The Tale Of An iPhone Fanboy Who Fell In Love With The Galaxy Note


You may remember a short time ago we gave you our thorough and incredibly comprehensive review on the Samsung Galaxy Note. Well, I was cruising by our sister site, iSource today, and an article caught my eye. Apparently, one of the writers on iSource decided to do the unthinkable and review the Samsung Galaxy Note. “I know exactly how this is going to turn out,” I thought to myself. “This guy is going to talk about how awful the Note is, and how it didn’t even hold a candle to the iPhone,” but boy was I wrong.

Turns out the writer, Brandon, really gave the Galaxy Note a fair shot, living with the device for a full week. To his credit, he not only provided valid points on the Note’s shortcomings, but also gave it praise when it was due. Mainly, the Note’s S Pen and size, the device’s killer features. Towards the end of his review, he actually talks about how he went back to the AT&T store to return the Note after a defect, and back to his beloved iPhone. No surprise there. It’s been often said that iPhone fanboys are blinded by their love for all things Apple.

But, in a stunning twist of events, after returning to his iPhone, Brandon discovered that the teeny, tiny little phone just didn’t cut it anymore. The Galaxy Note spoiled him with it’s huge 5.3-inch display (an entire iPhone — case and all — couldn’t even match it’s size) and handy stylus. He went back to the store once again, and switched back to the Galaxy Note. Bet you didn’t see that one coming, huh?

Now, I guess you could say Brandon isn’t a true “Android convert.” He simply fell in love with the Note’s hardware and will most likely be returning to iOS if/when Apple can slap a bigger screen on the iPhone. But after reading his review, I’m starting to wonder if maybe iOS fans don’t really “hate” Android at all. It seems, for the most part, they merely prefer iOS and some of its polish over Android. Something I’ve noticed lately is that when it comes to Android fans, more than often we’re the ones defined by our hatred of all things Apple/iOS and not necessarily our love of Android. Maybe, just maybe, if we put down the pitch forks and stop insulting iPhone users, simply encouraging them to give Android a try… Who knows. Maybe then we’d have more people who are actually willing to give Android a shot?

You can read about Brandon and his entire journey in a tale I like to call, “Sense and Sensibility” via the source link below.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. “…maybe iOS fans don’t really “hate” Android at all.”
    Have you forgotten your article about the instagram backlash from iOS users already? 

    1. Those were just, as my dad would say, “punk kids.” They don’t even know what they’re holding in their hands.. Just that it has an Apple on it. lol

      1. yea i got on instagram, there was some hate but not all iPhans attacked us, some even followed me lol + it helped having tony hawk on our side. EDIT : looks like their finally giving in to Android

        1. I just think its funny on instagram some kid with an iphone 3gs and ipod  touch calling me ghetto for having an android even if it is a nexus. if you have a near 3 year old model there is nothing wrong with that but you cant call people ghetto.

          1.  there was definitely a whiff of racism in those iphoneboy comments

      2. lol, fair enough. 

      3. Haha!  “punk kids”  Are you a brother from another mother :-)

      4. Not all of them.  One was a pretty established Hip Hop artist (Evidence).

    2. I use iOS, I do not hate Android, I am quite open to swapping at any time.  I started with iOS because it was the only thing around at the time but when the things I am looking for in Android show up, I will switch.

       I also do not think very highly of the iOS user’s reactions to Instagram.

      I read all kinds of tech blogs and honestly I see more animosity in the comments on sites like these than on Apple websites who just talk about the stuff they use and not what others use.

      A lot of people use iPhone because they don’t know any better, that is true and I have friends like this but some people genuinely believe it to be the better option.  And yes some of them don’t think very highly of Android phones for whatever reason (maybe all the hate towards them?) but on the whole that is a poor reflection of the community.

      1. uhh…. when ios first came out windows mobile, palm os, symbian, and blackberry os were all better than ios. they arent anymore but i thought it was worth noting.

        1. I don’t agree.  Yes they were out at the time but I wouldn’t say they were better.  I believe that iOS, Android and WP7 take quite a different approach towards the smartphone concept.  I had a Palm OS Sony Clie and sure, I could have been using WinMo and been a smartphone user for a decade now but there’s a reason why most people chose to make an Android, iOS or WP7 device their first smartphone.

