HTC One X power management flaw discovered, unofficial fix boosts battery life by 10 to 20 percent


Before shipping their latest flagship device, it makes sense that HTC would have checked and double-checked that the phone’s power management systems were up to snuff. The handset’s quad-core processor and big HD display predictably test the limits of its non-removable 1800mAh battery, but as things often go some final software tweaks were overlooked resulting in battery life that came up short of its potential. Leave it to the developer of a homebrew One X ROM to discover the discrepancy.

A misplaced APK is the culprit, and it’s been robbing users of 10 to 20 percent extra battery life. A fix has been made available for users ready to take the dive, but the process does require a bit of technical know-how. It is likely that HTC will push an update to the One X that should address the issue, so those not wishing to root their device should be able to take advantage of improve power management in the future. When that might happen is anyone’s guess.

[via Engadget]

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  1. As always, early adopters pay the price

    1. It’s still got some pretty hefty battery life. The new fix is just going to make battery that much better.

      1. Exactly. From what I’ve read and pics seen posted…..if it has battery issues now…wow…..its gonna be even better with this fix.

        I’m am so looking forward to a Tegra 3 phone now, thanks to battery life reports of the One X.

  2. Honestly, 1800mah is pitiful. If you’re gonna build in a battery so it cant be taken out, at least try to compete with other phones. My year + old atrix has a 1800mah battery. Of course, its enough for 2 days. With HTC phones, I bet its about enough for half a day.

    1. Why read and comment on an article you have no stake in and slag off a phone you don’t actually own?

      I do actually own a One X and the Battery life is absolutely fine at the moment, the stand by time is incredible actually, better than any handset I’ve owned. After a week of ownership If I only use it for light web use I can get 80% + battery at the end of the day (I tested it out of interest), presumably because of the low power 5th core in the Tegra 3.
      Intensive use such as HD videos and graphically intensive games can eat up the battery life a fair bit but not a huge amount more than any other handset I’ve owned with a large screen and if the problem highlighted above improves it that much then there really will be no issues with it.

      Tech specs on paper, benchmarks and so on only tell half the story, you actually have to try things out for yourself (or at least do plenty of research if you can’t) to get the full picture. Something you and many others would do well to remember before you have a go at something you have no experience of again.

      1. Yeah things can get fixed but hardware? No it can. This could be fixed.with probably a software update. What I’m more concerned is the screen build issue where its weak around the edgeds so ifif you push hard enough you can be in contact with the screen itself.
        That you can’t fix. Before someone goes around saying why would you push that hard remember on my other phones I cannot even if I do try hard enough. And obviously with time and usage wear & tear it will get weaker….
        Htc may use good? Materials but their overall quality has been rubbish. Light leaks battery door creaks…I’m not surprised anymore and as an ex-htc user. These kinda reports have nailed my decision against one X this summer.

        1. The so called “screen issue” is simply not an issue at all, you have to push pretty hard in a place that you never press hard on to get the screen to flex even slightly and it has little to no real effect on the handset when you do.
          I can almost guarantee that it will have no lasting effects as its something that people will only do once after reading a report about it and will pretty much never do again.
          It won’t effect 99.9% if not 100% of users and the build quality of the handset is easily the best of any I’ve had so far.

      2. Oh no you di’int just say you get 80% after using Web. On the E4GT, if I use web lightly, I’m guaranteed to be at 80% just from the web itself. LoL!! Though my standby is 2 days.

        I lyk that. This is changing my thoughts now. I forgot about the cores doing work as well. Maybe a 1800mA battery is alright in “this” phone. At 1st I was in that other person’s boat. The whole “non-removables should be larger”. Hmm…

  3. Glad to hear this for One X users. I’m hoping this is handled before the EVO LTE comes out. 

  4. The same thing happened to the DInc and the TBolt.  Horrendous battery issues and they never fixed them.  Have fun with this phone HTC fans.  

