Is This the Samsung Galaxy S III? Doubtful…


I know it seems like we ask this question every other week, but we still have to question every single rumor. The image you see above is reported to be the Samsung Galaxy S III.

It looks like an ordinary Galaxy S device, except you can see that it has an Ice Cream Sandwich launcher. The pic would lead one to believe that the device is larger than even Sprint’s Galaxy S II, but notice the middle button on the bottom – I don’t think Samsung would dare make it that large.

They didn’t for the Galaxy Note, so why would they do it here? It looks ugly and uncomfortable, and it just doesn’t look real. I could be wrong, but I’m willing to bet that this isn’t the device we were looking for. What’s your take on it? [Opda.pl via BGR]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Is it just me or is the app drawer crooked…

    1. It definitely appears to be crooked.

    2. Looks crooked to me. Bad edit.

    3. Well the phone is sorta tilted slightly, so the that app draw would be along with it. But I’m sure whoever masked the app draw used a photo editing program that pixelated the app draw in a perfect square/rectangle.. so that illusion might be created by the that fact.

      another words, the phone is tilted, but the pixelated area isn’t. Kinda hard to explain, easier to visual if you can ;p

    4. Appears to be crooked… but the pixelation blur is horizontal, likely making it appear crooked, since that blur is level with the borders of the pic.

    5. Yes, It must be photoshoped Note.

    6. cmon you’re and editor for a reason.  To edit shit like this out of here.  WTF.  I am skeptical of your tech knowledge  Mr Quentyn Kennemer.

  2. Said it elsewhere and I’ll say it here, this is blaaaaaand.

  3. i was thinking the same thing.. the blue line is off!

  4. Why would you even post this? It’s obviously fake. Everything is off center!

  5. Its real.  Its probably a real prototype or test unit.

    1. i agree, didnt they just release an article saying they were shipping GS3’s in test mule cases for network testing?

      1. Exactly.  It all makes sense to me and we have no idea what this thing is gonna look like.

        1. Don’t they usually release a Galaxy phone with a button, non-carrier specific and then release carrier specific ones without the button? I seem to remember the OG Galaxy S and maybe even the Galaxy S II having a version that had a button. It never really made it to the states though (thankfully).

  6. Blue battery sign and yellow or whatever color clock in stock samsung ? :))) Obviously a fake ;)

  7. That’s disgusting…

    1. Much like the SII and the original S then??

  8. That has got to be one of the ugliest “phones” I’ve ever seen. Definitely a fake.



  9. Galaxy Note 2, maybe…. or just a regular Galaxy Note with ICS…

  10. Definitely a fake. Looks like it’s running Nova Launcher too. 

  11. Also, look how close the word “SAMSUNG” is to the edge of the screen. It’s way too close. It’s almost on top of it. This is definitely a fake.

  12. “It looks ugly and uncomfortabl”

    You clearly have no idea about physical ergonomics.

    If you are building a device that wide for one handed use in *either* hand, the button cannot be too narrow. Esp. for Asians with smaller hands and shorter fingers.

    Phone design isn’t done purely on visual appearance grounds. Actual physical ergonomics count too and about that you have clearly no clue.

  13. It looks like someone copied a screen shot of ics onto a photo of this phone that is sitting slightly crooked on the table.

  14. Great another fail

  15. This attempt at creating a fake image of the GS3 is an epic FAIL!!!

  16. lol the horrible montage

  17. It looks like the speaker grill is also crooked

  18. I doubt that it is true S3

  19. Who cares

  20. Who cares?
    Why do people have to create fake images and spread them? Does it tickle their fancy it something? What a looser is wasting his/her time with crap like that?

  21. Looks nice, I’ll take 3 Samsung.

  22. If this IS real and Samsung actually chose a home button that LARGE then the company is doomed! FAKE!

  23. The bezel does look thinner than the S2. If it’s got 2gb RAM, then I’m on board. I’m more excited about the internal specs. 

  24. No.  That is not the SIII. That is an ugly piece of crap.

    Glad I could help you with that.


  25. Same design as galaxy s2 or galaxy note will not be received well. Samsung is particularly known for ‘plastic’y devices. Being safe players as they are, we will have to wait and see if they come up with a bolder design.

  26. All these fake leaks are encouraging me to come up with my own.
    Now, to learn Photoshop…

    1. No need to learn too much because apparently the people putting these out didn’t take the time to learn it.

  27. Please don’t post shitty fake rumored devices just to get eyes on ads.  This site is going to shit…

  28. It looks like gold!

  29. People will cry if it is.

    Oh well, don’t expect too much from Samsung in the design department.

  30. if your going to Photoshop something do it right >.> the fricken app drawer is crooked it looks like a stretched out galaxy s2 with a galaxy nexus screen Photoshoped onto it >.>  

  31. is it not just a galaxy player

  32. Disgusting. That editor has no shame.

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