Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE Visits the FCC


Sprint’s latest flagship device has trotted on down to the FCC and has been approved by the regulatory body. Of course, an FCC approval doesn’t reveal much – we already know which radios will be inside, and they don’t really tell us anything we don’t already know. Well, we do have some rough figures of the box and it’s not everyday that we get that, but we get nothing but the position of the barcode and label. Anyway, if this sort of stuff excites you then be sure to turn your attention to its FCC listing.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Can haz link to actual FCC listing and not FCC.gov? :) Want to see the bands its rated on.

    1. The link worked for me…. click on “its” not “FCC Listing”

  2. So release can’t be too far away right? maybe a week after presales?

    1. It won’t be released until early June. Have any of the main EVO’s (OG or 3VO) come out before then?

      1.  I would say early june, I have been waiting patiently each time a new evo comes out and that doesn’t include the design or shift
        strictly the og evo and the 3d, the others were variants imo.
        But since this one is available on other networks(ish) they may move it up to compete with the viper and nexus, I am pondering I guess but June would be fine with me since my upgrade doesn’t pop up until then anyhow!

  3. Terrible name, terrible design and it’s on Sprint! Didn’t we see it coming?

  4. I can’t wait to get mine! Boot loader won’t be locked this time. HTC learned their lesson on that with the 3D… I hate Motorola’s… those are terrible phones!

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