LG to release a “thinking smartphone”?


It seems “life is not so good” for Korean manufacturer LG. Despite their high efforts and commitment with the Android OS, the company is far from reaching the success that other manufacturers have earned. But according to Mobile Managing Director Kwon Bong-Suk, this is all about to change, as they plan to release a revolutionary “thinking smartphone.”

Bong-Suk goes on to mention that Apple should not be the only one that can bring the “next great mobile innovation.” A company like LG can identify “universal value” that consumers seek for.

“We’ll make a product that can closely connect with consumers which will set a new rule in the game”

The Korean manufacturer is looking to move away from simply adding cool features and specs to their devices. They want to make a phone that will not only help make your life easier, but it will intelligently aid you in doing so.

Kwon’s example revolves around a smartphone that can modify your alarm clock based on traffic. If traffic is not an issue, it will give you some extra sleeping time, while you would have to wake up earlier if the opposite is the case.

We have heard of such idea before, and possibilities are endless. There is no doubt that such concept would make things much better; but what would be the cost? LG assures us that they are keeping price in mind. And they want to release a $100 smartphone, but they will not do so if it means sacrificing the product’s quality.

For now, lets stick to our smartphones, which arguably can think, as well. We will have to wait and see what the future holds. And let’s hope the machines don’t take over some day.

[Via: The Verge]

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  1. I hope they don’t think some clever tricks will make up for middle of the road hardware. It would be great if they come out with some revolutionary features but if they lag behind on the phone itself the results will be the same as they are now. It doesn’t have to be perfect but they should aim to make the best phone including hardware. Look at HTC now with the One X, vs HTC last year with the Rezound/Thunderbolt. The former is a world beater, the latter are just pretty okay phones with value.

    1.   Well the LG 4X has better Specs than the HTC One X.The LG Optimus 2X has had better Specs than any HTC Phone until several months later the HTC Sensation was released.

      The main problem for LG is software. Their Stock ROM is laggy and
      sometimes buggy for some devices and it takes LG ages to provide
      updates.This is where LG fails – the Hardware is great.

  2. Sounds interesting. I wonder what makes them leak these news in advance instead of waiting till release and dropping the bomb.

  3. I love iRobot (which, contrary to its name, is not affiliated with Apple). Will Smith makes really good Sci-fi films. Sorry for being off-topic!

    1. If it’s not related to iPhone why did you call it iRobot?  It’s I, Robot…..

    2. i smell a lawsuit from our much loved dear friend Apple. Im sure we can find something on it, in the biography of steve jobs

  4. Here’s to hoping they’ll come out with some bomb phone!  Bring it!

  5. Skynet on the horizon.

  6. Apple doesn’t bring great mobile innovations, they just copy others and say they did.

  7. Meh, just like all their other devices, Goldstar wont support these either.
    THAT’s why there phones aren’t doing so well……
    Why should consumers support them when they don’t even support their devices?
    The Thrill only JUST recently got updated to GB… Seriously?

  8. Honestly, just like our phones, its sure to mess up a lot. For example, The alarm clock might read the traffic wrong and make you late for a job you need to be at. Also, machines thinking is cool but itll one day evolve into completely taking care of us and even taking over us




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