Steve Jobs Biographer: Yes, Jobs Really Did Hate Android


Don’t let the sweet, sugar coated words of Google’s CEO Larry Page fool you. Steve Jobs really did hate Android and yes, he wanted to destroy it. This was reaffirmed by “Steve Jobs” author, Walter Isaacson who spoke at the Royal Institution a few nights ago.

Isaacson explained that, contrary to Larry Page’s sentiments that Steve Jobs’ anger was “just for show,” the hate was, in fact, very real and began when — according to Jobs —  Apple’s devices were copied “verbatim” by Google’s own mobile OS. What really set Jobs off was when Android began stealing Apple’s smartphone market share after Google “promiscuously” licensed Android to anyone with the hardware to support it. It was out of this hatred (and fear?) that it no longer became about the money for Jobs and he was famously quoted as saying, “‘You can’t pay me off, I’m here to destroy you.'”

Given the length Apple has gone to in an effort to indirectly attack Android, this makes perfect sense. Isaac did go on to mention that Job’s sentiment isn’t shared by current Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, whom he believes will most likely settle the lawsuits. We’ll have to wait and see. Do you guys think this is a fight Apple will eventually back down from?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Copied verbatim? Egotism and elitism ftw!

    1. As an act of retaliation, Apple decided to copy the notification bar.

      but seriously, I don’t believe this. If he was so hell bent on destroying Android, why did he still give advice to the Google founders?
      And I think his autobiographer needs to say things like this, in order to sell more of his book. Who wants to read an autobiography which gives you a wrong impression of the person in question?

      1. the only reason autobiographies of dead people are made so that companies can make money from it. Wouldnt be suprised if apple owns shares of the book. Just like what the music industry does with dead artists. Sells their stories and music for a shit load of money. And yes the autobiography would be biased because they want to influence people to gain control of them

  2. Nah, Apple will never back down. But they should be worried about Android taking away their market share. Even if unrealistically, iOS is 100x more advanced than Android many will still choose Android because it gives them a choice. Big screen phone, small screen phone, keyboard slider phones, sense, motoblur, touchwiz etc. the list goes on. All of this while maintaining a good Google Play ecosystem. 

    1. 100x more advanced yet no file system access… Eye of the beholder I suppose, but while anyone can argue anything doable on a PC is also doable on a Mac, this is simply not the case in the Android/iPhone capabilities debate.

      1. I think you’re taking his premise out of context. Read it as “Even if (unrealistically) iOS were to be 100% more….”

        1. Ah, fair point… my bad ;)

      2. I’d do anything to get rid of my impotent iFone that work provided for my personal Android phone.

        1. I second that.

      3. Good point on the file system access.  It makes sense for iOS to keep things simple so they don’t confuse any of their non-techie customers, but to me that’s just inferior.  You can’t even delete music from your collection on the device.  It’s ridiculous.  

    2. Android tablets are nearly 40% of the market now , android will take over its just a matter of time all apple can do at this point is slow it down.

  3. jobs hated what he feared. 

    1.  He can’t of hated cancer then, ’cause he chucked Homeopathy (pffffft!) at that!!

  4. Did he hate it because it stood in his way and it was his job to hate it? or was there something in particular he didn’t like about it?

    1.  He just hated robots, and the color green.

  5. ASS…

  6. i will never understand why apple fanboys come to this site . i don’t go to iphone/ios sites actually i don’t even know one.

    1. Engadget is a pro Apple website.

      1. so is zdnet..and  cnet.is getting worse…its like wow …fanboys and those sites..cnet,zdnet,engadget….and apple fans..they seem like another jim jones story…all going to live on  a compound..and when time is right..enjoy some good ole koolaid.,they seem creepy.

        1. Notice how they’ve gotten rid of anyone who isn’t pro apple? Molly Wood at CNet is all Apple, all day. Brian Tong is an embarrassment to journalism. Only a matter of time before the get rid of Jessica and Antuan like they did Bonnie Cha.

