[Update: Confirmed] T-Mobile To Launch HTC One S April 25th?


Those of you on T-Mobile who have been holding your breath for the upcoming HTC One S will soon be able to exhale. A few leaked images from some newly leaked internal training slides hint that a launch is fast approaching. Really there’s not much here we didn’t already know about the device, but it’s interesting to see how T-Mobile will try and market the device.

TMoNews also goes on to report that the April 25th is looking like the new launch date, providing everything goes according to plan and there’s no unexpected delays. Any T-Mobile customers have their checkbook ready for the One S? Or will you continue holding out for something better?

UPDATE: Looks like TMoNews was able to get a hold of another leak, this time confirming the April 25th launch date directly from inside those T-Mo training slides.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Google wallet or gtfo

  2. seriously… do those guys really not know how to take a screen shot? That is pitiful.

    1. Would you really go on to the computer, take the screen shot, log into email, and send it out that way? Companies usually keep track of what happens on their company computers, would be a good way to get fired.

  3. Samsung Galaxy S3 or GTFO.

    Hey GNex fans, amidoinitrite?

    1. i lol’d, but i hope you aren’t being serious.

  4. I’m going to do what Peyton Manning used to do. . .Pass

    1. Fail.

  5. Gotta love T-Mobile with their bottom of the barrel cellphone lineup.

    1. More like mid-barrel. Right before you get to the foam.. O_o

    2. Looking at things the past two years HTC has ALWAYS been giving T-Mobile a variant of every high end phone they release and then some.  No other US carrier gets it that good.

      2010: (HD2, myTouch 3G slide, Desire Z (G2), Desire HD (myTouch 4G)
      2011: ( Sensation, myTouch 4G slide, Amaze)

      There are reputable rumors T-Mobile is also getting a variant of the One X as the next G phone.  Similar to how Sprint is getting the Evo 4G LTE.  This lines up with HTC giving T-Mobile a variant of BOTH their high end devices of the year while the other US carriers only get one or the other.

  6. I already have a Galaxy S II. So i am good for a couple of years.

  7. I’m waiting for galaxy s 3 phone or better.

    The one s is a midrange phone at this point.

    1. you know it has THE fastest CPU out there right? not sure what is so mid range about that, the only thing it’s lacking in my opinion is the better screen, but some prefer amoled

      1. So far every review I’ve seen said the One X has the best screen out of any phone, including the Iphone 4/4S. Just the screen alone makes me want the One X or Evo 4G LTE. 

        1. oh i agree haha, i’m already dedicated to getting LTEVO day one. i’m just saying, i don’t think calling the S “midrange” is fair as its specs are top notch, and screen is a personal thing, many prefer the AMOLED (not me though) 

          1. Well when you put it in the line up of the One X, S, and V it is midrange… Also I believe it’s bullshit that Tmobile got stuck with this piece while both Sprint and At&t get the x =/. I really wish I could get off Tmobile… great service and all but they always get the short end of the stick when it comes to phones.

  8. since when does the 4s support 4g?

    1. since tmobile lied and said their 3g was 4g

      1. tmobile hspa+ is way faster than the one at&t uses, so it is 4g, have you ever try the hspa + 42? is almost as fast as lte.  

        1. speed doesn’t determine the technology generation… its still 3g, just realllllly fast 3g. it will NEVER Be 4g, even if they got it to 100mb down

          4g is determined by the technology used to put out the network, it can be slower than sprints 3g, if its LTE its still 4g.

        2. I guess this probably dependent on region but where I live At&t blows t mobile out of the water with constant down speeds of Mbps + while t mobile varies any where from 5-Mbps at its max

    2. The iPhone 4s is14mbps HSPA+ 

      Remember all HSPA+ is not equal.  HSPA+ 42 devices will give you insane LTE like performance.

  9. I ask myself which phone will compare with iphone 5 only one comes to mind and it ain’t this nor the x, but at least the x is better.