          1. what about the helio ocean? that phone was way better than the iphone when it came out. if you were to compare the helio ocean with the first iphone. it would have beaten it.

          2. Or the Sidekick O_o

          3. Agreed!!!!! I played with the iphone but decided to stick with my helio until ios matured a little more but then android happened =). I had the helio ocean 1 and 2 and went on to the nexus one from there. Although sometimes buggy the helio oceans were AWESOME phones.

          4. The Ocean was a G!  I sooo wanted one when it came out! Lol

          5. ios couldnt even run third party apps when it first came out. im not saying it sucks now, its much better than most mobile os’s today.

        2. In my opinion, the iPhone redefined smartphones and while it had (and still has) limitations and flaws, it really changed the game. It wasn’t the first for much, if any, of the innovations but it brought together stylus-less touch, always-on networking, user-friendly UI (not in my opinion but clearly a lot of people find it intuitive), a good app store – it’s one of the most influential devices in memory and it’s responsible more than any other device for bringing smartphones to the non-geek market.

          I don’t like Apple and I’ve never owned an iPhone. I’ve owned several Android phones, and some pre-iPhone smartphones and the influence that the iPhone had over Android makes even my old HTC Hero a whole generation newer than my Nokia N95b.

          Since that first iPhone, it has only progressed in small increments and now Android has comfortably surpassed it, WP7.5 perhaps as well, and all of them influence the others to some extent – Android most of all.

          And for FWIW, some iOS users hate Android and that’s very silly. Some Android users hate iOS and that’s very silly. Most users of each have a healthy respect for good competing products and that’s very sensible.

        3. ha! i had palm os when iphone came out n it was NOT better by any means, i even went to webOS afterwards and had a blazing 15 apps to choose from,  I had to hack my phone so it was just slightly less laggy, and my battery would be dead by lunch.

          1. ios is one of the best now, but in the beginning it was not. you had a blazing 0 apps to choose from.

          2. yes, and in fact originally Apple indicated they considered not actually allowing third party apps on their beloved device at all!

          3. App store didn’t come about until a year after the iPhone, many people that didn’t have an iPhone that first year don’t seem to know or easily forget that.

          4. Even so, iphone with no apps was still better than my palm with no apps. I had the phone that invented lag coupled with a 5 hour idle battery life.

          5. there were a bazillion great Palm apps and only recently has google calendar really achieved the functionality of the best apps like DateBook6.
            it’s a tribute to how badly Palm screwed things up that they lost such a lead!

    3. Not to mention, I frequently visit iDownloadBlog and the level of ignorance and stupidity is off the charts in the comments section. Sure, there is lots of Apple bashing here over here on side Google, but trust me, it’s way crazier over there and to be honest, I find the flaws Android fanboys point out to be much more accurate and true than the ones Apple fanboys like to trumpet.

      1.  BATTERY LIFE HURRRDURRR That’s all I ever hear…..

  2. Sounds like he got “Samsunged”

  3. Nah, I will keep my pitchfork and torch ready. just in case. 

    1. Just in case… of the apocalypse? O_o

  4. Some reason you reminded me of southpark near the end. ;)

  5. Note. Verizon. Now.

    1. I wish, or at least the galaxy s3 when that is released, but knowing Verizon were going to get stuck with a Motorola phone  

  6. After many years of refusing to try anything apple I went ahead and got an iPad 2 the other day, and after going thru and trying out many other operating systems tablet wise, iOS does tablets well, I wish there were some widgets or card like in webOS but app wise… No one does it like them. My phone choice tho will most likely always be Android tho… Rooted of course

  7.  Good article, Chris.

  8. Nah, Apple fanboys mostly hate Android, it is not an illusion, look at the backlash when Android got Instagram

    1. The instasnobs does not represent all ios users.

      The whole hating game is not unique to apple, android camp calls all ios users isheep, sheeple, etc etc.

      1. I never said all, did I, when I read my comment over, I said “mostly” which, last time I checked, does not mean “ALL” YOU managed to say all though, I never did.

        You are correct about your second part though, many Android users are part of the hating camp.