    2. My concern is that people globalize “apple” users and then jus shoot. I’m an apple user -MacBook- since 2007. I will never go back to windows cause for my NEEDS apple os is freaking better for what I do. Now, when we speak about mobile world I do not give a crap for the iPhone because Android makes love to my fingers and every time I use GS2 is like a brain orgasm. Both Android / iPhone os are good, probably for me iPhone’s os is more solid than Android, but what I can do with my phone, what I can get from it I can’t get that on iPhone. I’m 6’2″, around 280 pounds of pure muscles/grease (more grease than nothing else) I can’t use a freaking tiny phone… I’m dying to see the GNote on sprint to get it right away. Mr, with all respect, I don’t care crap between android vs ios fight, I’m like a whore and I go where the money is, and Android fill up my boobs on the pole and something else in my bed, i hope to be clear on that. For me apple has two levels, mac users, where I’m til death, and crappy iPhone $#it, wich I hate…. two different worlds, two different taste appart…. good day!

    3. I don’t think it is about being an a “fanboy” (this has to be the stupidest term ever coined). It is about gadget enthusiasts reading up on ALL the latest gadget news. When blindly rabid idiots go on a rant just to put down another technology, I think that is when you get responses from others who are more rational and open minded. The ironic thing is that Apple haters are just as seemingly stupid as the dogmatic Apple “fanboys”.

    4. I know! I cannot be bothered to go to their sites to argue with a bunch of fanboys!

  7. Windows is still the best Desktop OS, and Android is by far the best Mobile OS. Apple products are no different from Gucci Bags, Jordan Sneakers, or Northface coats… People buy them because everyone else wants or has them. Quality is shit to the majority of 21st century consumers.

    1. While I don’t agree with this argument in the cellular world, I do believe the adage “It just works” is often more true of Mac OSX as opposed to Windows, at least XP and Vista, I haven’t worked with Windows 7 or 8. Obviously it all depends on what you want to do, but for the average computing activities I have always found Mac OSX to just be a little more intuitive, and of course prettier looking.

      1. well being a student in engineering, none of the programs that we use can run on a mac. 

        1.  That doesn’t make the OS better. That just means the software was made for one and not the other and meets your needs better. I’m sure their are similar programs on the other platforms, just not that specific one you use.
          In my eyes Linux>OSX>Windows, but that’s me.
          There is no best because everyone has different needs and uses.

          1. The Macintosh would have never reached even the minimal amount of success it had, if it wasn’t for Bill Gates giving the ok for Microsoft Office to be made for it. Steve Jobs actually begged him to release a Mac version, otherwise it was a guaranteed failure. 

          2. Go back and study some IT history, Apple(Jobs) took an oportunity from Xerox and copied the mouse and a basic graphic interface, this was done with the permission from Xerox. Instead, Microsoft while developing office for the Mac, stole the OS and that was the first Windows OS. And from there on they stole from each other, and now everybody steal from someone else.

            So with all respect, Jobs war againts Android was wrong, they have their market and Android also has its own. I share the line of thinking of Cook and in the end what really mattrs is that we, consumers get the best phone for our money and necessities, even if its an iPhone, Android or what ever.

          3. My point was, that the macintosh interface wasn’t jobs idea in the first place. He took it from somebody else. If anything fanboys should accuse Microsoft of ALSO taking the idea from Xerox, not from Apple. Jobs life changed the second he stepped into the Xerox research lab, and he was shown the drag and drop UI.

          4. I’m sure their are similar programs on the other platforms, just not that specific one you use.”

            There is a smaller software selection for the mac, no ifs or buts there.

            “Similar programs” mean nothing if they do not have the same functionality. msPaint is also a “similar program” to Photoshop, but noone in their right mind would claim that the first can replace the latter.

