Buying a Sprint Galaxy Nexus? [Poll]


Sprint has finally announced availability details for the Galaxy Nexus, and we’re curious: are you buying? Much of the world, including those of us in America on Verizon, have had the device since late 2011, some as early as November. It’s no secret that the device is already a bit outdated but we know there are some of you who will sacrifice the latest and greatest for stock Android 4.0.

Of course, we understand those of you who were waiting on the device might have already set eyes on the HTC EVO 4G LTE, and although it won’t be out until late May at the earliest, it’ll still be streets ahead (bonus points for getting the reference) of the device. So let’s hear it in the poll and comments section below.

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  1. With the GS3 right around the corner, why bother.

    1. no! its not! they still have not even ANNOUNCED IT! them ANNOUNCING IT is right around the corner. which means it will be out in Europe in about 3 months, and come to sprint in september at the EARLIEST! thats 6 mo. away (1/4 of the way through a contract). now the EVOLTE is right around the corner….

      1. ^This

        I’m going to keep riding my OG Evo as long as it will last. If it can hold out until October (which is when I believe Sprint will actually get the SGIII), then great. But if not, it’s good to know I can hop into any Sprint store and walk out with a GNex.

        The EVO LTE looks too much like a WoW gaming laptop.

        1.  I don’t get all the criticism about the appearance of the EVOLTE. It looks a lot like the OG EVO, but with a bit more flair. It’s sleek, sexy, and everything the EVO 3D should have been. It is easily the true successor of the OG EVO.

          1. “…but with a bit more flair.” This is precisely the problem. I don’t want flair on my phone. If flair is your thing, then get a Kraken case. With a simple design (see One X) they could appease both you AND me and sell a lot more phones. You could add a Flava-Flav case (or whatever floats your boat) to distinguish yourself, and I could rock the phone naked and not be embarrassed by its cheap, high-gloss “flair.”

          2. If appearances is your thing, you are sounding pretty feminine. I mean no disrespect, but it’s the truth. It’s a piece of electronics. Who gives a shit what it looks like as long as it does what it’s advertised to, plus some?

          3. @NYCHitman1:disqus  I’m going to assume that you dont’ buy a car based on it’s looks then because well that would be feminine, right?  

          4. What does a car and a cell phone have to do with each other? Nothing, which makes your point irrelevant. Get back on topic, kthx.

          5. But to answer your question: I buy my vehicles based on performance, pricing, mileage, etc.. waaaaaay before looks ever come into play. Personally, I don’t give a rats anus about how something appears as long as it does what it is supposed to do.

          6. LOL @ Flava-Flav!

          7. yes, the plain as could be One X is sooo much better….. also funny that you call the glossy top cheap, when it’s actually very high quality. but what would I know, I’m not a trolling tool.

        2. I lyk your thinking. Had I still been on Tmo, I’d be rocking the G2 waiting for a G3. LoL!! Where are the Qwerty phones?

      2. Even when they announce it, if you live in the US, right around the corner means atleast 6 months.

      3. They are doing an Apple like launch. Meaning its going to launch world-wide within a short time after the announcement.

    2.  Yeah it will be most likely only gonna come out during the Christmas season..

  2. Needs to be an option for “I jumped ship to Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus because Sprint took too long and their network was awful.”

    1.  No issues here, but that network argument is getting old – pretty quick. I’m curious what VZW customers/fanboys will say when the network issues are gone. Hopefully something a bit more clever.

      1. Sprint is Sprint.  They are the Walmart of the mobile industry.   The promise low prices but provide crappy service.    Hopefully Sprint fanboys can come up with something more clever than knocking Verizon.

        1. You don’t and won’t hear any knocks from me. I commend what Verizon has done. My only issue with them is that they cost too much (plus tiered data for non-grandfathered customers). Eventually, they will run out of spectrum – and then what?

