Nokia Lumia devices not generating sales in Europe, say carriers; Would be doing better with Android


The Finnish company Nokia seems to be getting rounds of disapproval from major European carriers. According to Reuters, carriers are not satisfied with the Windows Phone 7-based Lumia line’s presence due to low sales.

They cite lack of adequate marketing by Nokia, glitchy devices, and more as reasons why “no one comes into the store and asks for a Windows Phone,” as told by an executive at one of these carriers. That same executive says Nokia could sell a lot more Lumia devices if they’d gone with Android instead of Windows Phone.

It’s a bad problem for Nokia to have. They’re already losing ground in the market share battle in their main market of Europe at a rapid pace, and they’re next to irrelevant in North America.

With Symbian being phased out they’re going to have to do something to make sure that their deal with Microsoft will eventually prove fruitful. Otherwise, they’ll look like a bunch of Finnish boys peeing their pants in the winter before too long. You guys think Nokia would be in this position at this point if they had originally gone with Android?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Did this really come as a surprise to anyone?

    1. Nobody wants windows phones? Shocking.

  2. That’s only what we’ve been saying all along. But Nokia has never listened, and instead kept mocking Android. Oh well. They deserve whatever is coming at them now.

    1. I been saying RIM should also become an android OEM.  Make a blackberry skin, and maintain bbm/keyboards/email push/security, but have access to android goodies.  

      1. RIM has even more fail going for them then Nokia.  RIM owned the business smartphone market.  It was theirs to lose but they clinged to their stupid proprietary messaging server software and refused to open it up for general use by non RIM products.  The result is FAIL on an epic scale. Then after it was too late they decided they should let blackberrys run Google Apps.

        So dumb.  Making the same mistakes as Microsoft figuring they could dictate terms to the free market.

        These executives get paid millions to make these dumb decisions.  I would work for far less and make much better decisions.

  3. No way. I’d love to buy Nokia with Android :)

  4. It’s extremely obvious to everyone except Nokia’s “Microsoft grown” CEO that Android would have been better for them, even if they went Android/WP7.  I love Nokia hardware and wouldn’t think twice to snatch up one of these if it was running ICS.  That being said, I will eventually give WP7 a try and whe I do, I’d more likely buy Nokia than any other brand.

    WP7 feels slick and responsive, but I hate the way it looks, and the UI’s inefficient use of screen real estate is also a problem for me.


    1. At least Microsoft did the best job they could at making sure they didn’t “borrow” any design elements from a competitors UI.  With that being said I think the metro UI is ugly, and forcing OEM’s to stick with a single core processor, and extremely low resolutions on such large screens is a horrible idea.  I’d totally consider a Lumia 900 if it ran ICS, and came with beefier specs.

      1. Yeah lucky they didn’t borrow ui like ios did with the notifications menu hey?

        1. to be fair, i would say about 60% of android is “borrowed” from iOS, and about 40% of iOS5 is borrowed from android…..and there are lawsuits all over the place caused by this… 

          1. This is probably the fairest assessment I have seen about Android copying iOS.

            Most iPhone and Apple fanboys call it a copy cat cuz of the icons and home screen layout. I remind ppl icons and home screen layout doesnt make up the entire OS.

            Before Honeycomb and ICS…the settings areas of both Android and iOS were totally different. With the two Android versions I mentioned adding sliders in the settings…it got a lil closer to iOS style.

            Still….Android isnt a total copy of iOS.

        2. The notifications menu is hardly the reason why people by ANY device regardless of the OS.  I’m not going to debate Android VS. iOS because we all know the original Android prototypes looked like a Blackberry(with HTC hardware) until the release of the first iPhone.  I’m just saying that Microsoft with WP7 at least tried to make the UI fundamentally different, even if Metro is a fairly ugly one.  With that being said Nokia was paid billions by MS to support WP7, and their CEO is an EX MS employee.  If he was a good business person though, he would have gone Android instead because that is where the money is in the long run.

