If Anyone Believes This is the Nexus S 4G, I have an Oceanfront Home in Idaho to Sell You


Because this most certainly isn’t the Nexus S 4G. Nice one, Sprint. Oh, but you can keep that “free” price tag on there whenever you decide to launch the Galaxy Nexus. [Thanks Zachary!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sprint makes me laugh 

  2. It’s amazing how little carriers know about the phones they’re selling. Anyone well versed in the mobile industry could tell you that’s definitely not a NS4G.

    1. It’s amazing how little people who sell phones know about the phones they sell as well.

      1. What’s REALLY amazing is how little people who think they know everything about cell phones actually knows about cell phones.

        1. Hahaha I’ll agree to that.

    2. No kidding… Shortly after the EVO 3D was released I got mine from my business rep, called to activate it… the person on the other end of the line had never heard of the EVO 3D before. Really? This is your job…

    3. A couple of days ago I was on the sprint website pricing out plans. The little chat window popped up and I had a chat with the rep. When he asked if I had a device in mind, I said I was interested in the EVO 4G LTE (which was advertised on the landing page of the MAIN web site). He rattled off stats of the old EVO, and when I corrected him he told me he couldn’t talk about rumored upcoming devices. When I pointed out that the very phone he’s calling a rumor is THE FIRST THING PEOPLE SEE WHEN THEY GO TO YOUR SITE, I got the same response about him knowing nothing and not being able to comment.

      Good job.

    4. It’s amazing there is no proofing of the ad before it is released in the wild. Selling phones has nothing to do with creating an ad to sell phones.

  3. I’ll take 2!

  4. I’ll take 5 of those for FREE lol

  5.  Oceanfront Home in Idaho to sell? Seems legit. 

    1. We have a Seaport in Lewiston.   

      1. I came here to add the same comment.

      2. That’s not Idaho, Southeastern Idaho is the REAL Idaho. ;) Go Idaho State Bengals!

  6. they clearly spent way too much money on the iphone deal to hire any decedent editors 

  7. Just went to Sprint.com(http://sprint.com/index_p.html?context=CP) and saw the ad but its actually the Nexus S running GB not that up there. Which is clearly PS.

  8. HURRY!  Supplies are limited!!  

  9. How much is that property you are selling? I might be interested…

  10. They updated it in the past hour.

  11. If only I’d accepted when they offered me a job, I could have stopped goofs like this. Or watched them happen like a train wreck.

  12. $20 says that’s what they will call it before realizing how retarded they are.

    Don’t forget about the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch.

  13. Sprint, you can’t pull that type of shi…. on Android users….only iSheep get fooled by apple type shenanigans!!!  As Butters619 says, “It’s amazing how little people who sell phones know about the phones they sell as well.”  They’re probably the reason why people don’t buy more high end Android phones.  They probably don’t compare apples to apples or maybe they do (older apple products to their newer ones).  I noticed people that complain about Android compare the low end phones (for the price conscious, a good thing giving people more options) to the iphone.  I’m sure if they are educated by sales people they would more likely buy a high end Android phone.  These sales people probably push iphones to make their jobs easier since they don’t want to learn, keep up to date, with all the latest tech improvements to answer a customer’s question correctly.

    Oh forgot to add….you can sell that Idaho home to an isheep in a heartbeat cause they’d think Idaho is an Apple product!!!! Just market it as an idaho ihome!!!

  14. Has anyone called Sprint and tried to take advantage of this AMAZING DEAL?!?!?! If i was on Sprint I would and then when they send me an actual Nexus S I’ll call back and freak out on them saying “THIS ISN’T THE PHONE FROM THE PICTURE, THIS IS DIFFERENT, BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! GIVE ME FREE SHIT NOW” and Sprint would have to becuase i’m a loyal customer and they are stupid for calling the Gaxaly Nexus the Nexus S

  15. Awesome!!! I live in Idaho so that would be a great gift!!!

  16. I honestly believer this was done in purpose. Corporations are not this incompetent and on the contrary are well trained in consumer manipulation. Without actual legal consequences for this type of false advertising carriers will continue to make these so called “errors” in order to reel in uninformed consumers.

  17. I just opened this from my RSS to like the story b/c of the headline

    That is all.

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