Android 4.0 Meizu MX Quad-core launching in June with Samsung Exynos CPU


Meizu has an update to their MX flagship slated for release in China and Hong Kong this summer. The Meizu MX Quad-core will utilize a Samsung Exynos chipset. As the phone’s name suggests it will be the new quad-core Exynos platform that Samsung should also be deploying in their upcoming Galaxy S III flagship, only Meizu has beaten them to the punch. The handset’s battery gets a bump from 1600mAh to 1700mAh. Otherwise, specs remain fairly similar to the previous version of the MX with a 4-inch 960×640 display and 8MP camera.

The Meizu MX Quad-core will ship with a customized version of Ice Cream Sandwich in June starting at ¥2,999 ($480) for the 16GB model. The original MX will see a price drop to ¥2,399  ($380).

[via Engadget]

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  1. oooo nice. its like that iPhone thing with Android ICS and actually good hardware! :)

    1.  I don’t see your point, many Android phones already have good hardware.

      1. I see his point. Id like to see iphone quality hardware and android os. If this were to come to the states Id probably get it.

        1. wtf ru guys smoking… sigh

  2. Too bad it will be expensive to import and it’s ugly. Looks way to much like a iPhone.

    1. Dude…. it’s not ugly.  How the hell is that ugly. Why anyone would buy this over the Galaxy S III tho, idk.

      1. everyone has there opinion :)

        1. he’s saying it’s ugly only cause it reminds him of the iphone. now if that’s not a baseless opinion, i don’t know what is.

      2. Ah, yes, that mythical Galaxy S3 that nobody has seen or even confirmed the specs on. Why would someone buy something that actually exists over that?

        1. Samsung Galaxy s III (GT-19300)
          Display(HD) Super AMOLED Plus (4.6)is equipped with. 720 * 1280 pixels per inch resolution, as it is about 316ppi.
          Operating system (OS) version 4.0 of Android (ICS, ice cream sandwiches)
          Magnetic Induction case without the need for a separate rear guided supports wireless charging. This approach is 1 ~ 2m away from the charger and the device is charging
          Camera 12MP and 1.3 front camera
          Processor Exynos 4412 Quad 1.5 based on cortex A9
          Weight 126 gram (131.3×63.7×8)Wi Fi NFC
          Battery 1750

          (According to the website “Digital Daily” Korea, the new phone will come the potential of stunning, using the latest technologies of high quality, which will allow users to charge the device wirelessly at a distance of two meters of it, so based on the principle of “induction magnetic – Magnetic Induction” according to the standards and principles have been tested by the “Association of Energy Wireless – Wireless Power Consortium”.

          The device will support the latest communication networks and technology include “LTE” fourth-generation network standard “4G”, next-generation networks, the third developer “HSPA +” fast data transfer rate up to 42 megabits per second.

          The networks “LTE” will be available in some countries, due to the different frequency, but that, according to previous sources, the Samsung will be integrated into her new chip “Soc”, an acronym for “System-on-a-chip” containing processor digital signals and analogue and mixed with radio waves and supports various frequencies.

          2 HD cameras
          With regard to the operating system, you will work within the system environment running the latest version of the Google operating system “Android 4.0”, known as the “Ice Cream Sandwich-ICS”, to support the user interface Samsung “TouchWiz”.

          The phone comes that holds code code (GT-19300) a display of the type of “super AMOLED HD Plus” measuring 4.6 inches, and at a resolution of 1280 × 720 Pescl, with a density of pixels in which 316 ppi “(the number of pixels per square inch).

          The device has a structure outside of a sleek design and attractive made of aluminum with a touch of Cristalin ceramic confer on the phone the aesthetic side of strength and durability, which is equipped with a background with a resolution 12-megapixel camera with flash “LED” and auto focus, able to take pictures and record HD video, and other 1.3-megapixel front.

          It is home built device processor Samsung known as the “Exynos 4412” quad cores at 1.5 GHz based on a chip “Kortx er 9”, and weighs phone 126 grams and its dimensions (131.3 × 63.7 × 8) mm, and supports technology “Wi-Fi”, and ” The FC “, and has a port,” USB 2.0 “, and the last” HDMI “, and has a battery voltage)

          1. Thank you for copying and pasting a bunch of unsubstantiated rumors.

          2. If history of Galaxy phones are any indication, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out most of it will come to fruition.

            ps – what i don’t see likely happening is the usb 2.0 ports as well as 1080p.  more than anything, i look forward to the design, quad core and wireless charging.  We’ll talk once again after may 3rd.

  3. Started off as a iPhone knock off and turned into something extremely different. Countless roms based of their OS layer.

    1. Does Meizu even release anything?. I swear their M8 was supposed to kill the iphone for like 3 years running. I keep hearing meizu this and meizu that but I have yet to see anything.

      I’m legitimately asking, not trying to fan a meizu conspiracy or anything.

  4. what size is the screen? 

  5.  why dont they release phones in various colors in america. its just not fair.

  6. While I’m a big fan of stock ICS, I’d jump on a Meizu UI port for my GS2 in an instant. Not just a theme, the whole thing. It looks so well polished. If the Meizu phones ever flop I hope they begin licensing out their UI to other manufacturers.

  7. That’s the phone that needs to come to the States!

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