iPhone as well) but at least OEM’s provide root, i sure as hell don’t see apple doing that, i also don’t see a dev community near as talented offering near as many choices for android. again, enjoy your feature phone :)

            your trolls are not successful here, you may want to practice before coming back

      3. Thats why more people buy Android phones instead of an Iphone which basically hasn’t changed for 4 years. its a heavy brick with a tiny screen which Samsung makes for them anyway lmfao

    4. It asks you which search engine you want to make default when you start the phone. They don’t make you use any Google product other than Gmail and that’s to tie your account to so you can sync contacts emails and pictures easily between phones. 

      1. Dude, I could bet you a million dollars not even .5% of Android users are using Bing or Yahoo over Google to search on their phones. And who do you think sells the ads for all the free games you download and play on your phone. GOOGLE.


        1. Because they don’t want to use Bing. Google isn’t forcing them to use any search engine as you claimed.

        2. i would never use bing or yahoo… their results are complete crap. %99.5 of people (according to you) use google as their search because it is the best option, hands down. bing will never compare to google. google gives ME results i am looking for, bing find websites that use the words i searched for

        3. on their app store, that’s true. they’re a business what do you expect? 
          However, if you want you can change to a different app store or have a different mobile advertisement provider or a different search engine. People don’t though

        4. so you’re close, 94% use Google on Android. 81% (in the past year) use Google overall.Though 88% use Google on iOS.that’s not much difference, so it doesn’t really matter

    5.  hmm so how do you explain how I was able to get Amazon app store on my phone without rooting?

    6. Troll more son, you haven’t gotten it down yet.

      1. dude go troll somewhere else your arguments are ambiguous 

  7. You would think with all of his money he could afford to get his teeth whitened

    1. Yeah, but why should he care? Does he have to please you or anyone else with his appearance in order to do his job or live a happy life? No, so why the F*** does anyone care what he looks like?

  8. rethinkpossible should change his name to ‘doesn’t think’. Google does NOT force anyone to use it’s browser, even on it’s own android os. It is still a matter of personal choice. Google does not even force android users to buy apps from it’s own market. It does however continue to develop and refine the os. What it does not do is force the handset manufacturers to update their old phone to the new os once it has been released. Apple, on the other hand are absolute control freaks. They have no desire to allow iphone or ipad users the choice of where they want to buy a song, movie or ebook from. As far as they are concerned. everthing must be bought through the istore. Thankfully, it has competition from a company who believes that users should have these choices.

  9. Just let him and lames like him believe hes right his opinion isnt gonna change he specifically came here to get phandroids all wound up and fighting with him he obviously has no friends to talk to on his iphone, facebook, twitter, instagram, postit, google +, (no probably doesnt have a G+), yearbook, eharmony,, forums,blogs, at school, work,bars, libraries, apple stores, malls, walmart, target, radioshack, ok i think my points been reached let this lonley individual troll (or goblin thats the new one im starting) from his ipad,iphone,ipod, whatever generation it may be while hes still looking at the same outdated grid of apps on whichever one he decides to pick up off of his computer stand where he lives to goblin (see im using it)

    1. Did you forget to renew your meds?

  10. Man Google needs to help GROOM THIS GUY SERIOUSLY. I mean look at HIS TEETH DAMN

  11. To Chris Chaves and the guy talking about iPhone, Apple fanboys in that other article…..

    Read thru the comments now….THIS is what I’m talking about when I say Android fans normally get started up after some iPhone, Apple fanboys throws the first stone…

    …..I commend everyone who didnt stoop to his level…..

  12. That rethinkpossible guy is a total TOOL. Just sayin. Go burn your retina staring at that miniscule screen. Plain simplicity is this. Apple ios gives you a phone and says this is how you use it…Android os gives you a phone and says use it how you want. Add in faster processors bigger screens lighter weight and the ability to run ANYTHING and it makes sense why Android owns market share. TRUTH. Keep rockin out with your girl phone

  13. I think steve jobs would roll over n his grave if he knew one of his isheep was on phandroid…….wondering if he took his iron fist to the grave

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