Dolphin Browser HD 8.0 brings redesigned Sonar and Gesture support, new menu bar


Dolphin Browser HD received an update to version 8.0 in the Google Play Store today, enhancing the way users interact with the popular third-party web browser. Sticking with the gesture concept, the folks at Dolphin have redesigned the method of non-text input. The focus has been shifted to the new voice-based Sonar feature introduced in previous versions of Dolphin Browser HD, combining the two into a simple interface and setting voice search as the default.

An menu bar overhaul make accessing bookmarks and add-ons easier than ever, and  context dialog has been assigned to a long-press on the browser page. Options include the ability to select text, search within a page, and close the current tab. Behind the scenes stability and performance have been improved.

As always, Dolphin Browser HD remains a free download. You can grab the latest version from the Google Play Store now.

Google Play Link: Dolphin Browser HD

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. Stopped using Dolphin for the stock ICS Browser. Got kind of fed up with their Tablet optimized browser that never got any Bug-fixes.

    1. Agreed, the stock ICS browser and Chrome make Dolphin pretty much obsolete.

      1. I stopped using Chrome because I could not set “desktop only” on my Xoom… I don’t want to play ‘Russian Roulette’ with mobile sites.

        Has a desktop-only setting been added?

        1. With the stock browser you can hit menu > request desktop site. Sometimes you have to reload the page or take the “m” out of their url but it has worked pretty much every time for me. 

          In Dolphin HD settings you can change the user agent flat out, which can be useful sometimes, and not so much other times.

          1. Thanks!

    2. I only keep Dolphin HD around on my Galaxy Nexus phone for those times when the “request desktop site” option refuses to work.

      1. For times like those I can usually just change a few things in the URL of the site and it works. For example “” loads the mobile version of facebook no matter what machine you’re on. Sometimes you’ve gotta take out the m.

        1. I know, but that doesn’t always work IME.

          1. Have you tried browser+

          2. I assume you mean ICS Browser+.  Not compatible with Honeycomb.

    3. Best tablet browser I found so far is maxthon. Works well. Even their phone version is nice.

  2. I have yet to use ICS on a phone, so i can’t judge, but on a gingerbread phone Dolphin HD is the best ever, bar none.  

    On a tablet however, the stock browser has had it beat since honeycomb 3.0

  3.  On my Nook Tablet runn CM7 which is GB based I use Maxthon tab browser since its a lot eaiser to synch my bookmarks with the windows version. I use firefox as my main windows browser and with dolphin you have to pay a thrid party monthly to get your ifrefox bookmarks synched up and then theres issues with that where you end up getting several of the same bookmark. and with maxthon you just import you bookmarks from firefox into the windows version with no doubling of links and then synch them to the cloud and then sync them to the tablet for free and no hassle.

  4. Chrome beats this, but seeing as it’s 4.0 only, it’s not an option for many.

  5. I like dolphin better than chrome or stock ics, or stock gingerbread. Dolphin is the shit!

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