Max Payne for Android Coming to the Google Play Store April 26th


Rockstar Games has just announced that Max Payne for Android is on its way. Unfortunately we have a bit to wait compared to our iOS counterparts who will be getting the game April 12. The wait isn’t long, however, as they have given us a solid date of April 26th.

The third person shooting title follows Max Payne, an ex-NYPD cop turned DEA agent who is taken on a thrill ride full of lush story-telling, engaging gameplay, and a world filled with interesting characters. If that last line sounded like a line straight out of a 30-second ad, it’s because I’m such a huge Max Payne fan that I, myself, wouldn’t mind chronicling and narrating his life.

The game will feature HD support, high-resolution textures and customizable controls. Expect there to be wireless controller support for the Android version. They didn’t give us a price to look forward to just yet, but based on GTA’s release we should be seeing no more than a $10 asking price. Obviously, I’m excited (especially as Max Payne 3 approaches consoles). Are you? [via Rockstar]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That game would look great on my Galaxy Note can’t wait

    1. did you have to point out that you had a Note?! Show off!

      1. A similar game , 9mm looks great on my International Note

  2. I could buy the actual console game for less than 10 bucks.  If this game is any more than $4.99, no thanks.

    1. but can you play it on your phone on the go??? i didn’t think so, thats the great thing about these classics finally coming to capable phones, you can take them anywhere… sitting in a waiting room? why not play some max payne

  3. I was looking at some vids of Max Payne 3 this morning. Game looks amazing. Hopefully it doesn’t get pushed back again. It was supposed to come out last year

  4. Day One download for me!

  5. Game is freaking awesome.  One of the best all time games, bullet time was a breathrough for gaming industry.  10 bucks is expensive, they will have it on sale at some point shortly after launch for cheaper.

  6. LOOOOVe this game, but 3 looks a little disappointing. And the movie looked like it had so much potential.  Not a flop, but I expected more.  Will I buy this game, I think I have to but for my iPad. 

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