        2. I have Sprint and have had 0 problems with it. In fact, Sprint’s 3G tends to be faster than Verizon’s in Chicago. I have nothing against Verizon. But the people I know that have Verizon always wonder why they pay  more for less. It seems everywhere else in the country Verizon is faster and then makes sense.

        3. defending Verizon makes you look like an idiot. they overcharge you for limited service then decide that if you want a high end phone you have to pay an extra $100 (making it $300 on contract) all while ensuring that they muck up any amazing phone that comes their way. there isn’t one single cell provider in the US that is in any way good. you just have to choose the least sh***y of them.

      2. we will let you know what other clever phrase we come up with in 10 years, when their network is actually up and running.

      3. Regardless if Spring resolves their network issues, Verizon still has MUCH more coverage, with 3G, and as for 4G, Sprint has next to nothing while Verizon is on track to soak all their current 3G markets in 4G LTE goodness by 2013. Nearly all of the East Coast already has it.

        1. “nearly all of the East Coast already has it”

          sounds like somebody doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Nearly all of the East Coast is without LTE.

          1. What are you talking about? AJA0 is absolutely right.  Sounds like somebody doesn’t know which way is East.

      4. I wouldn’t mind going to Sprint except they don’t like Detroit.  We don’t even have WiMax even though Sprint kept promising it would come soon for the least several years.  We were one of the first Verizon LTE cities.  LTE is not what it is cracked up to be.  Yes, you get some great download and update times, but your battery life is crap.  Only Motorola got LTE right with the RAZR Maxx. I wish I would have gotten the unlocked version and stayed with T-Mobile. Their 4G is plenty fast (not as fast as VZW) and battery life is not an issue.

        1. I think that will be constant (poor battery life) until the technology advances a bit. Hopefully, Qualcomm is on the right track by having multiple radios built on the die.

    2. Lmao so did I although I now have the razr maxx because of battery life….

    3. Yup. Or jumped ship to an unlocked Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile =p

      1. I wish I went for the unlocked one on T-Mobile.  I went for the VZW Galaxy Nexus and I am lucky to get 10 hours of battery life (with the extended battery) with light to medium usage.  I know someone with the unlocked version and they get almost 2 days of battery without charging.

        Could bad LTE reception use more battery life?

        1. Definately, try turning lte off for the day and be amazed

      2. i shold have got the unlocked and stayed with simple mobile $135/month bill is killing me and its not unlimited anything besides texting. i wish the unlocked would have supported 42mbps hspa+

      3. I really wanted to wait it out on Sprint since my contract was up in June, but their service just kept getting worse in my area. The choice to leave was a tough one, mostly because my bill on Verizon jumped around $40, but the service is excellent, and 4G is available in my area. With Sprint, there was no telling when we’d see LTE here, and if it would actually hold a connection to my phone.

      4.  Yup or jumed ship on the unlocked galaxy note on Staight Talk :))

  3. The biggest draw back right now is to jump off the 4G (albeit sinking) network to go to LTE that does not exist in the area yet. I will stick with my EVO 4G until LTE is in the area.

  4. There’s always going to be a better phone around the corner. I don’t want HTC’s EVO next phone because I don’t like the design…and no I don’t want to slap a case on it, the phone is already big as it is.

    I’m thinking of leaving Tmobile for sprints unlimited internet because I’m tired of being throttled down. I’m just afraid of Sprints 3G speeds and hoping LTE will be launch very soon in NYC.

    I’m still on the fence about getting the Nexus G and swithing networks.

    1.  I don’t anticipate NV/LTE launching in NYC until late Fall or early Winter.

    2. “I don’t want HTC’s EVO next phone because I don’t like the design”

      You sound just like a girl… A girl with a mohawk…

  5. GS III or Galaxy Nexus?…Hard decision for me at this point, my itchy clicky finger is dying for me to purchase the nexus at full price. Im literally fighting to stay off the sprint site and purchase it. Ive got an upgrade ready to go but im holding off, and the option of no removable storage on the Nexus is a gigantic problem for me. SO more of a dilemma of impatience and spec requirements. I wish they had a 32GB version then i would jump on a nexus. This non removable storage situation is gonna put the consumer in a harder point of decision. I really need this SG III to be a knockout phone and its availability stateside to be quick.

