Toray Advanced Film: Self-healing screen protectors? You got them!


I sit here with my brand new Galaxy Nexus, realizing just how slippery the device is. Knowing me, I will probably drop it at some point, and am considering just getting a case. But wouldn’t it be nice if our devices could just self-heal when damaged? That is what Toray Advanced Film is promising.

The company has already manufactured a screen-protecting film that will self-heal. Claims state that minor scratches and dents will disappear in 10 seconds or less. This excludes damage done by knife, or any other similar sharp object, though.

“If a part deeper than the self-repairing layer is damaged by a knife, etc, the film cannot repair itself, Toray Advanced Film said. The pencil hardness of the film is HB-F, which is lower than those of hard coated films.”

After successfully testing the film about 20,000 times, this looks to be a very promising product. In fact, it is already being used for a limited number of notebook computers, but the company plans to extend its work and manufacture “several hundred thousand square meters per year.” So we might be seeing such film layers coming to all our devices fairly soon.

[Source: TechOn Via: Gizmodo]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. The invisashield has had this tech for years in their protectors. Nothing to see here.

    1. Last time I checked my invisashield doesnt repair minor scratches itself………

    2. you meant those shield that made your phone look rubbery and made the screen orange skin feel? no thanks. 

      1. Meaning orange peel like crappy car paint jobs!

  2. wtf is the video

    1. If it doesn’t say [Video] it’s maybe because there is no [Video]

    2. right?
      proof or it didn’t happen…

  3. I can’t tell you how many times I slice my screen, accidentaly, with a knife and wish it just repaired itself. 

    1. Good, I’m not the only one

    2. Sometimes I inadvertently stab my phone with my knife.  This product could be a life saver.

  4. I wonder how many people will buy a phone with this technology and then cover their self-healing screen up with a screen protector, like so many do to their gorilla glass screens today.

    1. Hmmm I wonder if i can just wrap my self in this self healing screen film and become a clawless and adimantiumless wolverine?

    2. while putting a screen protector on a device with this tech would be useless, putting one on gorilla glass isn’t. 
      Gorilla glass is more resilient to scratches yes, but it is not scratch proof like so many people believe it is.

      1. yes…little it be known gorilla glass can still scratch…I drop mine A LOT and the glass can withstand the fall but the plastic helps prevent those ever so beautiful pits.

  5. Self-healing is cool, but… who needs it when you have Gorilla Glass?  I’ve taken keys, pins, knives, and other sharp stuff to my screen just to show it off to people who don’t believe and there’s not a scratch on it.

    1. Gorilla glass is scratch resistant, not scratch proof. 
      Contrary to peoples beliefs, Gorrila Glass does get scratched up.

      1. I guarantee that I will scratch the film before I scratch Gorilla Glass.  I used to use a Zagg screen protector on my vibrant.  It’s good stuff, but it doesn’t look “clean” like glass does.  And in my demos… if I can take nails and keys to my gorilla glass ON PURPOSE, I am not concerned about scratch resistant/proofness of gorilla glass.  I am completely satisfied, and it will only get better with Gorilla Glass 2.  I’ll never buy a screen protector again.

        1. I can guarantee you that I can take a nail or keys to SOMEONE ELSES Gorilla glass phone and scratch it easily.

          You may be putting those things to your screen on purpose, but you honestly know you are not TRYING to scratch the screen. It’s a nice little trick to take these thing to GG screens to show others it resilience, but you know you can scratch it if you tried with those same utensils.

          My brother was making fun of me putting a protector on my Dell streak and decided to show off his GG screen and how it was scratch proof. He grabbed a beer bottle, put it on the screen glass to glass and spun it. “Check it out, no scratches. I don’t know why you wasted your… WTF!! IT;S SCRATHED!!!”  << True Story. I was lauging my A** off. =P

          1. I wasn’t applying full force, you’re right. But everything will break with enough pressure. But, I put more than enough pressure to leave marks if it were normal wear and tear if it weren’t gorilla glass. It was definitely more pressure than a beer bottle, and more pressure than it takes to F-up any screen protector.

            Say what you will, but screen protectors are a thing of the past. Remember, they were invented in the flip phone era when screens were flimsy and not made of glass. Now, they are just a marketing ploy.

            …my 2¢

          2. sounds like your brother got mixed up and only THOUGHT he had a GG screen. honestly go check out videos online, ppl are stabbing the shit out of their phones with massive knives, like full on carvers

    2. ha me too!! my buddies were shocked when i was stabbing away at my screen with scissors and steak knives ha. it just will NOT leave a mark on the screen. it’s truly amazing

  6. might be nice for the back of the phone. glast is the way to go for the front.

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