April 22 looking likely for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus launch


Earlier this week we received word that promotional signage would begin going up for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus at Sprint starting early next week. A new leak points to a launch not long after. If the latest report pans out, April 22nd could be one big day for Sprint’s fledgling LTE network.

With the LG Viper 4G LTE already set to launch on that day, it appears the Galaxy Nexus could join it. Taking advantage of the new speeds is a different story altogether. Sprint has only powered up its new network in a handful of test markets and a wider rollout isn’t set to occur until June. This leaves at least a month’s gap between the availability of the Galaxy Nexus and Viper 4G and the launch of the network they are meant to run on. So is this a calculated risk or a setup for failure? Perhaps Sprint plans to surprise us with a few early LTE markets to coincide with the device launches.

Either way, it looks like April 22nd is the date to watch if you are hoping to get your hands on an LTE Galaxy Nexus that doesn’t reside on Verizon’s network.

[via BGR]

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  1. let me see page THREE!!!

  2. I can’t help but be amused to look back and think of September, when many people advised against the Epic Touch 4G (GS II) because the Galaxy Nexus “was probably coming out in a few weeks”. Given all the great new next-generation phones on the horizon now, why would anyone want this anymore?

    1. Vanilla.

      1. Root.

        No reason to get the GNex anymore; it’s outdated. And “vanilla” was never a reason anyway – you could always root your phone and get vanilla.

        The GNex was a developers phone, but flash kiddies picked it up so they could be chic.

        1. Not everyone wants to or is comfortable rooting.

          It’s outdated to you, not to everyone. “Vanilla” isn’t a reason for you, not everyone.

        2. Even then, not everyone gets a stable vanilla build. Even now, I have tons of shit broken on CM7 for my 3VO. It doesn’t bother me one bit, but that is just me. We rooters are in the minority.

        3. Yeah, because even the OG Evo is 100% supported from a vanilla build…

        4. How can the only phone guaranteed to get the latest Android updates whether its ICS or the upcoming Jelly Bean possibly be looked at as outdated? LMAO…Cant wait til the HTC One series and SGSIII crowds start looking to the OEMs for updates come Jellybean season. Meanwhile nexus owners flashing unofficial/official leaks/releases of it. 

          Updates are already slow as it is. but 3rd party OEMs are even slower…Vanilla FTW

    2. I’d rather take the GS2 over the GNex anyday…

      1. Hows that Touch Wiz? :-)

    3. Lol America = FAIL

      1. Its not America, its the carriers. 

    4. Maybe because it’s STILL a great phone. Specs are becoming just a bragging point. It has a 720P HD screen. There are still phones releasing with qHD and WVGA! It has a 1.2 GHZ dual core processor. That is plenty. There is no lag, and everything flies. It has a gig of RAM. It has NFC. It has ICS. It has an unlockable bootloader. AOKP FTMFW! It has blazing fast LTE. The phone has everything needed to make it future proof. I’ve had it since launch day in December. For the first time in 2.5 years, I’m perfectly happy and not on the lookout for the next big thing. That is a nice feeling.

  3. I’m stuck in my contract with my Epic Touch so I hope I can find someone to trade on Craigslist for this!!

    1. I hope you can too! It’s awesome! If you ROM, AOKP is the best. It has far out-classed CM9.

  4. No microsd card slot.  No thanks.

    1. My Nexus has 32 GB of storage. That’s about 22 GB I will never use

  5. With the HTC Evo 4G LTE right around the corner, a G-Nex would be a tough sell. Yeah vanilla Android, but the Evo beats it in every other category.

    1. …including the pimp-my-ride category. The GNex reeks of being a phone for grown-ups. Ew. I would much prefer a tricked out phone with mismatched glossy finishes. Oh, and lots of metallic red, you know, to make people think it’s a Verizon phone. Yeeeeah boyyyy!

