Rumor: AT&T Galaxy Nexus with 4G LTE in the works


We have yet to see a Nexus device come to AT&T, but according to this week’s rumors the wait might be ending soon. It seems like AT&T is currently testing Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices to run in its 4G LTE network. And a number of 4G LTE SIM cards have been sent to the wild to see how well the Galaxy Nexus performs.

The news come from Andro Rev, who’s source is claimed to be working “very close to the situation.” It is also mentioned that these are standard SIM cards, unlike Verizon’s micro SIM cards. The source does confirm that these are 4G LTE enabled, and the SKU for the SIM cards is 73057.

Whether this is true or not is something that only time will tell. As always, we should take it with a grain of salt. Rumors come and go around the inter webs, many of them proving to be false. But what do you guys say? Would you go for AT&T’s Galaxy Nexus if it does, in fact, get released soon? Is it too late by now?

[Source: Andro Rev]

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  1. too little too late.

  2. Hopefully the next Nexus (I’m calling it now, made by HTC) will have a global release, and on all major carriers in the USA at once. No waiting, just profits.

  3. Ill pass.

  4. too little and way too late

  5. I wish carrier exclusivity would go away. Who in their right mind would buy this when the one x and other phones are right around the corner for at&t? It was never really a leader in the specs/hardware race when it was released in nov….. Not to mention all the issues with signal and the OS that it has and still has

    1. Honestly the only reason I would buy this is because GOOD rom developers flock to the nexus like white on Rice and Nexus devices usually have a library and quality of roms to choose from. 

      1.  This is the only real reason to buy a Nexus device anymore. The dev community is ALL OVER Nexus devices.

  6. it would sell more if they sold the hspa+ one
    just the same as the unlocked one

    1. Whats the difference? LTE falls back onto HSPA+ on AT&T
      If you rather use HSPA+ turn off LTE, then if you want LTE just turn it back on. ;)

  7. my skyrocket gets over 1000 more with quadrant. No point in getting nexus.

    1. Lol that’s is a ridiculous statement. You base your phone purchase off quadrant?

    2. I doubt that you skyrocket gets 4000 on quadrant without it being rooted and having some custom roms on it

  8. Already bought an unlocked variant and using on AT&T. Perhaps if AT&T has done this a few months ago people may be interested.

  9. HTC X 1 Or GNS? good bye TMO

    1. God I wish I could cast T-mobile aside I’m sick of them always getting the short end of the stick… I mean wtf why are they settling for the One S instead of the X?! It doesnt make sense… 

      pun intended…

      1. I’m so sick having to buy my phones over seas.

        1. you are so not alone there my friend. So not alone….

  10. It is half a year late, the HTC One X is coming, and I still want the Galaxy Nexus. I want the pure, Nexus experience with fast updates and developer love. If the One X hits shelves and there is still no official word on the Nexus, I’ll get the One X. I hope it gets official.

    1. Not for nothing but the Nexus “experience” seems to be going by the wayside.  It took the Nexus S 6 months to get a working version of ICS and the latest version of Android (4.04) breaks the GNex (GSM).  Unless you absolutely have to have stock Android, it doesn’t make much sense to get a Nexus.

      1. I don’t even bother with official updates anyway. ROM developers will have Jelly Bean for any variant of the Galaxy Nexus far faster than they will for the One X. I’m willing to sacrifice a better processor and camera for that.

        1. Faster Update? The Sprint Nexus S 4g is getting ICS this week after galaxy s i9100, HTC Vivid, HTC Sensation and others. Di you think this is faster update? The ATT version will be update by ATT not by google itself.

          1. He meant by ROM developers, not the official updates… Most developers are great at posting new builds consistently.

    2.  fast updates and samsung in the same post?  infuse JUST got gingerbread the captivate had it’s gingerbread yanked the gs2 and skyrocket won’t see ics forever and the note…. oh wait you probably have verizon… disregard they actually get updates. nevermind

  11. Too little, too late.  I’ve got my eyes set on the HTC One X at this point.  The only other possibility is the Galaxy S3, but it’s going to have to be masterful to convince me given my experiences with the Captivate.

    1. I agree….my miserable experience with the Captivate makes me want to stay far far away from Samsung.  I’m just glad I got ATT to give me a free Atrix a month after it came out instead of giving me a 4th Captivate.  The GPS killed me!

      1. Seeing all the shit that Samsung is trademarking and developing, my trust for them is little to none. I am scared that the s3 is going to be SO amazing that I cant help but buy it.

