Samsung Announces $250 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Along With 10.1 Model and New Galaxy Player 4.2


This is movement I can definitely get behind. Solid, good quality Android tablets, reasonably priced for under $300. With Amazon’s Kindle Fire the only (pseudo) Android tablet to make a splash here in the states, there’s no arguing its success was due largely in part to its rock bottom $200 price tag. Now, we have rumors pointing to a $200, 7-inch Nexus tablet coming soon from Google and ASUS, I think it’s high time we start seeing more Android OEM’s stepping up to the plate, and making sub-$300 tablets a focus.

Well, it looks like Samsung is the latest manufacturer to take a swing at a affordable Android tablet. Turns out their Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is the latest Android tablet to hit that wonderful $250 mark, replacing the $400 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. This new model features many of the same specs under the hood like a dual-core processor although, this time switched out for a TI OMAP 4430 instead of a Tegra 2, all while running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung hasn’t stopped with just the 7-inch version. They’ve also announced the availability of the larger 10.1-inch model — the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for a decent $400 and even a new WiFi-only Galaxy Player 4.2 priced at $200. The 4.2-inch Galaxy Player will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a 1GHz processor (think Galaxy S minus the cellular radios).

You can look forward to the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 launching on April 22nd here in the states, with the 10.1 and Galaxy Player 4.2 looking at a May 13th release. With this new pricing model, do you any of you guys see yourselves picking one up? Or will you continue to hold out for the Nexus tab?


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  1. I may jump back on the Galaxy Player bandwagon and already own a Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. Now if we only could get a real idea of the GSIII and my Galaxy Trifecta would be complete, though I already own a GSII (E4GT). 

    1. Wow… sounds like you’ve been Samsung’d O_o

  2. Gimme gimme. 

  3. galaxy player so far lacks in the screen departement. If only samsung would use amoled on those…

    1. Gotta keep the price down but I agree, at least AMOLED (as much as I hate pentile) would have been nice =/

  4. Still holding for the Nexus. Worth waiting to see at least

  5. Wonder when they will bring an update to my galaxy tab 10.1!? Might root it. The galaxy nexus was easy to root

  6. Seems amazon and B&N have really started something here with low priced tablets. Glad to see some of the bigger guys jumping on the bandwagon. Since its a samsung device you know it will have a modding community once its out of the gate lol.

  7. That’s cool, I really enjoy my 5″ Sam Player. Also there are also alot of things I prefer about gingerbread over ics on Samsung.

  8. you have to give it to Amazon and Apple, they have a good model. Buy for cheap, then buy loads of other shit from us. hopefully Google will give some of its profits from Nexus tablet to Asus from software, then it’ll work

  9. Still waiting on to see what the Nexus tablet is going to be like!

  10. Give me a Galaxy Note 7.0 or 7.7 for $300 please.

  11. Meh imma hold out for ASUS $200 Nexus

  12. Personally gonna hold out for the Google Play/Nexus Experience tablet. However I can’t wait for inexpensive name brand tablets to become the norm. I mean that SHOULD seriously disrupt the smart phone market. People will (or should) question why a 3-4″ wireless radio equipped smart phone unsubsidized and off contract cost 2-3 times as much as a WIFI only tablet that’s twice the size and contract free. I’ve been postulating for years that smart phone OEMs have been price fixing devices with cooperation from carriers. 

    1. They did. In south korea it was a big issue. All the major networks got caught

    2. $200 for a Nexus Tablet tablet vs $800 (carrier to you) for a Nexus phone is pretty crazy. Even amazon lists the Galaxy Nexus at around $470. This will eventually raise eyebrows at the Justice Department. It may take 5 years, but eventually someone will officially question how the price difference is justified and why competition hasn’t affected phones, but has affected tablets.

  13. Nexus tab, omap 4430 is too old of a technology for me too buy. While decent I would rather wait and or drop more money to get the best I can. Very happy to see this from Samsung though, looking forward to the future of tablets, especially windows 8. While I love Android I’m not sure I’m sold on it completely for the tablet market

  14. I will be waiting for Google’s Nexus Tablet.

  15. Suckers. I hate when manufacturers make me pay too much for high profit margins. Look how they all started to move their asses after Google just rumored the Nexus Tab’s price. As if Samsung couldn’t do it before. That’s why I never buy Samsung, ’cause they thought they’d be a new Apple.

  16. Oh Jeebus! Praise the lawwwd!!!  Seriously… this is some really good news in terms of tech vs price points.  It’s how it should be.  There’s no way that it costs that much to build each device.  I know there are teardowns and all pieces of the device are priced out… but that seems very unrealistic as OEMs buy parts in extreme bulk.  I believe in those numbers just as much as I believe in animal medical testing… 0%.

  17. The Galaxy Player is so not worth that amount. I mean for a media only device, you can’t go around selling it for no $200. I can get the Nexus 1 for $200. I’m sorry. I don’t think an Android media device is such a good thing. Seeing as the person will have no way to sync there music. Unless they use Google Music and download all there music anyways, and only use Google Music for playlist creation. But then you won’t have any new songs until your player connects to the Interweb again.

    I think before there is an Android media player, there needs to be an Android equivalent to iTunes.

    1. Samsung do have an equivalent itunes its called Kies. I use Kies Air all the time for syncing just about file. Its better as its wireless and f a s t :D

    2. Doubletwist is just about as close to iTunes as possible without being sued by the Ghost of Jobs. And for people who like iTunes, well… I call you masochists. 

    3.  I can easily use winamp to synch songs to android perfectly fine weither thats wired or wireless synching. Only issue is that you need to have winamp installed on the phone to do that but you can play the songs with any of the music players out there once they are on the android device.

  18. The 7.0 Plus has the exynos btw, not the tegra 2

  19. BY that design, it looks like the GS III might take that new design they have been using since the note 10.1.

  20. I love most of Samsung’s products, but I think almost all of their devices have an issue with my Wifi network. I had to Return my Galaxy Player 5.0 because of that. Sometimes I have the same problem on my Galaxy Nexus, but never hand an issue on my mom’s Droid 2 Global or my old Droid 1.

  21. Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is not $400 it is $250 now. So basically they switched the processor of the 7.0 plus and kept it at the same price…. woohoo.

  22. This is what Sammy should have done last year. 

  23. This is a serious contender for my first tablet. I was going to wait for the nexus tablet, but depending on how I like this tab and when it can be rooted and flashed with CM9, this might win out.

  24. They also announced another Samsung Galaxy Player. Of course you don’t report on everything… this is Phandroid after all.

  25.  Never buy a Samsung tablet again. They “forget” to update them as soon as the next year’s model is out. Sorry, but I am not on the yearly cell phone or tablet upgrade.

  26. Just picked one up today with my Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Can’t wait to see how it works!

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