    1. The nexus is 32gb….

      1. thanks man. did not realize that….i thought it was the exact storage capacity of the VZW version

        1. The VZW version is 32GB… :) 

          Lol. It’s the GSM version I believe that is 16

  6. Switched from Sprint to VZW for my Nexus in December. Not looking back.

  7. I’m going to ride out my contract (June or July) and see what’s on the horizon then.

  8. It’s unfortunate because the phone should have been released ages ago, but that VZW exclusivity deal really put a damper on the rest of the US carriers. In any event, I’m sure it would be a great phone, but I prefer going with the newer stuff.

    1. Having Nexus phones be exclusive is really annoying me.  It is obviously possible these days to come up with a hardware design that is capable of running on any of the 4 US carriers (possibly with a firmware upgrade). If Apple can do it (though the iPhone 4s doesn’t run on T-mobile, it supports two CDMA networks and one GSM, the other GSM wouldn’t have been hard – they just didn’t get an agreement with T-mobile I suppose), Google should be able to also.  Step it up already.

      1. Agreed. Well said DP.

  9. Im not buying it but i hope i win it from the datastorm sweeps. I plan on buying either he evo or gs3

  10. It’s a shame that to the casual users who don’t know any better Sprint will be pushing these to them claiming that it’s a “new” Nexus device when it’s already been out for 6 months elsewhere. Google really dropped the ball on this one. Already bad enough the old Nexus just got ICS what… last week? Smh.  Oh well I left them for VZW anyway.  I do miss unlimited data but I barely used it anyway on their wack ass network.  I didn’t even last my whole contract with them.  I was data roaming too much and they said I either need to stop or go somewhere else… Nice options Sprint… Smh…

  11. There should be an option for “Sprint? HAHAHAHAHA”  I might take a look at the phone when it gets to AT&T.

    1.  When’s that? Has AT&T ever had a Nexus?

      1. This site, and another android site keep posting rumors that the Nexus is coming to AT&T, they always state its from a reliable source.

  12. Is the sprint version really 1.5ghz? And an upgraded 544power vr gpu?

    1.  No its not… idk why it says  1.5 ghz here, it may be one of those “rumored” poster specs… It’s the same cruddy 1.2 ghz processor..

      1. Cruddy? Really?

      2. really?

  13. I want it! Its really not an upgrade over my Epic Touch and I have no clue as to when Sprint LTE will be in my area I just want what’s new (at least on my carrier)

  14. Looks like sprint finally put the correct phone in their ad.

  15. So…? Where are the Qwerty phones? I’m SICK and TIRED of pressing “b” and “v” when I type. I’m tired of having to slowly type when I’m going to a website to make sure I type it correctly. I’m tired of hitting random symbols instead of space bar. No amount of software can fix my horrible touch screen issue. LoL!!

    I would go to Verizon for the Droid serious, but I’m in college and obviously can’t afford that…yet. LoL!!

    1. I feel your pain… While I love my Epic Touch, I miss my keyboard.

  16. Too late my friend

  17. Need an option for “No, I am waiting for the Galaxy Note to show up on Sprint.”

  18. pre-ordered yesterday. upgraded from my nexus S 4G. been rockin ICS on it since Jan so ive been able to hold on. 
    newer isnt always better IMHO…if the SGSIII is really all its hyped up to be ill prolly grab it off contract around xmas, that should be enough time for the bug to be worked out via XDA, cuz we know sammy aint go update it til qtr1 of 2013 but then again that’ll be around the time ill be runnin leaked Jellybean roms on the G-nexus…

  19. Nope holding out for the HTC one x (evo LTE)

  20. Beyond pure google why would anybody want this phone……sgslll and galaxy note both stand head and shoulders above this hardware

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