        Note I said “many” which in my use has the same meaning as “mostly”

        Now please don’t go putting words in my mouth again….

      2. I don’t just call ios users iSheep – but ALL Apple product users – and I’ve done this for years – long before the iPhone was even released.
        I just don’t agree with paying a minimum of a 43% mark-up when there are more powerful, and usually better suited, bits of kit available for a hell of a lot less.I still use my Nokia on Symbian, have Android, and used to have a WinMobile phone – I have Win & Linux laptops – Win & Linux Desktops – Win, Linux, & Solaris servers.I believe in using what’s best for purpose and price – not 1 Apple product has fitted that bill for me to date.

        1.  I will agree about the mark up.

          Example….a Mac PC vs. a PC custom built by a site like CyberpowerPC. I would probably come out cheaper with a machine just as powerful or more powerful than that Mac.

        2. you sound like someone the article was talking about.  put down the pitch fork son.

      3.  The Apple snob phenomenon existed long before Android or the iphone. It all started with Guy Kawasaki’s mac evangeList campaign.

  9. Thats so true about screen size. All the people using iphones have never had the luxury of a big screen. Even a 4.3″ display is a huge difference. I cant see anyone gojng back to such a small screen after really getting used to something bigger,only way that will happen is they have really little girl hands and cant physically use the larger screen. Or they’re so blinded by their apple fandom and artsy fartsy baristing ways. (I may have just made up 3 words). But either way, some are so much in the belief that its better just because its apple, they will never see the light and will always be followers and never leaders.

    1.  Yea…my first Android phone was a Droid 1. I also got a Droid X1, Razr, Rezound, had a G Nex.

      I cant use a phone smaller than 4″ anymore. The screen real estate for web browsing, playing games, watching movies…too much to give up just to have the phone fit in my pocket a lil easier.

  10. No reason to hate apple really.

    They are not holding a gun to anyone’s head to force them to buy their product.

    If people are victims of marketing, that’s not apple’s fault.

    Android needs more polish and the app market really needs a lot more content (education, medical, govt, etc etc).

    Platform of choice for phone is android, due to its size differentiation.

    Platform of choice for tablet is still ios, due to the amount of content.

    If android want to dominate everywhere, content really needs more investment.

  11. It really seems like a lot of the middle aged or older people go for the iPhone more than others.

    1.  They must have pretty good eyes because I think even 3.7″ is too damn small.

  12. I couldn’t dissagree with you more, apple fanboys are constantly putting down android, not just simply saying they like apple better. Just because one person doesn’t go along that route doesn’t mean most fanboys don’t. Look at the instagram incident, tons of trash talking about Android.

  13. Nope, just tired of ifans who think Apple created everything and everyone else is just copy cats.  I honestly can’t remember there being such hatred towards other phone OS’ until Apple jumped in the market. 

    1. its mainly the sub 20 year olds that know nothing about pre iphone phones.

      Their ignorance at times along with their unbridled sense of entitlement from parents that told them that they could do anything they put their mind to are the bulk of the problems.

  14. Been saying it for awhile – iOS is a more polished UI, and far better than Android, while Android has the better specs.  If Android was as intuitive and easy to use as iOS, it would be game over for Apple

    1. Game over then.


      The idea that iOS is more intuitive is a myth….a flat out lie really. Prior to pull down notifications I don’t know how anyone could even consider iOS so be a serious mobile OS.

      1. There are a few more myths about the iPhone and iOS. And I figured that out before seeing this. That 2 part video was very enlightening….lol.

        Better is always gonna be a matter of opinion. I consider Android more intuitive. The fact that I picked it up alot easier than the iPhone….coming from Win Mo.

        Blue tooth settings being in Network and Wireless settings on Android…while its in General settings on the iPhone….which makes more sense?

        Maybe folks coming from Mac OS picked up iOS easier.

        Intuitive is a matter of perspective. It all depends on different things.

    2. I really don’t see that. When I look at an iPhone it doesn’t seem polished to me. The fact that Android isn’t just the app tray and has an actual desktop seems much more polished to me. And the seeming lack of intents in iOS is a super big let down. Sure the graphics on a stock iOS device may have a bit more flair, but any of the launcher replacements for Android can “fix” that is it’s such a big issue.