          1. That is not true. If you look for the video on you tube (the one with Larry Page) the first phone they show is  one with hardware keys, but halfway through they show one which is all touchscreen. I’ll get you the link if you can’t find it.

          2. You do know manufactures associated with Android  might still have….prototype…or dev phones that look Blackberrish?


            Texas Instruments still uses one. They demoed the OMAP 4 on one. Like Rev House said …halfway thru that youtube clip there was a phone with all touch screen.

            We cant assume just because the Android prototype or dev phone looked like that …that was their only direction.

            Android was about choice from the beginning.

            About them borrowing…if it aint broke…

            I will give Microsoft credit for the UI on WP7. So far it just isnt translating into better sales.

          3. Chris you need to brush up on your history and not just take that dribble that apple spreads around as truth. Have a read of this


            There is a video from Google showing a touchscreen android device back in 2007. This device is demoed from the 3min mark, for a whole 2 1/2 minutes! *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FJHYqE0RDg&feature=player_detailpage#t=251s *

      2. Yeah, it’s a good thing Microsoft didn’t borrow icons and fundamental GUI from Apple like they did in 1987 & forward… we all know how THAT worked out :P

        1. That is a different story for a different day, and I wasn’t trying to start a flame war, and stray too far from the topic at hand.  

          1. And what design elements has Android borrowed from iOS?

      3. Bill Gates killed Netscape and everyone suffered as a result. We could have had a web 2.0 / OS-transparent experience long before it finally came along. Microsoft deserves no loyalty or benefit of any doubt singularly because of their past behavior.

        Steve Jobs said that great artists steal. Then he wined about google copying “his idea” (which has popped up in science fiction numerous times.) Everyone in the arts knows that mimicry is unavoidable. It is the human condition. The current legal view on copyright being a US government guaranteed monopoly (oligopoly) is perverted from its origins, intent, and purpose. 

        Stop defending the indefensible.

        1. Steve Jobs also said they were shameless in copying other companies in that same quote.  People often forget about that part but it sums up their hypocrisy as a company.

  5. Talk about shooting yourself in the mouth.

  6. In further news…The sky is blue and water is wet.
    Nokia and RIM are like two speeding trains…Heading towards each other on the same track. As for me, I’ve got a nice spot picked out to watch the results.

  7. After seen the Lumia 900 in my hands I’m not impress with their hardware. They feel cheap. Both Microsoft and Nokia should up their game at a faster pace. When I see something like my Galaxy Nexus or my iPhone I will give Windows Phone a try.


    —->Nokia u suck.

  9. design is nice but in the end its still a windows phone . windows is crap just like black berry . ive never had simbian so idk

    1. Are you insane? Windows Phone is the most enjoyable and user-friendly OS there is. What’s your issue with it? Comparing it to BlackBerry is a disgrace.

      1. “..the most enjoyable and user-friendly OS there is.” Did you really just say that?

      2. Can you customize the UI… you know, get rid of the BUTT UGLY tiles??

        If not, then it is NOT the most enjoyable OR user-friendly OS out there.

      3. Oliver, Tiles are UGLY

      4. And let’s not forget how the entire OS is overly based upon font work.  There’s a place for that, and it’s not on a phone.

      5.  Most user friendly…by making the entire home screen a widget?

        I will tell you about user firendly: depending on what you are used to comfortable with…it might not be so user friendly. The mighty iPhone and iOS…that so many ppl claim is so easy to use, intuitive….had me and my kids mother irritated. We both used Android phones for 2 years before trying an iPhone, her iPhone.

        User friendly depends on some things…is a matter of perspective.

        The live tiles….are nothing more than widgets. I know Microsoft knows about widgets, I had them on my Omnia 1, old Win Mo. I guess they wanted to be original with the Tiles…good job on originality. Doesnt necessarily mean its better or easier.

