AT&T’s HTC One X put through the benchmark gauntlet, dual-core processor holds its own


Four cores? Who needs ’em? A new video courtesy of Wireless Goodness puts AT&T’s HTC One X (the HTC One XL) through the ringer and the benchmark results mirror what we’ve been hearing for a few weeks now. Previous benchmark reports suggested that the Snapdragon S4 found inside AT&T’s version of the One X packed plenty of power in its own right compared to the Tegra 3 chip found in the international version. After seeing the One XL put through just about every benchmark test known to man, we’re apt to agree.

[via WirelessGoodness]

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  1. Has anyone done a side-by-side benchmarking of a One X with an S4 and a One X with a Tegra 3?

    1. the one x with the tegra 3 gets pretty low numbers on quadrant and vellamo but beats it on pretty much every other benchmark 

      1. Vellamo is a Qualcomm-created test/bench. I’d not be suprised if it was weighted to favour Qualcomm chips…
        And I’m not sure, but I don’t think that even the latest Quadrant is designed to test any more than 2 cores.

        1. im not too sure about quadrant either, but at 1.5ghz on my Tprime it scores 5250-5500, and on the One x it scores around 3600-3900, which seems odd because the One x should be able to score higher. Posted a pic below of the Tprimes score 

          1.  T-prime is only at 1.4 so you overclock with a custom kernel so that mean nothing.

          2. it doesn’t have a custom kernel, its stock, the only difference is the clock speed which is at 1.5ghz, and its not at 1.4 your wrong on that, 1.4 is the clock speed running on 1 core, 2 cores is at 1.2ghz and 4 cores at 1.3 ghz. and why does it matter that its at 1.5 ghz the krait is clocked at 1.5 GHz too ? and BTW the tegra 3 can be clocked all the way to 1.8 and still be stable 

        2. Wrong on Vellamo, it seems quite honest – it’s a browser tester, no more nor less.

    2. The S4 out benches the T3 in just about every single benchmark except graphics. T3 is still using an A9 like architecture and the S4 is more A15 like, which is the reason for  the better performance. But I would expect the T3 to play games a little be better.

  2. What is the difference between One X and One XL Kevin?

    Thx for the response on One X and One LTE

    1. L = LTE.  The One X is the T3 phone.  The One XL is the LTE/S4 version.

  3. Dont really care about benchmarks. The one that has the better battery life, features would get my money. 

    1.  i agree, an hour of battery life is worth more than a .5 milli secondsin speed to me

    2. I agree. I’m sure that if there were 3 One X’s with an S4, Exynos, and a T3 and you thumbed through screens, you won’t even notice the difference anymore.  

      HTC is adding features to their phones that I find standout like taking pictures while recording, and that screen sharing thing they got.  That kind of stuff will drive my next purchasing decision way more than a Quadrant score that’s Over 9,000!!!

      1. That’s a feature of ICS (the taking a picture while recording)

        1. Thats not the feature of ICS, thats special camera feature of HTC One series…

          1. Go back and watch the Android 4.0 developer video. I can do that on my galaxy Nexus

    3. The LTE is a swaying factor in my decision.  I hope though since the S4 has integrated LTE that it actually holds up ok in the battery life dept.  Doubt it, but I hope.

      1. it definately does. The S4 has a more efficeint power process using 28nm instead of higher like the Tegra 3. This is supposed to really cut down on the battery consumption and it should last alot longer because of it. We’ll see once its sent to reviewers so they can post the stats.

        1. Something I overlooked this entire time was that the T3 was still using 40nm technology.  It does have the companion core, but now I am really interested to see what the S4 can do.  (However, I’ve already pretty much made up my mind that it is my next phone unless we get a SGS3 leak in the next month)

  4. That shit Krait

    1. LOL +1 this man!

    2. I just spit out my drink.  If only I knew any body outside of mobile forums that would get this.

    3. You sir, win the internet

    4. Lol !!! Literally..

  5. Where are the battery benchmarks?

  6. Oh, man. Quick smacking, please!

    1. lol i don’t trust Engadget, 1740 + on sunspider LOL, the same tests were done by others and they ended up with 1580-1600 running the S4 chip and 1600-1630 using the tegra 3. A bunch of those numbers they have posted on the article look fishi

  7. Can’t wait to sell my Galaxy Note n7000 for one of these :D

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