T-Mobile sending out invites for April 18 HTC One S event


With rumors piling on that the HTC One S will launch on April 25th at T-Mobile, the carrier just sent out invites to an April 18th press event to showcase the new phone. With an image of the phone a focal point of the invitation, TMo won’t keep us guessing till the last minute. It is likely that the availability of the phone will made official at the event along with a few other details pertinent to its launch such as pricing. Unless T-Mobile has something crazy up their sleeve, the late April availability of the One S looks to be right on track.

[via Engadget]

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  1. AT&T please hurry up with the One X.

  2. “Musical performance by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.” WTF?

    1. yea man you didn’t know?!

      doesn’t that make him Dale Earnhardt the third though?!

    2. I said the same damn thing!

  3. Haha…they only get the One S…

    1. Still better than what Verizon is getting…

      1. This made me laugh pretty hard.

        At first in my head I went, “But wait there getting the……oh wait that’s Sprint.”

  4. One X, T-mobile, One X.  Stock, please.

  5. wee need the x f this foneeeee

  6. We want the One X a-holes!

  7. It’s a nice looking phone but no removable storage or battery is a NO NO in my book.  Try again T-Mobile.

  8. Gs3

  9. Which one is better the x or s

    1. The One X is the HIGHEST end HTC which sucks because we’re not getting it at T-Mobile. I swear TMO and it’s loyal customers can’t catch a break. WE keep getting theselow-mid range, spec’d down handsets while other carriers are getting the hotness. Let’s see what’s the NEXT phone TMO gets, then maybe I can ditch my Nexus S for something that’s 4G (doubt it tho, my Nexus S is still the best thing TMO has other than the SGS2)

  10. Does nothing more then the sensation pointless!

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