Apr 11th, 2012

After being shown off at CES this year, LG was one of a few manufacturers ushering the new era of Google TV’s. Only problem was, without any specific launch details, many have been left wondering exactly when to expect these all new GTV equipped 3D televisions. Well, it looks like a Korean financial firm has it on good authority that the the first wave of LG Google TV’s could be hitting US stores as early as this week and priced at $1,600 and $2,100 for 47-inch and 55-inch sizes, respectively.

During our CES coverage, we showed you guys LG’s all new LED televisions that not only feature Google TV inside, but use an improved passive 3D technology, eliminating the need for expensive active-shutter frame glasses. If you’ve been keeping up with the rumor mill, it’s been whispered that LG has been working directly with Google on a “Nexus” branded Google TV, that when combined with Google’s upcoming home entertainment system, should effectively complete their plans for total living room domination.

[KoreaHerald | Electronista]

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