        I think the HTC One X is the best bet because it looks like it’s going to become a standard, which is what Android needs. Something with the accessory & addon base the size of the iPhones.

  12. Give it to me!! I dont care how late it is just get to ATT! After this I will never own any other device other than a NEXUS! Please be true! And for google to make up for it make sure we get the next nexus device a lot sooner or exclusively! 

  13. Isn’t there already a GSM version of this device?

    Yeah it’s 3G I think. But I’d rather get that as it saves battery and is also thinner.

    1. Seriously?! that’s the only reason I haven’t bought one… my brothers SGSII has better data speeds on Tmobile, and the nexus had a paultry 2-9 mbps depending on area which is around the same as my vibrant’s quoted speeds…

    2. So turn off LTE when away from a charger and turn LTE back on when near a charger. LTE on AT&T falles back onto HSPA+. Best of both worlds. ;)

      1. Subtle never owned an ATT LTE phone. You can’t turn LTE off. :dogclap:

  14. As much as I hate to say it, I agree it won’t sell. If this was launched earlier then I might’ve picked one up but now I’m just waiting for the GS3. Well unless a 720p ICS phone releases with dedicated buttons, none of that on screen 3 button business. I’m sad enough Google killed the menu button…

    1. You’ll be waiting for a while for the SGS 3, although i’ll agree with you regarding them killing off the menu and search button. I don’t understand what they were thinking with that. Although it’s nothing a custom rom can’t fix.

  15. Too late

  16. AT&T likes releasing two phones at a time. This will probably come out with the One X or something.

  17. The article needs to be corrected. The Nexus S is available on AT&T.

    1. ATT never sold the Nexus S. That was only available at Best Buy.

      1. So T-Mobile doesn’t sell it either?

        What the hell difference does it make?

        1. The difference is that Best Buy is not ATT. If you can’t walk into an ATT store to buy a phone, then they don’t sell it.

          1. Mind = Blown

            I’m done

          2. Good. Because you make absolutely no sense.

  18. If AT&T does get the Nexus within the next 30 days I will return my galaxy note!

  19. Nexus s is on ATT… Noobs!

    1. ATT never sold the Nexus S. That was only available at Best Buy.

    2. The Nexus S is available FOR AT&T but not thu AT&T.
      Same as how the Dell Streak was. It is available thru BestBuy, but you can not go to any AT&T outside of BestBuy and get it. They do not sell/carry it.

      AT&Ts computers don’t even recognize it as a smartphone because none of the imeis are in their database. Right now they think my nexus s is a Galaxy Note since that’s the last device my sim card was in.

  20. Who wants last years hardware with all the superior handsets on the horizon? C’mon. I’m sure this is nothing more than a rumor. If it isn’t AT&T is sorely mistaken.

  21. Ok…verizon, sprint, now ATT….T-mobile HAS to be close behind!

  22. The entire world has a single Galaxy Nexus GSM device, which works seamlessly on GSM networks Europe, Asia, Australia etc. The US carriers seem to want to do stuff differently though. They have a fragmented wireless system which permits a carrier to deploy standard technologies with widely a varying and interpretive fashion (do LTE phones on Verizon and AT&T inter-operate?) This leads to a multitude of phones and thus Android phones too get fragmented. A case in point- the Galaxy S2 is a *single* device all over the world…except for in the US where T-Mobile and AT&T have their own versions. This leads to an inevitable fragmentation of Android devices.

    Its not the phone manufacturers that fragment Android..its the wireless carriers..and more specifically the US carriers that are primarily responsible for Android’s fragmentation with varying hardware, firmware, radios and OS versions. Heck, even the iPhone managed to get fragmented between AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and the rest of the world.

    1. Att version hopefully will have the Intel 7160 LTE pentaband, which europe will be LTE soon. Canada & Mexico also use 1700mhz GSM.

  23. Too late now

  24. Kewl, more Nexi the better, hope they put in 32GB, 4470 OMAP, Intel 7160 pentaband, 4.0.4, & no ATT branding!

  25. why would they launch an att version when they have plans on launching the Skyrocket HD?  makes no sense….

  26. Not when there’s a chance of a Motorola Atrix 3… Bloomington’s got AT&T 4G coming and there’s absolutely no reason for why it wouldn’t have LTE. And chances are it’d come with ICS due to the fact that the Atrix 4G is getting a 4.0 update sometime in Q3. I’m freaking excited for all this. But I’ll have to stick with root and CM9.

  27. “We have yet to see a Nexus device come to AT&T” . . . The Nexus S is on At&t

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