Netflix for Android gets an update, sees new volume control UI


Netflix for Android just received a refresh in the Android Market with a few tweaks that should make using the app a bit easier. A new volume control UI makes it easy to adjust the volume of streamed content on the fly while other bug fixes and stability improvements won’t be immediately noticeable on the surface. You can give the latest version of Netflix a spin by downloading the app from the Google Play Store.

Google Play Link: Netflix

[via Engadget]

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  1. i dropped netflix a couple months ago… that’s #trending


      LOL I’m right there with you xchopx. I dropped Netflix
      several months back too. The problem was not the user interface, it was the
      stale content! I’m much happier now that I started using the Blockbuster @Home
      service that my employer, DISH, put out a while back. Between the streaming, the
      included movie channels, and the movie and game rentals through the mail, I don’t
      get bored with their content.

  2. that volume control has been there for a while… like a month or two now, not sure why everyone is now posting on it

  3. The volume slider was introduced in the last update… Did they tweak it more?

    1.  The look of it changed. They did add the volume slider prior to this update but the UI of the slider has been updated.

  4. Have they added the Regular/Kid toggle like on PS3? Been awhile since I’ve used this.

  5. After updating the app, I’m not seeing the new volume bar on my Galaxy Nexus. Lol

    1. the update might just be for the tablet, considering its a screenshot from a tablet. 

  6. There’s no volume UI on my Razr Maxx….

  7. I wonder if they fixed the Logitech Revue bug where playback would keep stopping, since Logitech keeps blaming it on Netflix…

  8. It’s tablet only…working on my prime but not gnex.

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