ASUS Padfone, Transformer Pad Infinity, and Pad 300 Priced and Dated For Europe


At an Italian event known as Milan Design Week 2012, ASUS showed off a few of the year’s most lustworthy Android devices — the ASUS Padfone, Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700T), and Transformer Pad 300. All three were on display at ASUS’s exhibit with pricing and a rough launch given for Italy (which should remain the same throughout Europe as well).

The ASUS Padfone will of course, carry the highest price tag with both the price for the phone and tablet dock (“Padfone Station”) together coming in at €700. The CES “Most Innovative” award winning device will be available in late May with an LTE version slated for September, according to ASUS. The keyboard dock will be sold separately for €150.

The ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity (or T-Prime HD, as I like to call it) will arrive on June 10th, costing €600 for 64GB of storage and will be WiFi only. The optional keyboard dock should carry the same €150 pricing.

As for the ASUS Transformer Pad 300, the more affordable tablet will be available in mid-May. The WiFi-only version will sell for €400, with the 3G version going for €500. Both will come with 32GB of internal storage.

ASUS is coming in hot for 2012. We can only hope a US release will soon follow these Italian dates. For some reason, I just can’t imagine we’re going to see the Padfone arriving stateside on too many carriers with the device more than likely being made available unlocked and compatible with AT&T. Out of all 3 of these tablets, which one do you see yourselves picking up?

[Via Unwired View | Notebook Italia]


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  1. The pad phone would be nice.

  2. The infinity for sure. Why waste time and effort on the 300?

    1. To save $200? Not worth it?

      1. And many, myself included, would rather not spend $200+ for a higher res you will barely notice and 2 hours less battery life.

    2. To save over $250, that’s why.

  3. I 2nd Chad’s comment. The Pad Infinity is just so unignorable to pass up.

  4. Any news + price about 3G/LTE version of the Infinity ?

  5. PADFONE, PADFONE, PADFONE!!!!! I want one! :) That is a GREAT idea and I hope more manufactures follow that set up! :)

  6. I’d love the PadPhone, but I doubt it’s coming to Verizon.  :-(

    1. Doubtful.  I feel your pain, brother.

  7. Ouch, 600 euros for the infinity without the dock… The 300 series is looking a lot better value bang for buck. Even still…£450 pounds equivalent for the 300 with the dock is still not exactly affordable. Would have liked to see the whole package come in at < £400. 

  8. The Padfone concept is dope.  I luv that device.

  9. Drooling over the Infinity. Just need to get the money together!

  10. Hurry up n bring the Padfone to NA.

  11. is this including or excluding VAT and at whose rate? big difference

  12. €600 for the tablet only?  What the what?!  If they are trying to help me decide between the infinity and the 300, that certainly might push me towards the latter.  :-/

    1. Tegra 3 and full HD 1920X1080p, and Full Metal Unibody with slightly more ports….. $200.00……… eh……….. Infinity for me. On sale.

  13. If the phone part of the Padfone comes out on Verizon for $200 or less and I can convince the gf I’ll get myself and her one of them and we can share the Tablet and Keyboard parts. (assuming the “Station” costs less then just buying a tablet for us to share)

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