HTC Takes The One X On A Sexy Skydiving Photo Shoot To Show Off Camera Capabilities [Videos]


HTC UK has been busy the past few days uploading a series of videos highlighting the HTC One X and its super advanced camera software/hardware as the subject of a new mini-documentary. The ads feature the story of a young photography student named Nick, who takes the HTC One X on his first fashion shoot. Pretty boring stuff until you factor in the fact that the entire photo shoot will be performed while free falling through the air, at speeds upwards of 126MPH.

When it comes to the HTC One X — I haven’t lusted this much over a device since the HTC Nexus One and videos like this, definitely aren’t helping. You can watch the entire journey of Nick and his One X as they photograph a sexy skydiving model in the videos below.

The only thing missing was the actual “perfect shot” that was captured during the shoot. Jumping onto HTC.com as the videos suggested didn’t turn up any results but perhaps these will come a little later. Hey, Nick. If you’re out there. Send us those pics, will ya?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Cameras aren’t everything on a phone. There’s plenty of more important things, like battery life for one.

    1. True, but HTC kind of blundered on some of their cameras. My original Evo, great camera. My Evo 3D… Everything is green. Some serious white balance issues that were never resolved for some reason.

      1. Yeah, I heard HTC doesn’t have a too good history with cameras. But I just really think they’re focusing too much on it with this one. 

        1. I may have to disagree here. I think they have already proven they are willing to put the best of the best in their products. The camera being the only unknown has to be shown off a bit to prove it is up to par with what they have been promising.

          1. Yeah, I mean… Everyone likes different things, and in general, a quality product needs to demonstrate quality in all areas. That’s why iPhones are popular. Lots of work put into all aspects of the phone (except their terrible build)… But once again, quality in all areas makes a great product and HTC definitely gets this from what I’ve seen lately.

          2.  lol iphones popular or built with good quality, thats a laugh. Iv always hated apple but until recently with FACTS has everyone else realized they also suck. you should do some research, iphones cost about $30 to make.

            but i am glad to see something done with a camera unfortunately its not a 10mpx like what was rumored and i truly wont know until i get my hands on one. but were my evo 3d failed in good pics it made up for in everything else. The focus was on the 3d which i had no desire to use. I hope the shift is really on performance and high quality like what is said instead of a gimmick like that of the 3d.

          3. @google-abc571fb1a42c14ca4d89bf9ba486dfb:disqus It’s people like you who simply breed incompetence. There are approximately 6.4 million active iPhone users in the USA. Obviously they’re doing something correct to have that many active users. Also, they don’t cost 30 dollars to make. They cost almost 200 to make. I don’t like Apple because I don’t like overly competitive business practices, and child labor. You? You’re just a hater to hate, and that’s idiotic. iPhones are popular, and have good quality excluding the build. Face the facts, I’m even a diehard Phandroid, yet I choose to be factual and have reasons for why I enjoy Android.

          4.  Its people like you who make me laugh, just because you spend a few minutes on a forum or google doesn’t mean you know a damn thing. Know thy enemy but the facts are there simply google them, i did my research back in school to really know which devices i wanted to peruse a carrier in. Hands down with out a contest i choose the underdog at the time, android. Back then yes iphones ruled the smartphone market but check your facts, android now owns 51% of all phones actived on a carrier, yes thats due to numerous companies that make them that are in direct competition but the OS is still the most dominant force out ever. and dont kid yourself iphone does not own the other 49%. Its split between apple, windows and blackberry, also non smartphones. From experience i personally prefer HTCs quality over most. Side by side iv held and tested all the current flagships of each company and compared to most the iphone is small and cheaply made, mainly by those poor child laborers lol. and yes it does cost around $30 to produce an iphone 4s, google that also, how do you think they make a profit? HTC and all other companies do the same, that does not bother me its genius, i wish i could get into some of that but o well.

            but really why would you ever stick up for a company who sues the completion instead of making a better product? lol because apple cant, they know they have been beaten, the war is over and the company will soon fade away into the outdated discount junk isle.  Apple is just a bunch of whinny yuppy green bitches, who cry at the fact i dont drive a Prius and eat organic food and sit on my macbook at Starbucks for absolutely no reason.

          5. @google-abc571fb1a42c14ca4d89bf9ba486dfb:disqus Woah man, better step back before you spontaneously explode. I don’t like Apple because of simple real world facts about child labor, and their business practices. I like to mod my phone and make it what I want. iOS does not have any real customization. I didn’t stand up for Apple, I made sure you learned some facts. I didn’t see you laughing. I saw you kicking and screaming while you impale your keyboard. Calm down, bud. I got my facts straight, and I know that Android is boss, but incompetence and senseless hatred is a terrible thing and you seemed to show that, so I corrected you. Simple as that. Don’t take me for an iOS fanatic, or even a fan. I downright don’t like Apple, and I made my reasons clear… yet you think I’m an iOS junkie in Starbucks with my Mac? Hell no. Oh, and here’s my facts for a 200 dollar iPhone. Tell me how it goes when you get a A5 processor for a dollar.

            It’s usually good to source your facts, not say Google it. Try doing that on a research paper, see how far that gets you.

          6. @google-abc571fb1a42c14ca4d89bf9ba486dfb:disqus This went from an intellectual conversation to you just flaming because you’re upset. Don’t really got much of a reason to chat with you anymore. A few last things though before that… Don’t just trust a random news article. I know and trust Phonearena, but think about real world standards for creating goods. Just parts for iPhones cost much much more than 30 dollars. If that wasn’t so, you could get a replacement part for one just a buck a piece. Not that it matters though, it ain’t my problem. Next time, try having a decent structured argument or conversation with someone, instead of just lashing out and saying stuff like ‘lameass’ or getting sand in my vagina? (What the heck?) I didn’t see myself flaming you when I talked to you. Keep it calm next time.

  2. awsome

  3. I like the model she is hot…

  4. I agree wanna see the actual stills.

  5. And here’s a bit more of the skyding model, Roberta Mancino. And I do mean MORE: http://bit.ly/HpoVDD

    1. thanks…that just wasted 30 min. lolz.

  6. Camera is HUGE for me. Truth be told I was actually tempted to switch to an iPhone for the camera alone. I take tons of pictures and even the gnex pictures are eh…

    1.  Dont give in to the dark side! Yes but camera is huge for me also, A part of my business is done with phone cameras and when the 3d came out with only a 5mpx i was pissed. Recording quality was ok but stills were put to shame by my evo 4g, and even my xoom and xyborg take better stills at the same mpx. I was almost tempted into getting a razr maxx, would never goto iphone trash but stuck with HTC. Hoping good news for this one!

      1. The reviews for the One X that I have read indicate that the phone has great camera software but the hardware is mediocre and images of light colored scenes have a pinkish hue around the center.

        What HTC is doing here reminds me of how much the camera on the Galaxy Nexus was hyped before release. And we know how that turned out.

  7. I see they have disabled comments on these Videos & Fail to show us the Tinny sound Quality on the videos.

    1. For a production like that, they would have disabled the sound on a DSLR shooting video too, most likely, and used a separate device for sound.

    2. free falling sound quality with any device is going to be shite

  8. While this seems impressive. Remember your high school physics, objects fall at the same speed. So given relativity the camera isnt doing anything special. This is just a stunt, not very imaginative ether. What would be more impressive is if it survived a fall from that far up, managed to operate perfectly in low o2 and freezing conditions, measured altitude pressure and o2 levels, remotely controlled the plane for a landing or even transformed into starscream and flew you home.

    I still cant wait to see what this can do under everyday situations.

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