      1. I mean I definitely think the One X looks much better than the EVOLTE (actually I can agree with you that the EVOLTE looks gaudy), but if it really bothers you that much you can get a case.  And I wouldn’t say the G-Nex reeks of being a phone for grown ups.  It feels (and looks) a bit cheap from the back side (the same side that sucks with the EVOLTE)

        1. I agree. I’m just disappointed in general right now as my 2-year contract is now up (I’m still on the OG EVO) but neither of these two new phones excite me. I hesitate to wait for the SGIII as I fully expect Sprint to get it 6-8 months after its launch (so maybe not until December(?)). I’m not sure my OG EVO will make it that long.

          1. Yeah that’s a rough spot.  Had they made the EVOLTE look like the One X just with a bigger battery it would have been an easy choice.

            I was going to just hold on to my Atrix until the SGS3 came out for AT&T, but I have an upgrade I have been holding for a while and the One X does it for me.  I can play the waiting game forever, but the One X hits most of my wishes (720p display, ICS, LTE integrated into the chip, solid camera) with really the only miss being capacitive buttons.  I can live with that though.

    2. Except it has sense…

  6. I got my Nexus because it was only good phone on Verizon.

  7. People out there the Galaxy Nexus is a great phone it may not have quad core or the best gpu but the phone can still hold its own its about the software that it has & watch & see all these people saying its outdated & to get another phone are going to be the same people bitching when the G-Nex has newest Android version on it & there phones have to wait months for there update!!! I’ll put it like this if you remember JaMarcus Russell QB football player who had insane specs like throwing the ball 70+yards 6ft 5in can run jump bench press better than any quarter back now he out of the league cuz specs don’t tell the whole story & picture the GALAXY NEXUS as Tom Brady who can’t run but he smart & intelligence & wins that’s how I see it just using another way of saying specs always don’t work out

    1. It’s depressing when fandroids act like iSheep about their phone.

      Let’s be honest here – the GNex was a good phone, when it came out, even though it had a few bugs and a craptacular speaker and even worse camera.  Now though, the specs are getting outdated, especially with the benchmarks that the S4 is posting.

      The second issue with the GNex:  It’s the first to get updates, so it’s the first phone affected by bugs.  Being “first” is nice when you’re bragging, but it also means you’re the guinea pig who gets to see first hand all the new bugs, crashes, and unexpected restarts.  If that’s your thing, more power to you, but I’d rather wait a month or two and get a stable release.

      Lastly, a nexus doesn’t guarantee you the “first” updates even if that’s your thing: witness the debacle over the Nexus 4G. So yeah, your GNex will get updates first for now, but having a GNex is no guarantee of anything in the future

      1. I couldn’t agree more. I have a GNex that is mostly collecting dust. I do use it for learning 4.0.x coding, but other than that, it’s really nothing special. Really, it isn’t. At all. It’s polarized fans of Android in that, as you said, they act like sheep. “It’s a GNex, it has ICS, so it’s the best!” Not really. Yes, it’s a decent phone even though it feels like it was made by Fisher-Price, but it’s currently riddled with bugs (yes, I’ve flashed 4.0.4 and a few ROMs, ICS isn’t “all that” – I expect JB to bring some polish), and spare the “Well, all new devices are going to have issues.”
          It is incredibly ironic how the GNex sheep call iOS fanboys sheep when they can’t see past their own phone. Google has let the Nexus name lose all meaning since they really became Samsung phones rather than Google phones. Having a Nexus One actually meant something. After that, when Samsung got the Nexus S (I could see then that the Nexus name was going to start to slide – it’s supposed to be a Nexus, not a Galaxy with the latest OS, and yes, I fully realize that Google picks the specs, but they shouldn’t have let Samsung have a go at it twice in a row.). Now the GNex is always advertised as the “Samsung Galaxy Nexus”, not even “Google Nexus 3 built by Samsung for Google” or something similar. People don’t seem to understand that they’re reference platforms – NOT the “flagship Android phone”, as people like to believe. They also seem to think that they’re going to be the first out of the gate when it comes to updates. They (we) are very probably not going to be one of the first out of the gate when it comes to Jellybean. What is a disgrace is the fact that there were devices with ICS out before the Nexus S had it. They don’t have to update 147 different phones. I see so many people blindly saying that the GNex is the best because it has the latest OS. In any everyday real-world application, I also have a Thunderbolt that will do anything a GNex will – play MC3, graphics intensive games, etc. Of course, the GNex has nicer specs, but, as I said, it doesn’t do anything that a year-old phone will (except NFC, which I don’t care about anyway). I have a work-issued RAZR MAXX that performs extremely well. Sheep are worse than a die-hard sports fan, at least they’ll tell you their team isn’t that great when they’re not. The gSheep think they’ve got the best Android device out there since they’re beta-testing ICS.
        I would absolutely love to see Motorola get the Nexus 4, but I’m not sure Google will do that so soon. Anyone other than Samsung. I really doubt Sammy will get the Nexus 4, but if they do, I’ll lose a lot of respect for Google, and worse, so will a lot of the manufacturers.
        Cue the gSheep/Samsung rants in…