      1.  These are the type of comments that are so silly from Android folks.  You don’t see any polish to iOS at all?  Really? 

        Seriously guys, it’s perfectly okay to prefer Android to any OS available.  It’s a great OS.  But when you insist stuff like iOS has no value and is only popular due to marketing, the OS has no polish, and isn’t usable, etc you come across as bad as any fanboy you’d care to make fun of.  Even this article was schizophrenic in it’s logic.  If the guy who had written his Note review had returned to his iPhone, he’s just a blind fanboy.  Because he went back to the Note, he’s an enlightened, fair reviewer. 

        The iPhone is one of the best smartphones on the market.  This shouldn’t even be up for debate.  If you want to argue other devices are better, I can buy that.  I personally think the Galaxy S2 is the best device on the market as of right now, but I still use an iPhone because I think it’s *almost* as good and battery life.  Loved my S2 but battery life just blows.

        1. Really. And seriously, it’s ok to prefer iOS to Android, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree about the “polish” of a UI. Gingerbread seems pretty polished to me, and Ice Cream Sandwich even more so. I am in a position to recommend phones almost on a weekly basis, and I tell them all the same thing. It depends on:

          You carrier
          What phone you use now
          If you like it or hate it
          What you are used to
          What email system you use
          If it’s for work or pleasure
          What you expect out of your phone

          Depend on those I could recommend iOS, Android, BlackBerry, maybe even Windows Phone 7 (though that hasn’t happened yet…) Though, personally, I will find it hard to ever try a phone that doesn’t have widgets or intents, they’ve been so ingrained in what I expect from a Smart Phone.

          1.  If you can’t see polish in iOS, then yes I’d question your judgment, or at least your bias.  And I don’t think suggesting iOS is polished contains some backhanded remark that GB or ICS isn’t, so I’m not sure where you felt the need to bring up a comparison.  And actually, I’d argue that point anyway.  Gingerbread is polished depending on the handset in question and the skin (and even there personal preference plays a huge role, I happen to love TouchWiz, for instance).  ICS on its own is gorgeous, we’ll have to wait and see if HTC, Samsung, or Moto add anything to enhance or detract from it.

            I personally have found widgets to be incredibly overrated.  Outside of weather and toggles I’ve found that more times than not you click on an app to open it regardless of whether you have a widget for it.  I like the path Apple seems to be taking with widgets in allowing them in the drop down shade.  We’ll see if they open up that functionality to third party developers in the next OS.

          2. Not arguing, just clarifying – notification widgets are already allowed in Gingerbread. For example, Quick System Info Pro provides its cpu use widget in the notification pull-down, and you can access the app from that widget if you so choose.

            So, that functionality is already open to 3rd party Android developers.

            Thought that might interest you.

            As for widget utility, everyone’s mileage varies.

        2.  Don’t just ‘imagine’ the polish. Can you give specific examples?

    3. Until iOS4, the iPhone was just an app launcher that could make calls and browse the net.  It wasn’t until recently that it started to get options that Android has had for a long time.  When you dumb down the OS to that point, it’s no stretch to understand how it can be smoother and faster with less hardware requirements.  When Apple starts getting LTE their battery bragging rights are dead.  Recent reports show Siri is getting dumber as the servers can’t handle the mass of requests for information;  Siri is trying to get answers quicker to process the load so the accuracy has dropped considerably.  And biggest of all, 3.5″ screen is lame on every account.  I’ve said it before, Apple stays in their comfort zones too much but Android has pushed them to move faster so it’s going to be interesting to see if they can keep up with options.

  15. A lot of people I know who’ve used android phones would never go back to the iPhone.

    1. I’ve actually read a lot on sites like Reddit where iPhone users were swayed by Galaxy Note. I think that device is a true iPhone killer.. 

  16. I feel like it’s the opposite. I see lots of Android hate from iPhone users, but iPhone usually seems to get a fair shake from Android users.

    1. LOL you must not read the vitriolic rhetoric that some posters here will spew.

      1. The key is when is it spewed…..before or after some iPhone, Apple fanboy starts up.

        For the most part…its after not before.

