Apr 13th, 2012

You may remember a short time ago we gave you our thorough and incredibly comprehensive review on the Samsung Galaxy Note. Well, I was cruising by our sister site, iSource today, and an article caught my eye. Apparently, one of the writers on iSource decided to do the unthinkable and review the Samsung Galaxy Note. “I know exactly how this is going to turn out,” I thought to myself. “This guy is going to talk about how awful the Note is, and how it didn’t even hold a candle to the iPhone,” but boy was I wrong.

Turns out the writer, Brandon, really gave the Galaxy Note a fair shot, living with the device for a full week. To his credit, he not only provided valid points on the Note’s shortcomings, but also gave it praise when it was due. Mainly, the Note’s S Pen and size, the device’s killer features. Towards the end of his review, he actually talks about how he went back to the AT&T store to return the Note after a defect, and back to his beloved iPhone. No surprise there. It’s been often said that iPhone fanboys are blinded by their love for all things Apple.

But, in a stunning twist of events, after returning to his iPhone, Brandon discovered that the teeny, tiny little phone just didn’t cut it anymore. The Galaxy Note spoiled him with it’s huge 5.3-inch display (an entire iPhone — case and all — couldn’t even match it’s size) and handy stylus. He went back to the store once again, and switched back to the Galaxy Note. Bet you didn’t see that one coming, huh?

Now, I guess you could say Brandon isn’t a true “Android convert.” He simply fell in love with the Note’s hardware and will most likely be returning to iOS if/when Apple can slap a bigger screen on the iPhone. But after reading his review, I’m starting to wonder if maybe iOS fans don’t really “hate” Android at all. It seems, for the most part, they merely prefer iOS and some of its polish over Android. Something I’ve noticed lately is that when it comes to Android fans, more than often we’re the ones defined by our hatred of all things Apple/iOS and not necessarily our love of Android. Maybe, just maybe, if we put down the pitch forks and stop insulting iPhone users, simply encouraging them to give Android a try… Who knows. Maybe then we’d have more people who are actually willing to give Android a shot?

You can read about Brandon and his entire journey in a tale I like to call, “Sense and Sensibility” via the source link below.


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