        After using Android…I need more than 1 home screen. Put enough apps and things on the live tiles…and you might as well call it an app drawer.

  10. Wanted to kill open source?
    want part of android revenue?
    patenting the monopoly in desktop?
    suck this Micri$oft you are a good partner kilker!

  11. I’m going to say the same thing the day I read that Nokia chose windows over Android. Ha, HA ha, HA bag gag ha. Rolling in the floor lmfao!

    1. They grabbed for the $250million a quarter that MSFTs forked over. Still won’t save them. 

  12. If Android and Nokia/WP7 were playable characters in a Mortal Kombat game:

    *creepy Mortal Kombat announcer voice to Android:*

    Finnish him!

    1. I see what you did there! Lol

    2. lol, I remember playing mortal combat on sega when I was 4 or 5. I loved playing it but didn’t really know what was going on. It makes me laugh when these crazy liberals talk about how video games make kids violent.

  13. I’d absolutely buy an Nokia Android device ! It’s even sound cool !
    What are they thinking about?

    Switch to android before ruining the finish empire !

  14. Maybe they should give them away like they’re doing here in the States.   AT&T is making them free 

    1. at least in the u most phones on contract are free, well accept the iphone 

  15. (Real) Question: And what about windows 8?  This will change something ?

    1. My current hesitations for not buying a WP7.5 device now are…Will it be upgradable to 8.0?  How bogged down will my device be?  How long will it take for the upgrade?

  16. Nokia and RIM… Once giants of the mobile industry and are now becoming a footnote.  This is what happens when a Microsoft groomed CEO makes the decision to go all WP7 and drop Symbian.  Same goes with RIM.  Their former leadership and even current leadership is just hoping that BES keeps the interest of corporate customers.  Unfortunately iOS and Android integrate VERY well with Active Sync and Traveler for Lotus Domino as well.  Which means there is less of a need for BES in the enterprise. 

  17. In the short term, of course Nokia would have got better sales by going through the Android route, any fool can see that. The Lumia range was never going to be an instant hit because people are clearly too stubborn about which OS they have, they refuse or are too afraid to try Windows Phone. They think, because it’s Microsoft, it must be rubbish. Well customer satisfaction doesn’t lie; just look at the customer reviews of the new Lumia 900 phones on Amazon.com and compare them with other ones. They aren’t just praising their new phones, they’re praising the OS and how well they work together.

    1. You mean the OS that doesn’t let you have separate volume levels for ring tones and media?

      Sounds terrific, yeah.

    2. This must be the only intelligent post from this article and I agree with it fully. 

      Anyway, Nokia had a hard decision. Do they choose a platform that’s growing fast but that’s dominated by arguably bigger players or opt for a smaller, less mature platform but without any player that seem dedicated to it? 

      I think they went with what would be best in the long term, Microsoft seemed flexible in allowing them extra control over WP7 whereas Google didn’t.

      If Nokia chose Android they would genuinely be ‘Just another Android OEM’ who has to differentiate using ‘Skins’ thus leading to slower updates etc. With WP7 they get to differentiate by actually adding value e.g. their Navigation while still being able to get updates out reasonably quickly. 

      The main problem is the hardware Microsoft allows WP7 is almost 2 generations old now, this needs to change. They should really allow dual core processors and higher resolution screens (Up to 720p). This would ultimately mean OEM’s can differentiate better on hardware and WP7 can compete with Android phones in terms of specs even if WP7 doesn’t need them to run smoothly (not suggesting Android is laggy here). And finally it could mean devs can build visually rich games. Microsoft touted Xbox Live but the games don’t seem quite average to be fair.

  18. Lumia + Android = Perfect

  19. Well if only I hadn’t seen this coming from 100,000,000 miles away…

    Face it. We ALL knew this would be a FAIL for Nokia. I still have yet to see a Nokia Windows phone in person.  I saw an HTC here and there, but that’s it.. and the Nokia hardware and specs are just never that impressive.

