Sony Xperia SmartWatch Already on Sale for $118 in the US [Deals]


Sony’s Xperia SmartWatch has only been available for one day and it’s already being offered at a pretty decent discount. Expansys USA is offering the little device for $118 compared to the $150 MSRP Sony’s asking for. Over 60 apps can be used on the device which connects to your Android devices via Bluetooth, including Facebook, Gmail, and more. Head to Expansys if you want to get this great discount before it evaporates.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I like the concept, and it sounds useful.. But I am just one of those people, who have had enough bad experiences over the years, that I no longer buy watches.. and the various watches given to me since I quit buying them, are in a drawer unused.. Wouldn’t matter if this was $12 or $1200, I’d only get a month or two at most before I rendered it useless somehow.. digital, gears, touchscreen, makes no difference. I’ve accepted that I am just not a watch person.

    1. I’m kinda in the same boat.  I have a watch, but it sits in a drawer doing nothing.  I only take it out when I go swimming.  And even then… if my phone was water proof, I’d probably just bring that instead.  =)

      1. Use your phone while swimming….real smart…

        1. Well, he/she did say “if my phone was water proof”.

          1. Even then, real smart. Just as smart as people who carry their iPhones on a run. 

          2. or people who carry their iphones with out a protective case, that phone should be advertised with a hard case, cause there’s no way in hell you would want to risk it lol 

    2. If you have a $1200 watch in your drawer not being used, you can hit me up I’ll take it off your hands.  I am a watch guy.

    3. Just give me all your watches then.  I’ll take ’em.

  2. Read the CNET review and stopped reading as soon as I saw that the screen gets washed out outside.

    1. E-ink might be a better bet for this type of device.

      1. Yea, but E-ink also starst fading over time depending on frame rates

        1. It does?  Hmm, well I can’t imagine it’d be THAT big a deal with a watch.  [shrug]

          1. I guess but they can easily make the display more readable outside by using a darker tinted glass on top of the LCD panel 

  3. It’s silly to me how every time a watch, any watch, gets posted somewhere, people come on and talk about how they don’t use watches anymore. Let’s face it, if you are under 20, you probably never even owned a watch in your life because cell phones were ubiquitous by the time you learned how to read time or had a need to check it. But believe it or not, there are a lot of people who do wear watches AND *gasp* own smart phones as well. Now if you want to debate the merits of this particular watch, which is pretty unique, that’s fair. But why comment “I don’t need a watch, I use my iPhone” every single time the word “watch’ is mentioned?

    1. Why did you say iPhone rather than phone? This kind of thing annoys the crap out of me. Especially on an Android devoted blog…

  4. Only works with certain phones…

  5. Has anyone answered the “Does it have GPS?” question yet?  Is there a list of compatible (non-sony) phones.  I think that I would be really into this sort of thing if it has GPS and is compatible with the SGSII Epic4GTouch

    Oh and is it water proof? or at least water resistant? EDIT: “splash proof” according to CNET

    1. So far its only compatible with Sony handsets, but their planning on releasing the pairing app in the play store to support any device running 2.1 +, and it uses the gps from your phone, this watch connects to your phone using Bluetooth to send info back and forth between your handsets. also its not waterproof, splash-proof yea but pretty much every device is splash-proof lol 

      1. Where did you read that? It’s supposed to be compatible with any phone that will run that app that is already on Play.

        1. lol on Sony’s website, on the Smart-watch page they have a Comparability tab and only the Xperia phones are listed, they also have a video explaining how it works and stuff an how to set it up, the guy introducing the watch says its going to be compatible with any device that’s running 2.1 + and can be downloaded from the play store  

          1. The app is already available and the Sony Mobile site lists a bunch of compatible devices. 

  6. this site is a scam i tried it can’t reach customer service

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