T-Mobile Plans For New Company Image – Drops Carly’s Pink Dress For Some Leather [Video]


I have a confession. I have a huge crush on Carly Foulkes. In case you were unawares, she just so happens to be “the girl in the pink dress” behind just about all of T-Mobile’s commercials since 2010. In her latest teaser video, Carly has taken off her sweet, wholesome pink dress and slipped into something a little more… leather, as T-Mobile readies for the launch of the HTC One S.

Apparently, the new “good girl, gone bad” image is part of T-Mobile’s newest efforts to re-brand themselves this year and stand out from the pack. According to T-Mobile’s senior VP Peter DeLuca, “We really can’t wait until the end of the year to make some noise in the market.”

Seems T-Mobile will be betting big on the HTC One S, as they plan to invest $200 million to boost advertising spending. The One S will be one of the first devices to receive a good portion of this spending seeing how T-Mobile is one of the few US carriers to not offer the iPhone on their network. T-Mobile will no doubt highlight the One S’s superiority over the iPhone 4S — even attempting to lure diehard iOS users as they rollout their 3G network across their old 2G bands. Part of this marketing push will be a new “test drive” website where T-Mobile will showcase the speed of the devices they currently offer, over the competition.

DeLuca also went on to say, “We really want to set the record straight and say to the consumer they really should be taking a second look at T-Mobile.”

The new company re-branding and recent cutting of call center jobs to help alleviate costs (there’s even talk T-Mobile could be selling their US cell towers) seems more like a last ditch effort to save a sinking ship. As a current T-Mobile customer, I wish them the best. Can’t say I’d like living in a world where we only have 3 options for cellphone service… or one with no Carly.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Trying to copy the Verizon droid look

    1. Oh, you watched a 9 second teaser?
      Tell me about how it’s trying to copy Verizon.

      1.  you forgot the wonka pic.

        1. I got this brah :D

      2. lols. check link

      3.  come on…everyone else said droiiiiiid at the end of the video

        1.  all the tmo cry babies got upset.

  2. Go T-Mobile! I hope they earn enough profit to invest into a LTE network. I guess that will be up to the rest of America. That is if “we” ever want to see a LTE/ LTE-Advanced (the step after) network at T-Mobile’s prices!

    1. Theye already committed to lte o_O

  3. I’m…. I’m completely okay with this.

  4. T-mobile is better than people realize. At least where I live.  I hope they take things to the next level and somehow take over sprint as 3rd.

  5. One S won’t be enough to draw enough new customers in to save T-Mobile. 

    Selling towers doesn’t equal growth. 

    I may not like it but numbers don’t lie all three of the top carriers saw growth in new subscribers when adding the iPhone to their lineup. T-Mobile’s failure to work a deal with Apple has hurt them severely in the marketplace. At T-Mobile’s current pricing they would see iPhones fly out the doors. Chavez.. give up and join the empire. Big Red is waiting.. 

    1. Come up with a deal with the iPhone? More lyk let Apple run the show. You know with Sprint, you don’t get the same insurance plan with the iPhone as you do with other Sprint phones. So if you drop your phone in water, you don’t call Sprint Insurance, you call Apple. Good luck getting a replacement phone.

      I lyk how Tmo thinks. They’re not letting Apple get special benefits. 

      1. What’s wrong with letting Apple run the show? At least they get timely updates.

      2. Phone insurance is one of the biggest rip offs; you’re a sucker for thinking that “insurance” isn’t included in your bill

  6. Tmobile #ftw

  7. I live in Houston and definitely see the advantage of T-Mobile network and pricing. I’ve always been on verizon so I have unlimited data and love Verizon’s coverage but my friend has T-Mobile and he pays less and doesn’t have to toggle 4g like I do to get fast internet and doesn’t have to worry about lte battery drain. Hspa+ has its advantages right now

    1. Hey how fast and reliable is his T-Mo service? I may end up moving to Houston in the next year or so and am curious about the services there.

      1. T-Mobile in Houston was AWESOME!  I had if for 4 years and made the mistake of switching to AT&T and got raped.  There really is no comparison.  Price and coverage for Houston, TMoblie is the only game in town and speeds were great!  I was getting higher upload than my Dad’s home broadband on hdspa+… Definitely worth a look!

        1. Nice, I will definitely check it out if I move down there.

  8. Huh… I guess Chris does like women.

  9. Not that it matters to me, but will T-Mobile finally get the iPhone this year? All of the regional carriers have the opportunity to get it on April 20th.

  10. okay she is hot but until a cell provider hires “flo” to be in their commercial I am not switchin.

    1. Love me some Flo, too.

      1. You guys have to be joking

        1.  She is perfect.

  11. she’s hot! I wanna go riding w/her.

  12. Yes Alex…he does, and apparently shinny plain mannequin white ones ilol…had to say it Chris…on another note ihope this means T mobile is not going to close down in the US.

  13. This is why I lyk Tmo. They’r actually still working on their 2G and making it better. So that way when you go places, you will ALWAYS have at least 3G. I’m mad I have to travel with this family plan on Sprint. Unlimited is good when you get the data, but I still lyked Tmo better. Once I see the Galaxy Note on Tmo, I’m dropping Sprint. LoL!!

    I want a tabla-phone. Fit’s both my needs, but I don’t want to pay no outrages $500 for no AT&T version. LoL!!

    1.  2g who the hell wants slow ass edge speeds? You pay for what you get with sprint and tmo in most places.

      1. Um…? But in the article, they stated that Tmo was trying to put 3G over there 2G. Making 2G become 3G. What I was trying to say was that they will have a nationwide 3G. So you’d always get 2Mb speeds. 

        As I can see, I didn’t do a very good job of stating that. -_-

  14. “Carly has taken off her sweet, wholesome pink dress and…”

    That should’ve been the headline.

  15. She is so blah. I’m not sure what the appeal is supposed to be. She’s not ugly, but there’s nothing to her. Her body is non-descript…like she’s made out of toothpicks. Her skin is about as pale and pasty white as possible. And the pink dresses were totally unflattering and unattractive. She might as well be Flo.

    Also, T-Mo tried to get in bed with AT&T… so show me your friends and I’ll show you what you are….

    1. No, I don’t really want any cushion….I just don’t want to lay on a pile of sticks attached to a board. :)

    2. The fact that she isn’t super hot makes you feel that she could be your girlfriend.  That’s why people like her.  She’s the girl next door…

  16. Oh yes me likey Carly too. I don’t even know if I’m even allowed to say the things I wanna do to her… that’s like for another kind of website or something!  Videos are blocked at work so I can’t see it but either way I still need her in the dress… it’s part of the fantasy I have played out in my head :-)

  17. This appears to me pandering to younger men. That’s their prerogative, however I wish advertising focused on the merits of the service and cheap tricks like sex. I think this is a misstep on T-Mobile’s part and proof of the sad state of our society to think that this is effective 

  18. I want to marry Carly Foulkes… or at least get her alone in a room and do naughty things to her!

  19. You just had to bring up Flo. Now all I can think of is Flo, Carly, Me and champagne baby

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