            Once you go outside the multimedia and design sector there are tons of specialist software which are only available for windows. Take i.e. geographic information systems (GIS) software. The current leader for desktop GIS is ESRI which *surprise* has no Mac Versions.

            Sure there are “similar programs”, but they do not have the same functionality or support the same standards, meaning you will be in a msPaint vs Photoshop situation.

        2. You can always run windows on a mac. Though I understand what you mean.

          1. Only works if the programs you have to use do not need a ot of recources, though. If they do you will have a horrid performance on windows emulators.

            And if you make a real installation of windows you might just as well get a normal PC.

      2. Anymore whether it’s desktop OS or smart phone OS they simply just work.  Let’s all realize how important competition is.  Apple products aren’t perfect and neither are microsoft or android.  They are all better because of competition.  The goal of any OS is for it to become something we don’t think about.  An OS is a platform that runs programs and manages files.  That’s it. We’re at that point now and it pisses apple fanboys off.  Long live instagram on Android.   

      3. Not a Mac User.  Never have been.  But I must say, Windows 7 is excellent.  Very stable, very pretty.  Runs great.  I really do love it.  
        I won’t by Apple products because of one reason.  Price.  I love the look of a mac book pro, but I cannot afford 2K for a computer that i could pay a less than half for and get the same, if not better specs.

    2. Let me guess you prob have never owned any of the items your speaking about. While I will give you that Jordan brand has lowered its quality standards in the recent years they started off as some of the highest quality basketball shoes around. The same can be said for The North face and Gucci, while they cost a lot the build quality more than makes up for it, not to mention any north face product come with a lifetime warenty and are made out of tech and materials almost no other company uses. Whats better owning one expensive product that cost 300 and will last you 3-5 years or a cheaper version at $100 that will last you maybe a year. Not that I think Apple products are in any way less prone to malfunctions but your comment was just ignorance against products that have more than spoke for them self with their quality, maybe people now a days buy them because they are in or hip but they became popular because they were great products in the first place.

      1.  LOL !

        Let me see you having an iPhone for 3-5 years…. The third year you would smash that phone against the wall of being slow because bad new OS upgrade/support then you will buy  a new iPhone with slightly different hardware but better camera! WTF!! And yes I have an iPhone since the first gen untill the 4 and iPad but when the Galaxy Note arrived and having it now for 4 months, no more apple products for me!!!

        1. Once again I wasn’t saying the iPhone would just commenting on the fact that more expensive products, not always but usually last longer than cheaper ones. I too have owned every iPhone since the first up to the 4,They usually last me around 10 months at which point I take it to an apple store for a replacement and will not be getting another for a while since AT&T has finally started getting worthwhile android devices

      2. i have.so whats your point?You ask the same question when someone doesnt like it(apple platform).stop sounding like a fanboy douche.Because what he says has merit,,sorry that bothers you.But it is true.you apple fanboys can sugar coat any thing.besides your have no clue what youre talking about.

        1. Your obviously either retarded or have no reading comprehension what’s so ever, what if any part of my comment had anything fanboyistic to say about apple, I was commenting on the fact that he said brands such as gucci and the north face are the same as apple by making  the same thing as competitors but charging more for them which is not the case. While the north face and Gucci may cost more they last a lot longer and use premium materials that other companies don’t. Even if I was backing apple how would that make me anymore of a phanboy than you who blindly criticizes someone when you don’t even have proper understanding of the statement I made. Go back to 3rd grade 

      3. I had Gucci polarized sunglasses a few years back which looked great when put on, but after a while, I realized that the optics on them were utter garbage.  thanks to a minor nick on one of the lenses, I couldn’t return them either.  Went back to Oakley, and the Guccis are just collecting dust somewhere in the basement.
        Perhaps FidelityNy was exaggerating when he said that Apple’s products are garbage in quality, but they definitely are popular largely because of their image.