  20. I could of told them that. But NOKIA doesn’t listen to US THE CONSUMER. their paid MILLIONS of dollars from M$ who sues and hates Android just as much as Apple does. If NOKIA put Andorid OS in their phones I would BUY one in a second. I blame M$ for letting half the people that assemble the NOKIA HARDWARE now being manufactured in CHINA it won’t be FINN made anymore but Chinese made. It’s sad to see NOKIA loosing stock and having a slow sales

  21. I’m still loving my Lumia 710.  I do not miss the freezes ups of android and the weeking master resets. 

    1. Erm, are you lost?

      1. lol…. literally and figuratively.

      2. Nope.  Not lost at all.  Just stating how I prefer WP over Android anyday.  Are u lost?  I still have an android phone so I still cruise the site for the latest and greatest.

  22. My friend bought a Windows phone on T-Mobile. Ever since he played with my Galaxy Nexus, all I’ve heard him talk about is wanting a Galaxy S 2. Lol.

    I hate his phone. I gave it a fair shot but I just could not bring myself to actually have an enjoyable experience. I dont remember what exactly it is but its an HTC something.

  23. I have always bought Nexus phones (starting with HTC ADP1, Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus), but I would certainly buy an Android based Nokia phone.
    I will avoid any Windows or M$ OS based machine, because their past anti-consumer politics is unforgivable, no more chances for the next 100 years, drag all the companies you want with you, I won’t touch tainted M$ products.

  24. multiple cores are stupid remember?

  25. How long until someone gets Android on some of these Nokia devices?  (HP Touchpad anyone?)

  26. Epic fail!

  27. Nokia could’ve sold LOTS of Android phones!

  28. If they make high end phones to compete with iphone and higher end phones to compete with android then maybe.

  29. Meanwhile there’s an article about Windows Phone capturing 7% of the market in Norway.  It said it was also the first time since a list of top-selling phones was published that the iPhone was not at the top: “…It is believed the fall of the iPhone from the top spot was due to
    market share stolen by the Nokia Lumia 800, clearly a real competitor it

    Another article earlier reported that the Lumia 800 was outselling the iPhone for Netherland’s largest carrier for several weeks.

    Yeah, nobody wants a Windows Phone.

    1. Yes, clearly what is happening in Norway will dictate what happens in the rest of the world….lol.  News flash, the war is over.  Microsoft already lost.  I guess you are still in denial or something.

      1. I guess the difference between this article and the others is that the other articles showing the Lumias doing well were based on actual sales figures, whereas this one is … well … not.

        It’s funny that I’ve seen a bunch of articles claiming that the Lumias aren’t doing well in Europe, yet none of them talk about numbers, just some quotes from random executives.  And they always quote the guy who says, “…”No one comes into the store and asks for a Windows phone…”, which is apparently not true.

  30. It will smother HTC’s Ones if using Android…

  31. To think that the executives of that company get paid millions to make these stupid decisions.  I said it when I first heard it and now I can say I was right.  Nokia going with Windows was the kiss of death for them.

  32. They should’ve just stuck by their symbian/meego OS and developed it go be a killer android IOS competitor. It had potential and was more engaging than windows phone i felt.

  33. If Nokia had gone with android I would have been first in line. Nokia hardware with android software is something I’m sure most of us dream about. ICS on an N8, N9, or Lumia 900 anyone? Or how about the N900 as well? All of those would have been great.

  34. yeah they should just put android on it

  35. I think it may better with Android… but I think will soon killed by Samsung and Sony. Nokia should be creative and represent North European design look and feel. Lumia is great and require a all new experience. partnering with MS is benefit to both and consumer as well. If you like Android then use it. If you like WP then use it. 

    I myself used Lumia 800 for 2 months. I am very happy with that at least it looks cool and different from other phone. 

  36. Solution was to upgrade Symbian, which is by far the BEST OS. But Elop kills the cow , very funny

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