Instagram update brings tablet support


Instagram has a new update available in the Google Play Store. For fans of using bulky tablets to take photos, the app now supports Android devices of the larger variety. Otherwise we get bug fixes and the option to install the app to an SD card. You can grab the latest version over at Google Play now.

Google Play Link: Instagram

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Was all the fascination with this app. Its kinda lame really not worth posting articles about.

  2. The app really isn’t that great!

  3. I am enjoying this App very much.

  4. I wasn’t that fussed about getting app. I don’t really use my tablet for photos but I thought I’d try it anyway so I am able to comment from experience. However, it tells me my Asus transformer prime is not compatible. What larger tablets are exactly now compatible?

  5. Good to know, I’m mainly using it as a new social network that my Apple loving friends use.

    Works on my TF101 just fine

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