        1. thats pretty messed up I cant imagine how id feel if my $250+ glasses were so easily damaged but IMO I have usually had a better experience with more expensive products, like for headsets I own a pair of turtle beach x11’s (70$) and Tritton AX pros ($170) I have used the x11s about half as much as the trittons  and the broke back in January while the Trittons are still in good repair.

  8. Sometimes I wish the DB lived and blew all his precious cash away to fight Android. And after he squandered all of it, he’d be in a sh!thole and possibly out of job. Now Android manufacturers will start to settle, and Apple’s pockets will become heavier because of us, Android enthusiasts.

  9. interesting, I always felt jobs really hated android then I heard page and wondered.
    I’ll keep an open mind but my feelings still tend to sway to the side that jobs wasn’t that nice of a guy.

    1. It’s kind of funny how Page gave him the benefit of the doubt about not being that insanely crazy that he wanted to destroy Android if it took all the money Apple had and then the biographer comes back and says he really was that crazy.  This is so telling of how unbalanced this guy was.

  10. I said it before and I will say it again…..f*ck Steve Jobs! He was such an immoral person. All he ever cared about was his ego.

    1.  Sooo, by your estimation, just about everyone on the planet is immoral.

  11. Pssst… Apple big-wig type people. Drop the legal bs, and make the best of what is going on. You can have the “Apple did it first” campaign, and Android can adopt a “We did it better” campaign. Problem solved.

    1. Good idea but IMO Apple just took ideas from other companies and put them together.  Most everything that the original iPhone did came from Palm devices and a few others.  They just made it pretty.  

  12. With all respect to the dead, anyone who actually believes Android was copied “verbatim” from iOS is a total moron. They should have thrown him out of the company before he went totally batsh*t crazy. Apple would be in a much better position now if they had.

    1. Yea… because when you are the most valuable company in the world, you really need to be in a “much better position.”

      1. I could call you out on trolling, but this actually does make a bit of sense.

    2.  Sure, because we all know that unlike yourself, Jobs did not know anything about technology.

    3. For those of us who directly remember, they DID throw him out in the mid 80’s.  Actually, they stripped him of his power, and he left on his own.  This was done because he really was crazy.

      Jobs was holding back the Mac, as I think he may have been forcing some poor technical decisions (no GC, no managed runtime, etc) onto the iOS.  Once Jobs was out of Apple, the Mac got things it sorely needed.  Color.  Lots of memory.  Slots with a zero configuration bus (unlike PC’s).  ADB (apple desktop bus) for detached keyboards and other desktop peripherals — a vision which wasn’t completely fulfilled until USB.

      While Jobs had great vision, it wasn’t always perfect, and not all of his decisions were correct.

      After Jobs left Apple in the 80’s, he then, ironically, went on and built a company (NeXT) making systems that did what the Mac needed, and that he wasn’t willing to do at Apple.

  13. Well this is a total shocker.

  14. Honestly, I’m bored with this Hatfields vs. the McCoys-like feud. At some point each side will just go about doing what they do, and stay on their respective sides of the fence. The piety by Apple is transparent. Their disdain for Android is all about the money. If Apple thought Android poised no threat to its growth in smartphones and tablets, we wouldn’t see or hear all the vitriol. With that said, I don’t have any venom for Steve Jobs. Dude did his thing, and helped make Apple a juggernaut. 

    On the other side, as much as I think Job engaged in a healthy dose of hyperbole, I don’t think it serve the Android “camp” well to have its users taking the bait every time we see a hook descend into our pond. I’ve learned that I don’t have to tear another person down, even if he’s my opponent, to elevate myself. 

    I love tech, but this Android vs. Apple rift is really not so serious that I would spit on Steve Jobs’ grave or memory.