        1. if you have a Gnex thats “collecting dust” i feel bad for you 1st off. That phone is a beast. the XDA community is booming with it, with vanilla/sense/TW roms you name it. Even if you not into flashing, it s still a beast of a phone. SMH. and if you not even using it, it speaks volumes. 

          but what other phone released with ICS before the nexus S?
          just curious. XDA Community wise it has ICS in DEC, officially it had it in Feb (gsm) and April (cdma) im talking United States.

          1. Why would you feel bad for me? because I don’t think the GNex is the best thing since sliced bread? I’m on XDA every day, I’m very well aware of what is out there. I think you missed the part where I said that I use it for coding in ICS. As for it being a “beast”, yes, it is nicely specced, but as I said, it doesn’t do anything on a normal day-to-day basis that a nicely specced phone from last year can’t do. It can’t run Mathematica, it can’t run an accelerator simulation, it’s still a smartphone.
             If you feel the need to shake your head and feel bad for me, then by all means, whatever helps you sleep at night, but I honestly don’t care what people think of my opinions. It’s just my opinion. Deal with it :)

        2. You are full of $hit. The GN is a great phone. I have had many Android phones. It is by far, the best experience from any of my phones (HTC Hero, HTC EVO 4G, HTC Incredible. Droid X, Thunderbolt, Droid Razr). It feels as good as any of my phones, better than most. You are just an obvious troll. ICS and the GN are awesome. Perfect? Nope. Neither is any phone. But, damn close. AOKP is grrrrreeeeeat!

          1. I’m a troll because I’m not screaming about the virtues of a GNex from a mountain top? I’m a troll because I have a different opinion than you do? It’s what we like to call “objective”. Grow up.

          2. No, none of that makes you a troll. What makes you a troll is saying it feels like fisher price, when it feels as good or better than any other phone on the market. What makes you a trio is dismissing every great quality of the phone, just to fit your opinion.

          3. I’m sorry, it took me awhile, I slipped into a temporary coma because that was dumbest thing I’ve read all day.
            Yes, they do feel like they were made by Fisher-Price, that’s my opinion, deal with it. If it feels like it was made by Lockheed Martin Skunkworks to you, then good for you, I don’t know what to tell ya. lol. I knew that I was going to have the GNex nuts flaming me because I don’t worship the thing. People have different opinions, and that’s the way life is always going to be, you should start getting used to that, because if you don’t, when you’re grown-up, you’re going to have a tough time getting through life.
             Don’t use dollar signs for esses, it makes you look like you’re five. Enjoy your GNex and have a good one.
            …and chill out, seriously, life is too short, you really let yourself get worked up because someone doesn’t agree with you over a phone?! lmfao.

          4. Me getting worked up over a phone???? Look at my few sentences vs your novels. The $ for the S is because some sites put your comment up for review when you swear. I am not flaming you. I just pointed out that when someone bashes a phone, but leaves out or dismisses the good, they are a troll. You are an obvious troll.

      2. 1. the GNex isnt a spec’d out phone, but has what counts, software optimization. and yes like all phones, it has mechanical flaws, so thats a moot point as well. the HTC One/SGSII WILL HAVE EM AS WELL. You can run all the benchmarks you want, but its about day 2 day usage. I never ran a benchmark in my life, but i know if it lags or crashes its not what i want. 

