Newegg Has the Galaxy Note N7000 for $570 [Deal]


Just a quick deal alert for those of you looking for the Galaxy Note N7000 (international unlocked version) at a reasonable price. Newegg has the GSM device on sale for just $570, $130 less than its usual cost. While this may not seem like much of a deal compared to devices intended to be sold here in the United States, this version of the Galaxy Note has to be imported and you’ll likely end up paying close to the $700 that it normally is. Of course, this will only work on AT&T or T-Mobile, as well as Canadian carriers up north, so don’t bother if your carrier doesn’t use SIM cards. Being a quad-band phone, it can work on all GSM networks in North America. Get the deal here. [Thanks Ashley!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. No 1700 so in most of the US it will not get T-Mobile 3g speeds just edge.

    1. right – and missing 1700 is also a stopper for tmobile’s 3g in parts of the country (where i’m at they use 2100MHz, so that’s the only band i initially thought of)

  2. Great deal! But not sure if it works on tmo 3g.

    1.  i’m pretty sure it doesn’t. the author suggests that being quad band makes it work everywhere, “3G and all”, but there’s a detail missing here.

      GSM: it is quad-band GSM: which does cover every GSM (2.5G) network in the world. this is good.

      UMTS (aka 3G or 3.5G if coupled with HSPA): the phone is quad-band here two (on top of the 4 for GSM, making the the phone operable on 8 total frequencies: even if they look the same numerically they are vastly different for 3G versus 2G). to cover 3G EVERYWHERE you’d need a penta-band 3G radio (found in some Nokia devices – i think they are the only company to sell penta-band 3G phones – the N8 and E7 both have penta-band UMTS radios, for reference). Seems this phone covers the spectrum used by AT&T for 3G in USA, but not necessarily T-Mobile’s 3G.

      It’s ambiguous at first glance – T-Mobile uses 2100MHz and the phone has a 2100MHz radio, but T-mobile’s 2100 is different than that used in Europe. Specifically, though centered at the same 2100MHz, T-Mobile’s actual spectrum use is spread further from the carrier frequency than that used in Europe – this was a necessary evil since the map of already-used spectrum differed in the states versus Europe. T-Mobile’s spectrum is officially known as AWS to differentiate. Most euro phones support non-AWS 2100MHz, meaning this phone almost certainly does NOT support T-mobile’s AWS spectrum.

      So, if you want 3G with this bad boy, you’ll need to be on AT&T.

      1. The Galaxy Nexus is pentaband. It’s not just Nokia.

  3. Sooooooo tempting, but I gotta wait for the one x.

  4. Thats an ok deal but Ben’s outlet have it for 559 with free shipping and not the at&t version but the N700 you can find it here

  5. its on ebay for 550

    quit life

  6. If your on AT&T it’s also missing LTE, I know it’s a small market now, but I’d feel pretty dumb paying that much for a phone off contract and then my city gets lte soon after.
    For that kind of money your better off buying it off contract from AT&T

    1. The overall performance of the N7000 is much better since it’s Exynos/Mali-400.  The Snapdragon/Adreno-220 in the AT&T version is in comparison underpowered, especially for this screen resolution.

    1.  It’s funny that they advertise it with LTE but it seems like there is no actual hardware that supports it. I think they wanna refer the 4G as the HSPA+, but there is definitely no LTE on the phone in the link.
      The ad is definitely incorrect and misleading here.

      For LTE, it will require 700 MHz and 1700 MHz for it work with LTE on AT&T.

      1. It does also show “Stereo FM Radio with RDS” so there is the possibility it is the Korean Phone…

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