    1. Its battery power is actually about average at the moment (best I’ve ever owned in standby time though), and the coming fix should improve it to good, if not very good so to call it horrendous is completely untrue and shows a complete lack of knowledge of the actual phone.

      1. Right on the dot! Standby time is amazing… In fact, it’s actually comparable to the earlier “pre-historic” pre smartphone era of devices imho… 

    2. What does Apple have to do with anything? He said the two phones, both of which were HTC, that he has used had horrible battery life. Why is it that I see this argument so often: “Apple has problems too!” when nobody is even talking about Apple? And why is it that a person stating something is bad is automatically a troll. The word troll has become a word synonymous with disagreement. “I don’t agree with what this guy has to say. I am going to call him a troll”.

      So please, stop trolling. :rollseyes:

      1. Agreed, nonsense deleted.

  5. No manufacturers properly optimize the battery life for reasons that are beyond me. There are custom kernels available for almost every modern android device (requires root of course) that gain significant battery life by undervolting & underclocking the CPU while in standby. Why these very simple yet effective tactics don’t seem to be making it into any of the stock kernels is crazy, especially considering battery life is the Achilles heal of virtually all smartphones.

  6. What a disappointing, rushed-to-market mess this phone turned out to be.  I wonder what they’ll find wrong with it tomorrow.

    1. lol its not even in the US market yet, by the time it gets here, the bugs should be worked out. Maybe you live in Asia or Europe, though… in which case i can understand your concern. 

      1. That’s not the problem here its the attitude and commitment to their so called flagship phone. Htc are known for poor build quality. To me this is just the norm.

    2. Its a superb phone with superb build quality, it has very minor software and battery niggles that most phones tend to have when they’re first released including Apples supposedly bullet proof phones, and it looks like they’ll be fixed in no time.
      Take it from someone who actually owns the phone and has owned many of the top handsets, its THE phone to own at the moment bar none.

  7. Well, it’s a awesome phone, no doubt, batt issues are prominent though.. I swapped my wife’s device twice to rectify this.. the first one didn’t switch on, the second, could not charge past 40%, third seems to be doing fine but obviously she lost “heart” coming from the user friendly ios and facing these challenges.. I swapped mine once, but it was not that big a deal..Batt just went too fast and phone was constantly over heated… A “hot” phone in the pants pocket can feel…well.. New one has a habit of not recognizing the sim card though.. sighz… The specs rock but usability of the phone is questionable.. I’m in the life insurance biz, needless to say, I really need to be contactable 24/7.. Worst part was missing my clients call when he had to admit his son into the hospital, needed urgent info but I wasn’t reachable due to sim card error..

    I belief the bugs will be fixed soon with updates.. As with all new toys, this one has a way to go before it lives up to the hype.. 

    Would I revert to my previous os though? Very very unlikely… Besides these challenges, everything else about the phone simply makes me feel that One X is the start point of very interesting phones to come.. as always, pushing new limits will bring to surface new challenges.. Please work on it HTC… I really like this phone!

    1. In response to the following statement:

      “I’m in the life insurance biz, needless to say, I really need to be
      contactable 24/7.. Worst part was missing my clients call when he had to
      admit his son into the hospital, needed urgent info but
      I wasn’t reachable due to sim card error..”

      I really don’t mean to be rude, but if you rely so heavily on your phone that you absolutely NEED it to work 100% of the time without exception why would you be an early adopter of a brand new device? The thing hasn;t even been out a month. It seems to me like the responsible thing would be to keep the device you KNOW works until you can look into the newer device a bit.

      FWIW this isn’t a defense of the device. Fact is, once it makes it to market, it SHOULD just work. In this day and age, with as complex as these devices are, that is not the case, more often than not.

      1. No worries.. Actually I agree with you.. I should have picked up something a little older and time tested..Thing is, I was naive enough to think it would work just fine, at least at the basic stuff.. oh well.. 

  8. Screen
    What will they find wrong with it 2moro?

  9. … i really like android and i really love the community, they always show how things should be done. kudos to xda-devs, kudos tomike1986.  

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