  15. NO ONE CARES. God forbid he hate the competition. “THIS JUST IN, THE LAKERS HATE THE CELTICS!!!”


    1. Good point!  Who cares!

  16. I don’t think that Apple created the first touchscreen smartphone (some people choose to believe they did) nor did they make the first smartphone OS, nothing is copied. That’s like saying Windows copied Mac (oh wait, didn’t Jobs say that too? Yep). Microsoft and Google copied Apple, yeah right. 
    I never cared for Jobs, he was kind of a jerk, and a ruthless dictator of a CEO (I respect him as a smart person though, and as a pioneer, not an innovator). Not to say that Bill Gates wasn’t a crazy CEO himself, but he would run people out of business with innovation, and making a product that he liberally gave to people, rather than forcing them to use it (i.e. Internet Explorer). 
    Google is not much different from the way that Microsoft pulled ahead, I’m sure that’s how they got this far is using Microsoft’s strategy. Since they’re the biggest search engine they can push Android, Chrome, etc on people very easily just with their home page. And they give choice, that’s always been a big pull for a lot of people, there’s a good amount of people who would like to choose rather than being told they have to have something and they can only choose the one available. 

    1. That’s right we want choices.  The more we have the better the products we will have.  I’m facing that with movies and tv right now.  I want Amazon and Google Play and itunes to offer rentals and purchases so I have a choice and will end up getting a better product for less. I don’t want Apple to go away or Microsoft or Android.  We win when we have competition.  

  17. Android basically took the throne, and there wasn’t anything Jobs could do about it. Except voice his childish opinion.

    1. Yeah, instead of saying I’ll design iOS to crap all over Android, it’s the I’m taking your ball away so you can’t play nyah,nyah,nyah, response, Pathetic!

  18. What is that tiny phone he is holding?

  19. They could back down…but looking how Andriod is put in better phones each moment…Andriod is just going to get better…and better. And so ithink the sueing will get worse…until it’s Apple vs Google in court.

  20. “Last dying breath” to destroy Android?  How’d that work out for ya?

  21. LMAO at copied, who had the pull down notification bar first?

  22. No kidding.  Talk about becoming consumed by work.  Most people on their death beds are looking to family and the people they touched in their lives.  I think he’s a great example of misaligned priorities that we all fall victim to from time to time.  20 years from now we’ll be discussing all new technology and none of this will matter.

  23. Chris… Which way you at it, it`s no win for Apple. Google get more money from the IOS, more than the Android OS anyway. So Apple not the winner in here, GOOGLE wins.
    Apple has an agreement with Google to use Google software on the Iphone from day one. According to the study Google makes more money from the IOS than Android OS.

  24. Lol they should have buried him with a galaxy s2

    1. Your comment made me laugh so damn hard.

    2. LOL u gave me a really twisted thought. Put android stickers on his grave. But he is now gone. So R.I.P

  25. I would like to find out were the Poor man is buried and dress up and the the wonderful little green android and piss on his grave. My distaste for everything apple is quite real

  26. “Promiscuously”  licensed Android to anyone ?? !!  LOL !! :)

    We’re talking about smartphone OS’s. NOT sex !

    But I can’t discount that iPhone was one of Jobs’ fetishes and he treated it like others would sex.

  27. this battle between Android and Apple is becoming more like WWII, Android is the Alliance(Multiple Manufacturers, single OS) while Apple (One Manufacturer, One OS) is the Nazis. 

    1. were going to go thermonuclear war on their nazi ass  

  28. Android is here to stay! Apple needs to get over it and live with it. Or not, and check out early like Jobs did.

  29. This only shows, that Jobs wasn’t really that super-brain. How dumb must a person be to “hate” a mobile OS. You can hate Hitler, you can hate mass-murderers but if you do so with ANYTHING like a mobile OS, you aren’t smarter than a block of cheese AND you must have too much time left…

  30. Aside from the touchscreen similarities, everything else is different between android and ios. It wasn’t copied verbatim. Also, the macintosh UI was actually copied verbatim from the abandoned Xerox researchers. So, he had no moral ground to stand on when condemning copies. 