        And I have NEVER seen anything to the level of that Instagram garbage from Android users. Only thing that could come close is all the digging at Apple about copying when iOS got the pull down notification shade  from Android, some things from Blackberry, etc.

        That said….all fanboyism is a disease…

      2. It pays to advertise, huh?

  17. I don’t have to put down the pitchfork to convert. I tell folks how I feel about iOS and then show them why in real world scenarios. While they are fiddling around with that grid of icons I get stuff done. They then understand what I mean.

  18. KUDOS to storm14k. That’s how you get it done

  19. Most often Iphone lovers simply dont know why they like the iphone.  Ive asked dozens of iphone users why they got the iphone and they all say; they dont know; they just thought it was the best.  In other words; they are all victims of Apple’s marketing.   Most of them have no clue what they are missing.

    1. They’re victims?
      I know this may be shocking but there are COUNTLESS products that people buy and stick with despite alternatives yet when it comes to Apple some Android fan babies can’t handle this simple reality.

      There is nothing wrong with using a product and sticking with it.

      1. Really?  Even when the reason to buy something is due to slick marketing rather than actual function?  I witnessed just a couple weeks ago a bunch of people in a store looking at IPAD demo units.  They were all asking if the demos were ipad 2’s or the new IPAD , cause they coulnt tell them apart.  As soon as the apple salesman told them they were the new ipads the people instantly had to have them.  It was quite humorous to observe.

        1. It’s all about the race to have the latest technology..lol

      2. I honestly believe is a matter of preference people. In the last 2month I have gone from a blackberry, to an Iphone, to an Android phone, back to an Iphone, now finally satisfy with my android phone and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else at the moment. The limitation on the Iphone that’s what kill it for me, enjoy everything else about it but I don’t like to be limited. That’s all, all about your personal preferences.

  20. Good job Chris, I don’t know if you will convince a lot of us about Apple but I’m with you that this hate needs to be turn around and show Apple users the advantage of Android. In the end you must used whats best for you…

    1. Indeed, good sir. =)

  21. See…

    For the most part iPhone and Android users prefer what they prefer. WP7 users prefer what they prefer. Its just that on every side….the fanboys somehow are supposed to represent all users.  

    I have been saying for the past few years…. I dont consider iPhone users sheep. They just want what they want. Same for Android users, same for anyone for the most part.

    With that said….majority of iPhone, Apple fanboys have been known to be snobbish for a looong time. before Android even came out. And think Apple created the world.

    Anyway…all fanboyism is a disease.

    1. True that. Seems like no matter what, it’s human nature for people to create this gang mentality on anything that can be used to possibly identify themselves with. 

      Whether it’s consoles, sports teams, OS’s, phones, or even the color of their skin. I’ve always loved consoles, not limited to Xbox/PS3. I love technology, not limited to just Android. And, I’ve always loved people, not limited to their race. =p

      1.  And I love tacos!

        1. I love tacos too! We should form a fan club! Burrito-eaters are lame! It’s all about tacos!

      2. Like both the PS3 and 360 the same…I dont play my Wii much but its amazingly easy to hack…Shhh!!!

        Like my sons 3DS…but I got a PS Vita last month.

        Redskins fan….all DC, MD, VA area teams. I’m a home team fan. But I do root for the underdogs. I rooted for the Saints, Giants, …and anybody that beats the Cowboys,….lol.

        Android lover….WP7 would be my next choice. I see why so many ppl like the iPhone.

        Windows fan. OS X reminds me too much of Linux. I used Linux before OS X so …I prefer Linux over OS X.

        Did I forget anything? oh …I prefer Altima over Maxima for the better gas mileage. But I like that Buick has alot of interior room. Or used to…dont really know now.

  22. I think it’s more them and not us. Android users are more plausible to know their stuff. I have used all 3 top OS’s. At the end of the day I chose Android and recommend it. If someone wants simplicity I recommend Windows phone as an option.

  23. Wow what a great istory…itell ya when iwent from g1 to Droid one…seeing Andriod on a bigger screen just did it for me. ihad no ilust at all when it came to ivs Android after seeing it on a bigger screen. To me…and ithink to most who would give Android a try on the new phones with the bigger screens would soon if not right away drop their iloves. Android just looks so good on big bright screens…cant deny it once you try it.

