Sprint Galaxy Nexus pre-orders go live, shipping April 22


With no semblance of an LTE network on a larger scale, Sprint is preparing a second April 22nd launch of a 4G device utilizing the network technology. Pre-orders have just gone live for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, priced at $199.99 on a two-year contract and looking to ship in April 22nd. The pre-order was announced via Sprint’s twitter feed.

Sprint will be pushing Google Wallet heavily with the Galaxy Nexus and is offering $50 worth of credit to anyone purchasing the phone by May 22nd. The Android 4.0 flagship device will be identical in specs to the LTE version released on Verizon.

[via Sprint | Thanks, Korey!]

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  1. I wonder if the Sprint GNex is going to sell well. I love me some AOSP, but I think I just may wait for the EVOLTE. I’m loving that SLCD2 display.

  2. Wow, $100 less than Verizon with the same on board storage? AND it has $50 worth of Google Wallet credit? Damn, haha. It’ll be interesting to see how Verizon handles this one.

    1. Dude.  it’s sprint… who cares.

      1.  Obvious troll is well.. obvious

      2. I have Verizon and work pays for my phone but if it was my own money I would go with Sprint. Not because I cant afford it but because It works just as good as Verizon in my area and everywhere I travel. I had Sprint for years before switching to Verizon and the differences are Verizon is more expensive and you can talk Sprint reps into giving you whatever you want. Verizon does have LTE here but I don’t use it enough to matter that much to me since I’m always near WiFi.

      3. Agreed, it’s like having a sports car but only allowed to go 30 mph.

        1. WOW ! I seen everyone dashing Sprint Network ! I had VZW, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, I use to drive a big truck cross the 48 state and Canada, I have not seen any different in the four carriers network. Except for one thing and I challenge everyone of you, you`ll never see this on other carriers, if you have no voice service on Sprint network, you`ll be able to use your network and your text message to send and receive, but on the other three carriers ” VZW, AT&T, T-Mobile” you`ll never be able to use your phone, until you go back on their networks. As the Sprint Speed, it`s working in my area as the VZW and T-Mobile. And I`m living in the hearts of VZW 4G LTE and T-Mobile 4G areas. So I don`t understand what kind of complain do you have..
           OH, I forgot one thing most of the complainers are a game players and video boy. So basically you are using 5% out of 100% of your full features of your phone… HUH NO WONDER. 

      4. My wallet…

    2. “Damn, haha. It’ll be interesting to see how Verizon handles this one.”I hardly think Verizon cares. Just 13 months ago, Verizon didn’t even have an LTE phone commercially available, now they have several, and LTE in well over 200 markets with no signs or plans of slowing down their expansion.
       I’m more interested to see how Sprint handles their LTE rollout. They’ve got potential, but they’d better take it a LOT more seriously than they did with WiMax if they plan on surviving the next few years. Not hating on Sprint, just sayin’.

      1. S4GRU. Sprint is going balls to the wall with their LTE roll out. LTE sites are already live in places across the country.

  3. Finally. To bad its gonna be outdated by the SGS3.

  4. I think I’ll wait for the next Nexus.

     If they make it a VZW exclusive again…….. a kitten will die for every exclusive phone sold.

    Google don’t kill kittens make the phone cross-carrier.

    1.  Meh, kittens. Who likes them anyways? Cats should be banned to the sewers lol.

      1. At least you would have company then.

  5. got mine. basically $150 for this is a great deal. Still NOT outdated. Just because something new is right around the corner doesn’t make this a bad phone.

  6. still no LTE to take advantage of this phone…  I’m stuck with my Wimaxx phone till they roll out LTE, cause I ain’t going back to 3g just to get a faster phone.

  7. I wonder if they are going to fix the call dropping/muting/distortions and weak signal issues for Sprint?

    I love the device but will these issues persist across carriers?

    1. I’m not aware of widespread issues with dropping, muting, and distorting- is there a lot of noise about those things?  I’ll give the detractors the weak signal thing in the interest of giving them something to cling to- but even that comes with the statement that it doesn’t seem to be nearly the issue many make it out to be.  I show fewer bars on this phone than I did on my Droid X, but call clarity and continuity haven’t suffered, so who cares?

      As for data, 4G seems to be fairly reliable for me- unless Verizon is having 4G fits.  I think I’ve only lost data a half dozen times or so with it not being due to a 4G outage.

      I’ve been on leaked 4.0.4 for about eight weeks now, and it’s probably made the radios at least slightly more stable.  For those teetering on the edge of reception, the latest Verizon update (whenever it materializes) will hopefully provide them a bit more consistency.

      1. I have had 4 of these phones.
        All have had muting/call dropping/distortion and it’s an issue acknowledged by Verizon but no patch has been released.

        It’s pretty well known and documented in Verizon’s own system, on their forums and on countless other Android forums.

        1. Interesting… that’s a pretty crappy situation.  I’m aware of someone that’s had three replacements now, one of which was for signal issues.  There’s a marked difference from handset to handset, apparently, and I blame that on Samsung rather than Verizon.  All of yours have been stock?

          Fortunately, most of those I know with this phone have had good luck with their original handset.

          That said, I can’t say I recall luck-of-the-draw being any better with the Droid X.  I know of a few people who had those replaced at least once for sporadic issues as well.  I’m becoming increasingly convinced that there’s just not a lot of consistency in handset builds these days, unfortunately.

  8. I like the phone but I’m not going back to 3G and theres no telling when Sprint will have a decent 4G network up. I’ll consider Sprint for my next phone but not this 2 year cycle.