  31. He was a fan of the walled garden, and hated anything that challenged it.  Both the open and closed approaches work, and both get about the same results you see in OSX vs. Windows and iOS vs. Android.  Perfection vs.  Versatility.  Interesting that in the area that price DID matter, Apple largely lost.  In the subsidized phone area, where all costs are equal, people were willing to just switch carriers, and Apple is about even.  I don’t like iStuff, but I can appreciate what it is and does for some people.  I still love the Samsung commercials where the guy says “but if it looks just like last years iPhone, how will people know I upgraded?”  Classic, and pretty much how many people feel about Apple users.  

  32. Something something Hate leads to the dark side….

  33. When you hate, with an agenda to destroy, you die young. Apple, let it go, advance tech, get on with innovation, coexist.

  34. Instead if trying to destroy android how about continuing to improve apple products? While steve was focused in this negative campaign android market share took off and the hardware is quickly catching up.

  35. To be perfectly honest who gives a toss, talk about beating a dead horse (no pun intended)

    1. well apple are still about and trying to end android aren’t they? nothing dead about that..

  36. No large company has made it without lying stealing or cheating, including apple.

  37. Yes Apple will back down at some point its just not worth it in the long run for them, now with that said if the A-hole, that recently passed away RIP… If he were alive he wouldn’t have backed down ever…

  38. I didn’t care what Jobs had to say when he was alive? Why would I start now?

  39. Android is totally diffrent that iOS, it wasnt copied verbatim. Jobs was blind in the same way as Apple fanboys.

  40. Some says that mac os ‘just work’, okay xp and vista were not ideal, but 7 or 8 is much better than previous. What’s more mac’s are not as fast as it’s said, not intuitive or convenient, Win does it much better and 8 is faster even on normal HDD, mac works on expensive SSD. However we forgot about Linux, which nowadays is userfriendly, fast and open.

  41. For me the future is Android. Apple and his istuff is only a good piece of marketing, jobs wasnt an innovator, he was a PR. In 2016 the market leader in tablets will be Android, now iPad has over an half… It just matter of time when people will see that Apple is worth not even a single penny. Android offers much more ;)

  42. I just plan and simply won’t buy Apple products because I can always find a program on Windows or Android to do what I want. I Won’t buy Apple because I think they are bad, sure I don’t like the interface/desktop they use, but I don’t buy Apple because of Steve Jobs and his decision to stop supporting innovation in order to wage war against any that oppose him. I do not agree with Apples business practices and therefore choose not to support them and let them continue stifling innovation.

  43. Having seen the G1 and Nexus 1 I don’t understand why he would say that Android was a copy “verbatim.”  Can someone explain to me why he would say that?

  44. Interesting debate but over time Android phones have grown in their own right and offer consumers many things the IPhone cannot, like interchangeable batteries and screen size.  By making one phone at a time, Apple doesn’t have to stretch itself once the phone is released even though consumers might want this or that.  They just have to wait till Apple is ready to give it to them.  Thus they act like Lemmings.

    However, the IPhone has done an immeasurable amount for cell phones.  But I think when certain functions evolve out of a predictable natural progression and then become widely used  by consumers, like accelerometers or gps, you can’t stop progress and leave it under the control and treasure of one CEO.  It reminds me of the fight between Cablevision and the Yes Network where we in NY didn’t get to see Yankee games for over a year because Dolan and Steinbronner were having pissing contests.  At some point the good of the public, which makes their products even possible, has to be considered.  Didn’t Apple steal the idea of an icon based OS from Xerox, just like Microsoft did?

  45. Fuck Apple.  Cool products, terrible business practices.  Look at freakin Hitler… cool logo, but what an asshole!

  46. Apple borrowed technology from everywhere to create the iPhone. The thing is Project Glass from Google is going to revolutionize how we interact in the cloud and pretty soon Apple will follow (and once again try and claim that it’s an Apple original).

    1. exactly!

  47. Yes, Jobs really was a jerk.

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