  24. iOS is a dictatorship. Android brought us a NEW WORLD ORDER of freedom!

  25. woot woot, 1+ for Android! lol

  26. I don’t really see how you can give the instagram fiasco a pass but then assume all android users are carrying pitchforks against Apple. Seems pretty obvious its a similar deal. Both fans of both operating systems have their extremists but both sides have people who aren’t up in arms against each other.

    I don’t get the idea behind the article at all.

    1. I posted that article on the iPhone Instagram users. And if you go back, you’ll notice that most of them were kids, most were girls, and most responded with “ewwwwwwwww”

      They were not true Apple/iOS fans at all. They just told mommy and daddy to buy them an iPhone because “it’s cool.” 

  27. I have switched from the HTC Desire to the Note and it’s the best decsion i have made, it’s a stunning phone. But i do wonder though in the long run if it’s actually a bad thing. I set the Desire up for my wife and the screen seemed tiny and i struggled hitting the tabs, something which never was a issue before, so does this mean i can never go back to a smaller screen? Has this now limited the choice of phones i will look at in the future? I hope not, but until then i’m going to love this beast of a phone! :)

  28. I used an iPhone 3GS for about a year before going to Verizon and getting the Galaxy Nexus.  There are things I prefer about my new phone, and things I preferred about iOS.  I love the screen size, customization (ROMS, other tweaks), and 4G on my GNex.  I preferred the battery life, app catalog, and ease of updating (lack of fragmentation) of my iPhone.  If there were only some way to merge the best of both worlds (and I don’t mean Windoze phones), I would buy in an instant.

    1. Fragmentation? Because of the choice in hardware, differences in the OS will always be there. There are 34 versions of Android, 28 versions of iOS. You have a Nexus, you won’t be affected by any of that. You were more fragmented on.the 3GS, than you will ever be on Android. It was missing key features of iOS 4…not to mention iOS 5.

      1. So you think fragmentation is an issue with iphone. Every iOS update is available to allcapable iphone right away. What about the waiting line of Android users waiting for their carries for ICS running an old OS on a relative new phone. I use Android but Google has a lot to fix in its great ecosystem.

        1. Google has nothing to fix. They make the OS, not the hardware. It has to be tweaked for the many types of hardware out there. Every iOS update is available to all phones when it is released. However, the wait to be released is just as long, and it is missing many features. The 3GS, which is still being “sold”, idoes not have all of the features of the 4, and the 4S. I won’t even get started on SIRI. There is no logical reason for it to not be available on at least the 4. Then,iOS updates mostly just include bug fixes, and missing features. Simple features, such as MMS, video recording, and faux mukti-tasking had to be added in an update over a year after the phone came out. The OS is largely unchanged since 2008. Android has constantly evolved.

          1. Google has nothing to fix, wow what kind of statement is that Im an Android user but you are a fanboy and statements like that dont bring nothing new to the table. You have a point that iOS features are kept for new hardware but at least they have an update and what left out is Siri just Siri and is not the greatest thing is marketing and thats all. I know a lot of people dont use it. So my point is that updates on Android sucks and not wanting to see that is nonsense. Lets see who waits longer for ICS.

          2. SIRI is not all of what is left out. The 3GS only has half the features from iOS 5. The point is, a lot of people may wait on ICS, but that means very little. They still have the same features, functionality, and apps.

          3. Siri is an iPhone 4S-only feature. It’s not part of iOS 5. Besides that, what else does the 3GS have missing? You don’t even know what you are talking about and you only garner the approval of people who don’t have facts on their side.

  29. … be careful, this is just the beginning. maybe social marketing. apple has told their fanbase  3.5″ is enough for years. Now apple knows, if they stick with 3.5 they are doomed. So apple has to bring up the feeling 4.x” or more is ok, but only ok if it is done with iOS. But we will see, if more articles like this (brandon`s) popping up, iphone5 is around the corner.