    1.  There is no such thing as iphone 5.

    2. Yeah, there is no iPhone 5. If the only reason you want a phone is to one-up your iPhone user friends, then you sir, are a douche.

      1. How does that make him a douche? If he wants to demonstrate why android is more powerful than other Os’s out there he should probably have a phone of comparable worth. I say this realizing he’s talking about an unreleased/ unannounced product that no one knows the specs of, but will eventually relase.

        1. I can see that and everything, but it seems like he’s only comparing to the iPhone 5. But Android usually is spec’d better. So I find it to be redundant. But ignore my comments, and this one, because I think we should all just agree that Android rules, and it’s an un-stoppable wrecking ball of an OS.

  10. i go back to tmobile when they get true unlimited data, untill then good luck tmobile.

    1. You’re pretty much picking out overages or throttling in the wireless industry now.  Even if you’re on a grandfathered unlimited plan on Verizon or At&t, you’re throttled.

      Sprint’s data speeds are god awful but you can get unlimited there.  It’s the only thing they can offer to differentiate themselves but most would agree unless you currently have great WiMax coverage it’s not worth the slow speeds.

      Also if you think about it, T-Mobile current unlimited talk, text and 10GB overage free data plan is the same price unlimited talk, text, and data was a couple years back before tiered data.

      1. you arent throttled on vzw 4g if you have an unlimited plan

        1. No you’re just billed for overages

  11. I do really like how they compared the One S to the EVO 3D. Talk about an outdated fight. The 3D is almost a year old, dem bastards.

  12. If you’re on tmobile, this is a win

  13. One X with stock android!  Come ON, T-mobile, return to your roots and do Android right.

  14. The one s isn’t a bad device , but its last years specs (minus the s4 chip) . I’d still like to see the one x come to T-Mobile. I’d buy the one x , but I may just wait and see what the galaxy s3 is coming with.

    1. Agreed, its a slight upgrade over the amaze… very slight.

      Edit: Except the Amaze will get stuck with sense 3.6… so I guess thats going to make a difference since Sense 3* is such bloated garbage that its bound to run slower

  15. This is a perfecto phone for my girlfriend who will be getting this.  She wants something pretty, functional, with a slightly large screen.  People dont seem to understand the demographic that this is aimed at.  Its a perfectly fine phone for those who dont need the newest and greatest to compensate…

    1. What demographic? the phone’s subsidized price is going to be the same, or maybe $20 – $50 less at best… So you’re paying top end price, but getting a mid range phone. Seems pointless to me, and the demographic would be those who dont do their research.

  16. What’s the difference in the one x and one s again? Thinner, less resolution? Is the one s the same processor as the AT&T one x?

    1. Yes, they are the same processor. One X’s screen is SLCD @720p, One S is AMOLED qHD. X has 32 gigs storage, S has 16

      1. Wow I had no Idea that At&t got jipped too… Meaning that they’re not getting the international version with the quad core processor… I thought that was the case and HTC had screwed over sprint and tmobile.

        1. I wouldn’t lump ATT and Tmobile together on the getting jipped list. The S4 is out performing the Tegra in most benchmark tests… Its not like tmobile getting the crappier display and less storage.

      2. I wonder why T-Mobile didn’t get the tegra 3 one x. Is it not compatible with hspa+?

        1. Well, the One X hasn’t really even been announced on T-Mobile yet. IF it ever does. But I’d rather have the S4 than the Tegra 3. It sorta seems to me like the PowerPC vs. Intel argument, then they went with Intel who was their competitor (Apple’s, I mean) and they never saw where it could go after the G5. But that S4… Damn.

  17. C-law, yes theres is also throttled it started late last year

  18. Neat, now launch the One S on Verizon with LTE and call it the Incredible 4G so I can buy it once it’s supported on CM9.

  19. once lte hits long island on sprint im gettin evo 4g lte 

  20. Not a bad phone but I like Sprints version of the X much better plus the GS3 announcement  is only about a month after this so I can wait. I’m even on T-Mobile and my contract is over still rockin the old Nexus 1, I predict they will lose me.

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