Apr 7th, 2012

We have yet to see a Nexus device come to AT&T, but according to this week’s rumors the wait might be ending soon. It seems like AT&T is currently testing Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices to run in its 4G LTE network. And a number of 4G LTE SIM cards have been sent to the wild to see how well the Galaxy Nexus performs.

The news come from Andro Rev, who’s source is claimed to be working “very close to the situation.” It is also mentioned that these are standard SIM cards, unlike Verizon’s micro SIM cards. The source does confirm that these are 4G LTE enabled, and the SKU for the SIM cards is 73057.

Whether this is true or not is something that only time will tell. As always, we should take it with a grain of salt. Rumors come and go around the inter webs, many of them proving to be false. But what do you guys say? Would you go for AT&T’s Galaxy Nexus if it does, in fact, get released soon? Is it too late by now?

[Source: Andro Rev]

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