HTC One S Dummy Units Arrive At T-Mobile Stores – Impending Launch Is Impending


T-Mobile has been awfully quiet regarding the release date for HTC One S. As we wait around for an official date from T-Mobile, a few of their retail stores are getting ready for the launch with dummy units arriving in stores today. Typically speaking, once stores begin receiving dummy units, a device’s release is about a week or two away.

With T-Mobile and HTC”s launch party next week, we’d imagine a date will finally be given at that time. Anyone looking to pick up the One S on launch day?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Ugly back color 

    1. It comes in a gradient metallic grey back color and a matte black color.  

  2. Actually yes.
    Can’t believe I’m saying this, but after reading reviews of the S and X, I realize the majority of reviewers and comments prefer the S.
    So there it is. I guess, I’m going dual core instead of quad.

    1. No one’s reviewed the US version of the One X, which is supposed to have a dual core S4 Snapdragon.

    2. The One S is better than the One X.  The One X will be slower, bigger, heavier, worse battery life, and not as nice looking.  The only advantage the One X has is the screen quailty.  But, it’s really trivial unless they’re side by side.

  3. “Impending Launch is Impending”
    … really now?

      1. Magotes.

  4. T-Mobile should of picked up the One X, and now because of their choice I am going to have to wait for what the GSIII will have to offer =/

    1.  By the time T-Mobile gets the GS3 is probably the end of 2012, lol

    2. The One S is basically the One X with a slightly different display.  Some, like myself, would arue that the One S is better than the One X.

  5. One X is coming to T-Mob, just after the One S. All carriers are waiting for the S3

    1. Sorry, but tmobile is NOT getting the One X.

  6. What carriers get the One X?

    1. AT&T and Sprint for now. We’ll have to see who else get’s one.. 

      HTC is probably busy redesigning the One X to look different for Verizon and T-Mobile..

  7. Ok Frank, you are probably “correct”.
    According to my info, of course anything can happen, it will appear in a renamed manner. It should technically be the One X though. Something carriers enjoy doing for some reason. Vibrant, Captivate, etc.

  8. If it is impending, it is due to be released at any moment. If its “impending release is impending”, that means it will become impending at any moment, thus is slightly less impending now than if it was already impending. I’m just glad they didn’t say its “impending release was imminent.” Now THAT would have been confusing.

    1. Ooooh… If T-Mobile doesn’t give a launch date by my next article, I’ll use that one :D

  9. Do you think other android phones fear the One X? Like when bender did in Futurama.

  10. Thank you Chris C. Appreciate the corroboration.
    On a side note. Do you also agree with the One S compared to the S 2? My only worry is the lack of SD. The reviews and bench tests have been stellar though. Note: I am asking because I will want the best T-Mo unit on the Mothers Day deal.

  11. I’d prefer the one x …. on to the next then

    1. I’d prefer the One S. Better looking, better size, lighter, and speed is basically a wash (with the bonus of possibly better battery life). The screen quality is really the only thing a little off from the One X, but still plenty good.

  12. And THAT Tim, is why I am almost 100% that I am getting the One S.
    Good analysis man. Mirrors most of what I’ve read.

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