  30. Of course they don’t hate android, it’s difficult to hate an ecosystem that’s far superior to the product you’re currently using. Their main complaint has always been the lack of polish in the OS but after the release of ICS they got all the polish they had been asking for and more! Must of the android fan boys hate IOS because of it’s constriction, its lack of customization, and the ignorance that follows most of its user base. I know this post probably sounds a bit arrogant but hell its the truth.

    1. Nothing is superior to something if it meets your needs.
      I’ve been in android user now since the original g 1
      It’s like some of you take a phone so personally.

    2.  I think broken down to it’s simplest form I loathe ios because of the MAJORITY of its users, not all but MOST of them.
      Which is probably how they see us but if you like ios, like ios I don’t care. Some people still rock palms and love them. But please do not drink the kool-aid.

  31. I use an Ipad2 and a SGSll. Both OS operating systems are good and I am very happy with both products. I find Some of the Apps in the iOs environment have more functionality and there are more Apps. The biggest shortcoming of the iOs environment are the lack of an open file strucuture system accessible to all Apps. If the screen was bigger and Apple sold it to T-mobile customers I might try the next iPhone. But there is no way I am going to change my wireless provider if Apple can not be bothered to offer it for T-mobile customers. Tmo has more customers than cells phone users in Canada.

  32. Thank you for the awesome pop up ad, that floats around the screen, making it near impossible to cancel it out on my phone screen, and of course in the precess hovering over your other ads, so when i try to click the “X” to kill it, I instead do what you planned and hoped for and clicked one of your other ads.

    So, needless to say, my first visit to this site was less than pleasant or professionally civil. And I’m not particularly inclined to want to visit again, after having been assaulted by your advertisements. It’s a shame, because other than the deplorable advertising tactics put in place, the website looked really well put together and feature rich with content. But I won’t be sticking around to validate that assumption.

    1. Ya it sucks ass. More and more sites are utilizing these obnoxious ads

      1. Pop up ad? What pop up ad? Nothing AdBlock didn’t take care of.

  33. The iPhone has shitty hardware, but it sells a lot because it has a really good selection of high quality apps.

  34. Apple had clearly stated that they’re not putting a big screen on a phone. So you can scratch that. LoL!!

  35. LostInMobile’s regular contributor Gavin, a real Apple fan, tried a Galaxy Note and fell in love with it.

  36. It really is hard to dismiss the feeling you get after using a phone with a big screen and then going back down.  I am a Note user and before that the Galaxy SII which both had bigger screens than my brothers MyTouch and when I pick his phone up it just feels too small.  It’s hard to explain but it’s a very real feeling.  I now have a case with my credit card and stuff in with my phone now.  It’s just like a big wallet for me and I don’t see a need of ever going to a smaller phone again…

  37. I really like Android what I don’t like is not being able to use Adobe Flash Player on my Samsung Galaxy Mini or my Tablet Viewpad 7 because they use versions 2.3 and 2.2 That should be fixed

  38. I had a iPhone 4S and now I’ve got a Note. First time I saw it on Tv I just thought about Galaxy S2, plastic design, and I just passed, but then I tested it from a friend and I just got wondered by its screen.

    I decided to buy the Note and sell the iPhone 4S (and before the 4S, I got an iPhone, before that, I came from an HTC Magic). I left Android with a bad taste from the Magic, as It went slow, the battery didn’t lasted 12h, and overall I was even unable to call without an error screen. But the Note hardware makes it move Android as fast as the iPhone, and I would say even faster in internet browsing and few more things.

    Another thing that amazed myself was the camera, I was scared about leaving the 4S camera which is amazing, but I got amazed when I took the first Note photo, almost the same quality of the 4S. Even more, I just tried Vlingo and it’s more powerfull than Siri!! far away!! First of all I’m spanish and Siri doesn’t support that language yet, but Vlingo does. It won’t tell you your device is the best of the world, but It will surprise yourself as it catches perfectly all things you say.

    I’m really happy with the Note. Now when I pick up an iPhone seems really small!

    PS: I use the Note more as tablet than a phone, as I almost never call. I mainly use messaging and internet services so  Note fits my needs perfectly as the big screen allows you to navigate in a confortable way, but if you call a lot it may be a little bit disturbing.

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