  9. Even @ 150 bucks, I think ill wait. 3g on sprint has slowed down to a crawl…and its no telling when lte will be avalable in my city. On a side note does anybody know where you get the winner results of that datastorm game/contest sprint had?

    1.  Winner results could be had by mailing in a request after the contest ends, I’m sure. It’s usually not worth the hassle.

  10. Just pulled the trigger.  Getting it off contract but its a bit less painful since its only $550 instead of $650-700 Verizon wants.  Dont want to renew contract quite yet.

    1. If you have the money, why not?

      1. Not sure if I would be finishing out the life of it.

        1. $199 + your ETF would be the same or cheaper than the amount you just paid for this phone.

  11. I left Sprint for Verizon’s LTE.  Glad ‘cuz now I can actually hear sum streaming music at work where I had no Sprint bars at all, even tho how much is limited thanks to tiered data.  Oh well… can’t ever win…

  12. Anyone have any idea how much this phone will be off contract cause I’m locked in until 2013 since I got my EVO 3d on day 1 :(

    1.  Give it about a month, if you can wait patiently, and the phones should start popping up on eBay at less than retail prices. I picked up my E4GT off contract on ebay for $425 three weeks after it dropped. Retail was $500+ taxes.

    2. It`ll be $ 549.99. without agreement.

  13. Sprint has no existing or near future network to support this phone adequately.
    This and the iPhone are last ditch efforts to retain customers. I have
    the Sprint iPhone for work and it is atrocious. Slower than dial-up.

    It’s sad because it never used to be this way. Maybe if they charged more for their service their existing network wouldn’t have died on the vine.

    1.  Some of Sprints early LTE markets are near complete. I imagine within a month of these phones hitting the streets that one would be able to, if you’re in an early LTE city, get some LTE signal. The website “Sprint 4G Rollout Update” has already stated, with evidence, that 4G LTE was live in one market already, being tested.

    2. Except for Network Vision, that will include 3G upgrades via a complete backbone overhaul, yielding expected 3G speeds of 1 to 2 Mbps, instead of bottlenecking as it does now.

      Also, NV is going to have signigicant coverage for LTE this year, should be much better than the WiMax promises – it’s happening.

    3. You mean the Sprint that already has LTE sites live in places across the country? Perhaps you shouldn’t rant without knowing what you are talking about.

  14. I would really like to have a 32GB version of this…most definately a version I’d jump on.

  15. I’m leaving T-Mobile because of the slowdown after passing 5gigs. Unlimited internet is very important to me. I’m just worried about Sprint’s 3G speeds.

    Anyone know if the white version will be available?

    1. yea your dum. leaving 4g for 3g hahaha. get a 10gb plan.

      sprints “3g” is comparable to tmobiles “2g” 

      have fun buddy 

      1. Damn dude, was that really necessary?

        Anyhoo, don’t want to 10gig plan cuz I know ill go over that too. The most I’ve reached was 8+ gigs. I do a lot of streaming.

        Hopefully LTE will be launched in NYC soon. I still got time to think about it before I make the switch.

        1. WOW! 

          anyways, you’re looking pretty good in NYC. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/212-network-visionlte-deployment-running-list/

          Also, I’ve seen s4gru’s sponsor’s maps, and they’re already upgraded towers in NYC.. and more being added daily.

        2. I’m almost certain they’re working in the tri-state area right now.

      2. Ignorance at its finest…grow up sport.

    2. Sprint’s 3G is as slow as tmobile 2G, and I wish I was kidding

  16. WOOHOO! peordered.  gotta nexus s 4g currently. spotty wimax at best. wont be a big adjustment really. Im on 3g mostly anyway. just sux for video/downloading big apps in market but sufficient for email/data pulling apps like ebay/nba gametime hopefully lte will hit downtown chicago soon.

    1. Sprint’s LTE is already live in parts of Chicago.

  17. 3g in Dallas must be better than most cities. We will also be one of the first LTE cities, bring on sgs3

  18. Gross.

  19. So, will Sprint be selling accessories?  Will they sell the real car dock?  If so, I’ll be visiting a Sprint store sometime soon. 

  20. @firmbiz. You’re leaving Tmo for Sprint, Ha!!!! You’re downgrading dude. What’s the point of unlimited streaming if it has to buffer every other minute dumbass. Geesh get insome wi fi dude geesh.

    1. You`re right let firmbiz. use Wi-Fi  and get the speed he want and called faster service than Sprint ! Doesn’t make any sense, I`m wondering who`s the dumbass in this case.

  21. My prediction: Sprint will look forward to April 22nd thinking “big sales big sales big sales”. Meanwhile, all of the Android fans are going to put the purchase on hold until after the Galaxy S III announcement on the 3rd to see if it’s worth waiting for. Sprint will assume that their customers don’t value pure vanilla Android phones with minimal bloatware and will react by pushing highly skinned phones full of bloat and long OS upgrade schedules. 

    I really wish this would have launched on the network 5 months ago. sigh.

  22. Had this for a couple months. Traded it for a white galaxy S2, slapped on ics rom and never looked back. Its runs smoother on my gs2 ! I had to sell my nexus before a majority of phones have 4.0. It would then make this gnex basically useless. Thing ain’t nowhere near the power of Exynos even with custom roms and oc. Its basically the iPhone of the android world, highly anticipated but nothing special. New phones with 4.0 = useless galaxy nexus.

  23. I ordered mine!

  24. Does anyone know where to find the winning results of the Sprint data storm sweepstakes? Will the winners be posted somewhere? :-)

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