        2. Its 1st to get updates and fixes, that will later have to be applied to 3rd party skins. (sense/TW/Blur) When 3rd party OEMS being coding there skin for 4.0.3 and we get updated to 4.0.5 you think they gonna start over and begin on 4.0.5? no. you will get the bugs of 4.0.3.  on top of the bus in the skin on top. Wait a month or 2 extra for a stable update? OEMs takes anywhere from 6-12+ mo to release updates, They have to update the core (android) as well as the skin that runs on top. lets be real.

        3. Funny you mention the Nexus S 4G, (my current phone) while it did take longer for the CDMA update to OFFICIALLY release, no other US CDMA device beat it to it. SGSII users are just sniffing beta CM9 leaks and ports from the GSM version. So it still was first, though, late. CDMA is always a step behind.

        And this is partly due to the jump in specs from the NS to the GN. ICS is somewhat stripped down to run on the NS. But the GN was designed this time to withstand the test time. its got hi-rez screen/dual core/1gb ram. There wont be a big jump in specs come the next nexus release. At most itll have a a ram increase to 1.2 or 1.5gb/faster processor (1.5-2GHZ), but i doubt the next android will require a quad core to run. laptops/Desktops still run OSs on dual core. Its all about software optimization.

        i know im fan-boying the nexus hard, but its really getting slighted for myth reasons. kinda unfair. 

    2. Sorry that was a stupid analogy. People don’t have to buy the phone if they don’t want to. If people like it they buy it, if not they buy what they really want. But as far as updates go….I guess perhaps that matters to people who have no idea about root, otherwise updates are irrelevent because most people with root have OS upgrades faster than Nexus phones. I mean the Nexus S just got ICS after how long again? lol

  8. sprint already has 100% lte coverage wimax was a distraction for their competitors

  9. What is it with Sprint, and putting “4G” on everything they possibly can, especially when it’s LTE. The 4G is redundant and rather stupid-looking when it already has LTE – like they’re trying too hard, “Yeah guys, we know that we decided to call WiMax 4G before anyone actually said we could, but now we’re on round 2 since WiMax was an abyssmal failure, but we did get to charge most of you for a service that you never actually had, and we have LTE deployed to at least 27,000 people, and it should cover 10 markets by 2015, and this is magical 4G, it doesn’t suck like WiMax does. Of course, the building penetration won’t actually improve, but by the time most companies have 5G up, we’ll have this expanded – then just call it 5G. You know how we roll here at Sprint!”

    1. actually, with the new equipment Sprint is installing, signal strength will improve by approx 20%, thus increasing building penetration. 

      1. I wasn’t aware that there was a boost in signal strength. If that’s the case, that’s definitely good news for Sprint. I haven’t been a Sprint customer for over a decade, but I would like to see them successfully launch an actual nationwide LTE network and roll it out aggressively (taking notes from Verizon would be a great idea lol). I’ve only stuck with Verizon for so long because I am often in obscure places where signals are scarce, and VZW has served me the best. Obviously, YMMV depending on where you are, etc. It would be great to see VZW,T-Mobile, and Sprint (screw AT&T) on “equal footing” coverage-wise, then I’d have options, and I could never be one of the “If  (fill in current carrier) doesn’t get that kick-ass new phone, then (fill in carrier known to be getting the phone) here I come!” people. I would never jump carriers just for a phone, no matter how cool it is. Time will tell, as it always does. I’m interested in seeing how aggressively Sprint rolls out their LTE network. If it turns into another WiMax-type of disaster, it could kill Sprint. Best of luck to them, I really do hope it works out properly.

  10. There’s always the next latest & greatest all of you on the ” F ” Samsung & HTC is the greatest are going to get your ass & head handed to you when Sammy unveils the Galaxy S3 & it destroys the OneX wait & see!!! Lol muah ha aha muah haha

  11. This intro is nice, and all, But when will you have the Galaxy Note?

    At this rate I’d just as soon wait for the Note 2. Over 6 months, already, so it can’t be THAT much longer.

  12. The nexus had crazy rumors too which were all wrong accept for ics and super amoled hd. Not getting too excited about sg3 till its official.

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